Good Morning, the Media is Going to Run Claude Giroux Out of Town

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.23.36 PMThis is how Richie got shot.

We’ll turn it over to Sam Carchidi, our most hardened and old school of old school media types:

Maybe Claude Giroux was upset at another loss, this one a 3-0 defeat to struggling New Jersey on Thursday.

Maybe he was boiling because the fans booed the Flyers throughout another listless effort.

Or maybe he was just disappointed in himself for failing to score a goal in his 21st straight game, including the first 15 this season.

Whatever the reason, the Flyers’ captain walked out of the WFC and refused to talk to the media after the Flyers fell to 4-10-1.

Instead, the captain left it up to his teammates to explain another dreadful performance, one in which they barely tested 41-year-old goalie Martin Brodeur.

Good captains don’t do that.

Oh God. We’re trading Giroux, aren’t we?

Now, there are two schools of thought here, belief systems that can be held simultaneously, because, as we discussed on Tuesday, you’re a dichotomous beast, you. The first one is that the media is going to run yet another player out of town because he didn’t spoon-feed them canned quotes concise and convenient enough to put in another contrived game story. It happened with Mike Richards, and – what do you know – it turned out Richie wasn’t the cancer everyone thought he was. It’s the media’s fault– they’re terrible.

The other school, located on the other side of town, the scary side where Type OBs BULLIE dissenting voices, is that Claude Giroux is the fucking captain, he hasn’t scored a goal in 15 games, and his team is averaging less than one and a half goals per game– it’s his responsibility to talk with the media. The people who don’t blame the media for running Richie out of town blame Richie – ostensibly because he often did the sort of thing Giroux did last night (and earlier in the season) – but they don’t dare speak ill of beloved Giroux.

I happen to have hypothetical children enrolled in both of those schools.

The media is terrible, and you can’t really blame any Flyer for wanting to avoid their nonsense. Words don’t matter, and it certainly doesn’t help the team for a player to speak with reporters after a terrible loss.

On the other hand, Giroux is the captain. It is his responsibility to deal with the media– that’s what captains do. Players and coaches have to address the media. It’s a league mandate. The captain and goalie are expected to always be on that list, especially if the captain called a players-only team meeting after the game and then was seen addressing the owner outside the locker room in full view of reportersThere’s no excuse for dodging the media after that.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we should chase Giroux out of town the way we chased Richie out of town. This season isn’t just Giroux’s fault, not by any stretch. He’s not playing well, and much more is expected of him, but it’s certainly not his fault that the Flyers have four goons on their roster, virtually no defense, a gaggle of young forwards that aren’t good enough, and a coach who should be fired before Thanksgiving. G isn’t the problem… but that C he wears requires him to at least admit he’s part of it and answer questions about the rest.

Your Tweet of the night goes to Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy:



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    1. Yep. And you read it, you dumbass, so what the fuck does that say about you? Shut your mouth.

  1. i been saying since CB had a non gay logo, most overrated flyer ever….. Jagr looked good last night,and Hartnell is still horrible

      1. You’re a fucking idiot. Why even waste time in posting? Soldier in the GNA Falcons…. Talk about pussy

  2. I can’t help but wonder if Giroux is playing hurt (i.e. maybe his “golf” injury is still hindering him).

    He should have scored 3 or 4 goals by accident at this point.

    BTW, good thing we didn’t trade for Bobby Ryan, eh? He only has NINE goals so far on the season.

    1. Hey hey hey, the Flyers have scored 9 goals this year just fine without Bobby Ryan!

      1. Isaac, learn how to spell. I learned how to spell “soldier” somewhere around 1st or 2nd grade. What, did your teacher hide the dictionary from you?

  3. get the fuck out of here, Crosby is playing with the mind of a Delco 30yo and saying G is playing like a pussy and like a CB logo cause he still hurt…… G is the best player in the world right?

  4. -11 +/- and zero goals through 15 games……shouldn’t be the captain with stats like that and if you’re going to be a pussy and not talk to the media afterward. Bet he comes out and talks when he scores his first goal……whenever that is going to be.

    Trade him and everyone else on this roster for a bunch of scrubs and draft picks. More Sixers wins this year than Giroux goals.


    1. Oh, but here’s the rub. Giroux and Hartnell both have no movement clauses in their new contract. So this is all self inflicted. Even if you fired Holmgren today and Snider sold the team you still have those deals to contend with. Let’s say a prayer…O Captain, who lives on IR, Pronger be thy name…By the way wasn’t Pronger crucified briefly when he criticized the way Giroux played in 2010.

    2. Yeah definitely scrap him after 2.5 years of excellence because hes in a slump less than a quarter of the season in. I wouldnt talk to the fucking media either, their a bunch of know nothing asses who ask the same dumb questions. “Whats this team gotta do to get it turned around? Uh we gotta be better work together and play harder. There…write a story.”

  5. The Flyers media is terrible. Not only with Richie but with Bryz they did the same thing. As you can see this year Bryz was not the main problem with this team……the lack of talent is. Go and look at the 2010-2011 Flyers roster and the player stats. After doing so you will reach one conclusion: Homer needs to be fired. He traded away two core players (richie/carter) who scored 60+ points and replaced them with what? He traded away JVR for a D-man who doesn’t even know to play hockey.

    1. Agreed. Paul Holmgren has run the team into the ground and should be held responsible instead of hanging the players out to dry. Obviously the players have some responsibility as well cause they’re playing like amateurs right now, but Holmgren put this team together. They’ve tried everything else in the book. He needs to go before the media runs Giroux out of town with their torches and pitchforks. But maybe someone should think about taking that C away from him in the meantime.

  6. The decision making of the front office has proven it’s one of the worst in the league. This team is second only to the Penguins in projected salary expenditure for 2013. So a team with the second highest payroll in the NHL is one of the absolute worst in the NHL. Who has the ignorance and audacity to say Homie shouldn’t be fired immediately? Oh wait, his boss. Seriously folks, the biggest mistake the Flyers ever made was putting that lump of shit GM in charge of this team. From mistake to mistake, he’s horrible. Absolutely horrible. Instead of the media stirring it up with players who have no power to build a winning team, “running them out of town”, these assholes in the media should be calling for Homies head on a pike. Let’s get this right Philly, beginning with the guy who really destroyed this franchise before he does more harm.

    -Your Mother-

  7. How hard is it to suck it up and talk to the media for five minutes.

    As a captain you have only two real jobs, both of which are fairly insignificant:

    1. Talk to the refs as necessary
    2. Talk to the media after the game

    Beyond that, what else is there?

    All G had to is say, “Boy, you guys are right. We really suck right now. We are working hard to get better so hang in there. Later.”

    I wish I had a job as easy as that.

  8. G is definitely sucking this year, but wouldn’t it be nice if he had some good wings to play with? This team has so many fucking centers that dumbass Homer keeps drafting and acquiring. He thinks we can just move any of them to wing seamlessly. It doesn’t work that way, fuckhead. But yeah let Jagr walk and trade JVR for a fucking healthy scratch. Wouldnt mind seeing JVR play alongside G this year. How Paul Holmgren still has a job right now is beyond me.

  9. I don’t think we are gonna trade G but Berube should be fired yes already and should have never gotten the job and the C should be ripped off of G tho

  10. How Richie got shot?

    The media loved that mope. They salivated all over him and his deadpan, dulled eyed, barely English answers.

    Jesus Christ two months before he got traded the Daily News dedicated two and half pages to what a great Captain and person he was.

    Richards went because he was a slightly above average player who had a godawful huge contract for a second line center and he was an asshole.

    Also, the Flyers knew they couldn’t keep him in town after they traded the love of his life, Jeff Carter because the miserable mope would’ve been even more of an insufferable asshole.

  11. Oh, so you’re saying the media and fans shouldn’t lay ALL the blame of a bad team on one guy who is in a scrutinized position with a big contract? A guy you expect a lot out of for the money he is paid? You’re saying that it’s not all his fault?

    It’s nice you’ve come around to that, Kyle, after all the shit you talked about Bryz last year.

    I’ll tell you this- Claude Giroux is FAR more responsible for the position the Flyers are in this year than Bryz was for the position they were in last year. But last year it was fine to blame it all on Bryz day after day, but this year, it’s not Giroux’s fault?

    It’s the defense? Defense hasn’t been great, but it’s been serviceable. Mezsaros doesn’t deserve to play, but other than that the defense has been okay. The young forwards that “aren’t good enough”… it’s almost like they could benefit from some type of, I don’t know, leader, who shows them how it’s done. A leader who plays hard (which Giroux is fucking not doing right now) and gets the goal barrage going.

    I’m not saying trade Giroux. You can’t trade him, and you shouldn’t. He won’t be this bad forever, not even this entire season. But to minimize Giroux’s culpability because it’s on the rest of the team… that’s fucking retarded. Especially when the team had the same issues last year, but it was all Bryz’s fault.

    You’re right about one thing- the media is most certainly terrible. A group of hypocritical hacks. Including you, Kyle.

    Wanna taste my farts? Want to tell the whole world how much you love my farts in your tummy?

  12. I can’t believe I read anything Flyers related on this website, especially the comments. I guess it shows how much I enjoy my job. Anyone who wants to point fingers at Giroux should take a lap. Should he have goals by now, sure. Would it matter if he did, no. If you bring up Bryz you should go to hell and never watch hockey again. If you think Giroux should talk to the media every game or he’s a bad captain, likewise go to hell. If you think this team has played bad defense this season, I heard we have a pretty good badmiton team in Philly maybe you should watch them.

  13. Giroux is not a leader. It’s been quite obvious when hearing him speak in interviews that he’s timid, feeble, and immature…definitely not the qualities of a leader and definitely does not fit in a city like Philadelphia with its rabid media and fans. There’s no reason to anoint a young player as your captain (although there have been a few exceptions). They should have given the C to an experienced grown ass man and not a guy who had one great season. Just another one of the many recent failures by this organization…

  14. The MO of the new NHL seems to be to throw a boatload of money at a player for one good season. With the exception of a few there has been a drop off the next season.

  15. simple solution….take all the damn letters off their chests…put the c on whoever is on net. no alternates.

  16. This might come as a surprise to most of the people here, but the media doesn’t have, or never had the power to run ANYBODY out of town. It’s the TEAMS who make that call, not the beat writers, not the fans, no one. That said, Giroux was a pussy for skipping out and leaving his teammates holding the bag and having to explain why they sucked so badly. Bush move there, Claude. I know this won’t happen, but Giroux needs to be stripped of the “C” because he isn’t cutting the mustard, if Eric Lindros lost the captaincy, then Claude shouldn’t be immune.

  17. Hollllly fuckin shit people. Chill the fuck out with all this trade him, strip the C from him, hes not a leader talk…Its November 8th. November fucking 8th. Im not excusing giroux for his awful play and lackluster leadership thusfar, but jesus christ can we cool it with the apocalypse talk? Can it be that maybe, just maybe, the guys in a slump? Especially with the current make up of this team and the lack of passable coaching the past two seasons, the whole team is playing like giroux. The guys awful right now, has no confidence and theres no one to pick him up. Even captains need support, which he has none of. Nope, he has scott hartnell on his line. Briere had an awful 10+ game streak like this a few years ago and look what happened: He tore it up in the playoffs on the way to the cup finals. Im with everyone on the criticism, but lets all take a step back and see what the fuck happens before we start walking him through the streets for a public stoning.

  18. I usually just read and don’t comment but I have to agree the season is still young. That being said they really need to improve. For once I don’t believe it is goaltending(strange to be able to say that lol) but I think coaching is a big part of it. In the new NHL you have to play run and gun puck pushing hockey. And I believe this best suits a player like Giroux with his size and speed. Coach Craig came from the old dump and chase grab at the blue line and that doesn’t work in the league anymore. There needs to be a one pass on the run pass out of the zone not this 3 backward pass play that takes away all the momentum. I still have faith in Giroux and think things will get better. Go Flyers!!!

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