The Orange and the Black: Scott Hartnell Fires Twitter Shot Over Negative Article


We’re one week in and we’ve already seen beat writers threaten to boycott covering the team’s charity event, the coach get fired, Ed Snider lose his cool during a press conference (and interview), the new coach tell a reporter to “get lost,” and now, Scott Hartnell go after Kevin Cooney of the Bucks County Courier Times on Twitter.

Cooney wrote a column today, a fair critique of the OB, which Hartnell took exception to. This was probably the most inflammatory part:

The worst thing that a sports franchise can be is dishonest with itself. If it doesn’t understand what is going on and how it has reached a certain point, there is no way that it can fix the underlying problem.

And for all the talk about culture change Monday during the news conference to announce the switch from Peter Laviolette to Craig Berube as head coach, one underlying fact was evident in Tuesday night’s 2-1 win over the lowly Florida Panthers.

This team — as constructed — is not good at all. The defense allows too many open looks at the net. The offense is too sporadic.

Pretty standard as far as negative sports columns go. And mostly spot-on, too.

Hartnell no like:


Hartnell is a made man, so, predictably, some Flyers fans on Twitter went after Cooney pretty hard because Scott Hartnell took exception to something he wrote, so Cooney must be a bad guy! But none came harder (alone, undoubtedly) than this fucking guy, who we’re calling… this fucking guy, oh he vociferous defender of the Bullies:




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  1. SIGH. Hey Scott, your team is 1-3 and that one win was a gift from the 95 year old Tim Thomas, you should have been shutout. How bout you step up your game and put some wins on the board before going after the media. Shit in the first game alone you should of had 4 goals, but you couldn’t finish.

    I’m so tired of this team and “culture”, I love the flyers but fuck.

  2. Hartnell has a lot of balls for tweeting that. He’s. 3rd line player on any other team in the league. Fuck him.

  3. I don’t always agree with the stuff that Cooney writes but I do agree that he is fair, honest and does admit when he’s wrong. As much as I love Hartnell, he’s still reveling in the glory of his 30+ goal season two years ago. Meanwhile, he’s gotten older, slower and, like many aging superstars, more defiant. Time to go.

  4. Heavyset kevin cooney was right.
    Ryan dude is a typical blind as a bat flyers fan

    1. Hello, I am a rational flyers fan. Hartnell can’t be firing back at reporters like this after a 1-3 5 goals in 4 games start.

  5. Has anyone seen my welcome to flyers country street sign? Cause I need it to prove what a big hockey fan I am.

  6. How many different people are you going to call that?


    this fucking guy

  7. Fucking loser flyer kool-aide I want to lick Ed Snider’s asshole fans drive me nuts!!!!

    1. hey man kool aid is delicious dont tell me where i can and cant sip it from iight

    2. I get the feeling martini Dave is the 1 who really wants to eat Mr. Snider’s asshole

  8. I think the article is a pretty accurate assessment, but maybe if he wants people to take him seriously, Cooney should show up to practices.

  9. I’d lick Ed Snider’s asshole. But I don’t drink Kool-Aid.

    I’ll fuck anybody**

  10. “Dishonest with itself” has this fat fuck looked in the mirror recently? I bet he tells himself he doesn’t eat that much.

    1. Not sure how Kevin Cooney’s weight has any bearing on his ability to evaluate and critique a hockey team…

  11. i agree with hartnell here. Bob Cooney and media members who arent around the team on daily basis shouldnt write these kinda of articles. im still waiting for kyle’s ‘culture’ outrage when phillies brought back larry bowa.

  12. Nothing against Cooney, but I’ve gotta give Hartsy credit for this one.

    You’ll notice that KC’s response basically confirms #19’s comment as true. (He doesn’t even try to say that he has been to the games.)

    Well-played by #Hartnelldown

  13. Man, if Jimmy Rollins had said something like that against a Phillies beat writer, they’d be running the guy out of town and calling him a thug who needs to shut up and stop popping up every at-bat. Just goes to show how blind (most) Flyers fans are.

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