An Update: Scott Hartnell and Erin Andrews are Twitter Flirting and it’s Hot

An update to the story we brought you earlier about Scott Hartnell cutting off all his hair.

It seems Erin Andrews noticed and Hartnell being, well, Hartnell, responded to the FOX World Series dugout reporter… with a selfie!

Voila_Capture385 Voila_Capture382

Voila_Capture383 Voila_Capture384


I am literally four years old.

Previously, Hartnell had been rumored to have had multiple dates with Sheena Parveen.


17 Responses

  1. Erin Andrews goes out with Stolly one of Scott’s best friends. Maybe you should get facts together before you start shit!

    1. Oh man bad ass over here. You know this person is a true hockey fan, referring to players by their nicknames. You’re a part of the team!!

  2. Erin def loves to get her starfish licked and Connie what is your deal, Kyle didn’t say they were making sex. Go finger yourself and calm down.

  3. Years from now some sociologist will point to Twitter when discussing the pussification of the male gender. Scott Hartell, a tough hockey player, is tweeting about his fucking hair and using hashtags like #selfiewednesday.

    1. That’s a violation on Hartsey’s part hash-tagging #selfiewednesday.
      He’s tweeting as bad as he’s playing this year

  4. You guys are so disrespectful. All the girl did was make a statement. There was no need to call her names. I hope no one ever treats the women in your life like that.

  5. Do images on this site not load at all for anyone else? About a week ago they stopped loading completely and right click + open image in a new tab gets me 404 errors.

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