Mitch Williams Almost Fought Lenny Dykstra at an Autograph Signing Today


This is a story about Darren Daulton stopping Mitch Williams from attacking Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing in the Granite Run Mall while horrified fans, children, Jim Watson and Rick MacLeish looked on. All of it was partly the result of comments Lenny and Charlie Sheen made about Mitch on the Alex Jones Show in 2011.

Got all that?

Dykstra was at an autograph signing at First & Goal Sports in the Granite Run Mall today. Elsewhere in the mall, were Daulton and Williams, also signing autographs. Dutch stopped in to say hello to Lenny, and shortly thereafter, Williams came into the store.

Jack from, a local autograph community, was there. In a phone call, he explained to me what happened next.

Photo: Jack,

Dykstra and Dutch were talking for about five to 10 minutes. They hugged and Dykstra wished Dutch well with his cancer. Williams eventually came into the store and pushed passed Dykstra, whose back was toward Williams. Dykstra turned around and said, “Oh hey, Mitch. What’s up?”

Dykstra stuck his hand out. Williams slapped it away and said, “I’m not shaking your fucking hand,” and then called Dykstra a dickhead. Daulton stepped in between the two and walked Williams out of the store. According to Jack, Williams was yelling at Dykstra the whole time.

“There were a good 40 to 50 people in the store,” Jack said. “I was probably 10 feet away from the whole thing when it happened.”

He went on: “[Williams] was the aggressor. Had it not been Dykstra, people probably would’ve felt bad for him.”

Jack wasn’t the only one who witnessed it:

From the sounds of it, Dykstra did nothing wrong.


In 2008, he told WIP that he hated Williams.

In a 2011 interview in which Dykstra and Charlie Sheen joined conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his radio show, Dykstra told Sheen that his Wild Thing in Major League, not Williams, was the real Wild Thing, and that he “can’t stand that guy, man.”

And in another 2011 interview, with John Clark, Dykstra talked about his disdain for Williams: “I kept in contact with all of them, except Mitch, after what he put me through. Torture. Fucking torture.”

Williams, obviously, was familiar with those comments.

Rick MacLeish and Jim Watson were also there for the signing and witnessed the encounter.

2013 Philadelphia sports. Gotta love it.

UPDATE: Here is a better picture of the confrontation via reader Jeff. Dutch thinks it’s hilarious:


UPDATE 2: We now have video. It wasn’t as bad as Jack made it out to be. But there were some unpleasantries and F bombs. Video here.

H/T to Fightin For Philly


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  1. White trash. Shit teams. Thugs as goalies. Zero champions. Inbred, brainless, filthy fans. Trashy, disgusting excuse for a “city”. Hooray Philly.

    And the world continues to laugh.

    1. If you hate philly so much why are you following a philly sports site, and taking time to post on one? Seems as though you’re the inbred, brainless one.

    2. Yet here you are, boasting about a city that you won’t actually name. Is it Moscow? Or perhaps Tehran?

      1. Problem is that you know exactly what city I’m referring to. As you grit your teeth, pound your fists, and stomp your feet in frustration at what a god forsaken town you live in.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Six super bowls, five world series, three stanley cups, two butt plugs, and a partridge in a pear tree says:

          There i fixed it.

          BTW i love moscow. Beautiful city during the 3rd quarter of the world series

        2. This is seriously comical. What a fucking joke. You are on a Philly blog making these comments. Your 2nd rate shitty town is an after thought no matter how many replies and angry comments you want to make.

        3. Dude, you’re bragging about the Pirates who haven’t won a WS in 34 years (Phils have two since then), a hockey team who’s star is a complete pussy and cries every time someone touches him, a rapist of a QB who is begging to be traded away from that shithole of a town… PGH is a mid west city that people only go to because they have to for work. Drink your steel reserve and accept that you live in the inferior fly over part of the state. Come to the east coast when you want something to actually do.

    3. Not going to argue about our sports teams current state, but your baseball only became relevant this year. I know this because i live in the south hills and when i go to pirate games before August of this year, i could sit anywhere i wanted just about. And not too long ago i could get seats to see the orange and black against the glass on stubhub for face value. Sid and Mario saved your team. Otherwise you would be cheering for the kansas city whatevers.

      1. Nice. you just described the Phillies about 7 years ago, and the Eagles in the early 90s. Good comeback!

        Please do try to keep up. This is fun.

        1. Apparently you arent too keen on baseball. The pirates were last in the national league in attendance up until recently and were begging for people to come to games. I know because they thanked me for bringing my phillies group to the game by giving me free seats to a future game about ten rows from the field. The phillies were not that bad that long ago. They were a game away from the wild card. Plus they didnt have 20 straight years of losing. The pirates did and were thought of as a minor league team in mlb. By the way, when was the last time they won the world series? Were you even born?

          As to the eagles, notice i didnt mention them? Maybe your reading comprehension skills are poor. I know better than to bring up football. You have one of the more respected franchises in the NFL.

          However you neglected to comment on the almost kansas city penguins. Is that because you know my facts are accurate? That place pre sid was a ghost town and no one wanted anything to do with them. Thats why they had the any seat 20 bucks deal. They figured if they gave them away it would be sad. At least our fans show up and support the teams in good and bad times. So next time your troll our site, come with facts, not uninformed opinions.

          Kyle -this dude needs to be outed like you did with that other genius!

          1. My god, you are too stupid to live, aren’t you? You were blathering on about the Penguins in Kansas City…or something. I was merely pointing out that a used car salesman nearly had the Eagles in Arizona in the 90’s.

            And, unlike every loser former Flyer, our ex-players are actually are of use. To wit, Lemieux helping the Penguins stay in Pittsburgh. Whereas former Flyers like brain dead Holmgren and Bobby Clarke….well, you get the point.

            Did I clear that up for you princess? You’re welcome. Please do try to keep up.

        2. Are we talking pittsburg? Ugh, even hate driving throught that filth. 2nd class for a reason. Its such a great place, yet all i ever hear is them bitching about other towns. Plain and simple jealousy. Every where i go, i can tell a pittsburgian because they are always talking shit about someplace else.

          1. You just completely fabricated whatever on earth you are rambling about. That’s ok. Typical of a brainless Philly moron, but it’s ok.

        3. Are we seriously arguing about the fucking Pirates? One of the biggest jokes of the past 20 years. Yes, please going big boy. I’m enjoying this!

      1. And enjoyer of multiple championships in the color TV era. You forgot to mention that, champ.

        You’re welcome.

        1. You mean like pops and cokehead pirates in 1979. You argued with me about the eagles yet you never responded to my pirates question. As far as I am concerned you only proved that the eagles were useless. Lemieux did save your pens and you promptly errected a statue of him. However you neglected to mention that thankfully he was awarded the rights to the team due to the inept owner before him who seemingly signed him to a billion dollars or something.

          To the princess comment, i am so proud of you. You made a clever remark calling me a girl when i am a man. So good. I expect that of middle schoolers. So you proved your age which means you only saw the stanley cup and the super bowl. The rest you were not alive yet.

          So lets recap, your last world series was won by a team abusing an illegal substance, by which the mascot was the dealer, the eagles do in fact suck, lemieux luckily saved your team, and you are a middle school aged boy.

          1. Plain and simple, those mutants from Pennsyltucky have an inferiority complex when it comes to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, they’ve always been the little brother who’s ass we kicked. And talk about inbred, really dude, if it wasn’t for “yins” out there in “Deliverance ” land the mullet would be extinct . P.S. NASCAR isn’t a real sport either Stosh, so go put on your brand new McCutcheon jersey put your six of Iron City on ice and plot how your gonna bang your 1st cousin in your double wide tonight and leave us tortured souls over here way east of the Susquehanna alone you two fisted j.o.

        2. Lemieux was the biggest p*ssy on the ice. He only played half the rink. He almost quit the NHL because of all the physical stuff. Always whining. Then after he got his “cancer” it was definitely hands off. Go on youtube and try to find a Mario fight or hit. He was the biggest player out there. Same size as Lindros. His plus/minus is horrible. He is like 50th all time. All those points and he is like a plus 120. Never won anything without Jagr. Never beat Flyers in playoffs. Pens tanked the season to get him. Never forget that. Then they won the lottery to get Crosby. They couldn’t pay Mario so he bought the team. Otherwise they were going to move.

        3. Did you just say in the color TV era? What are you, like 70 years old? Go brush your mustache and take your inbred family to the store.

    4. How many of those World Series and Super Bowls were you alive for to witness? He’s talking about Pittsburgh where 3 girls exceed an elevator weight limit and they put fries on a sandwhich and claim it’s original

    5. I’m shocked you took five minutes of your time from sucking down a Primanti’s artery clogger to talk bark some useless bullshit on a Philadelphia related site. Now wipe your greasy mitts on your stained Yinzer shirt and go rub one out to a picture of your favorite date rapist, Roethlisberger.

    6. I’m sorry, but when it comes to the national sports “scene”, Pittsburgh will always be looked at with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. Apart from the Steelers, who have a long and proud history, the Pittsburgh franchises [Pirates and Penguins] aren’t taken too seriously even when they are winning, and the city itself is looked upon as second class citizens without a whole lot of self-pride. Philadelphia has a lot of serious American history behind it, and is quite proud of it. I’ve spend a decent amount of time in both cities, and while they both do have good characteristics, I wouldn’t want my children to have to live in either.

    7. The fact that you even say those brainless things about Philly just goes to show you that you know nothing about the city and its people. Let me guess, next you’re going to bring up us throwing snowballs at santa claus and booing Donovan McNabb….while other cities (LA, San Fran, Chicago) are stabbing people at games and getting in gang fights, we are the bad ones. Where are you from?

  2. Lol I knew that would happen when I heard they were doing an autograph signing together.
    The dude’s gut is looking nice.

  3. “All of it was partly the result of…”

    Great writing, Kyle.

    “Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance at living, though there’s only a 10% chance of that happening.” – Naked Gun

  4. I was there when this alleged incident occurred. It is being blown way out of proportion. Dykstra was actually the aggressor saying mitch owed him $20 from 1993. That is apparently what they were fighting about.

    1. Stop! I was right next to them when this happened there was nothing about $20 from 1993. Come on man be realistic.

    2. I was also there & could smell the liquor on Mitch’s breath. He was drunks as a skunk slurring & dropping F Bombs around little kids. He even pushed me out & the way. He’s lucky I didn’t fuck him up.

  5. I work directly above the store this happened in and i get out of work one day early and this shit happens, damn not condoning this at all especially cursing around kids but wouldve liked to see it

  6. 7 years ago the phillies won their division, dickface! And the pirates losing streak only 17 years long.

  7. I would rather spend a lifetime in Somalia thsn a weekend in Pittsburgh.Please u can have your sports championships.This is from a town that thinks Terry Bradshaw is a Mensa member.

  8. This apparently runs in the family. I was at a high school basketball game where Mrs. Williams got thrown out. Classy.

  9. There is a time and place for everything and the Mall for a fan autograph session is NOT one of them.

  10. Why in the world would someone from Pittsburgh come on a Philadelphia sports website and start talking crap? Pitt hates Philly cause we’re the “real child” city in PA, and Pittsburgh is the “red head” fat stepchild who plays video games all day. I love how Pittsburgh fans always bring up the past, however you weren’t alive for the Steelers steel curtain days. I’m a Bronco’s fan by the way, parent’s are from Northern Colorado. If Mario didn’t come back and save you, the pens would be in the middle of corn country.

    And all I’m going to say about the Pirates is 1979! I lived in the Pitt area for two years, (South Park, PA) beautiful area and nice people. I would scool them yinerz all the time with facts, once they knew that I know why they hate Philly they shut up and didn’t have argument.

  11. Philadelphia is nothing but flip flopping, brain dead, disgustingly fat, rocky wanna be loser turds. I live it daily.

  12. I recently visited Pitt for a hockey tourney and I must say that Pitt makes Philly’s worst part of the city look like the Hamptons. I wouldn’t go anywhere without at least 4-5 people with me. I also drove behind a car where the license plate said “coochie”. (Pics to prove it.) Then when my team beat a home team in the finals, they immediately started talking about how Giroux “sucked” and refused to shake out hands. Then to top it all off, my credit card was stolen and someone racked up $300 at a local Save A Lot. So as you troll a philly sports blog, tell me more about how awesome Pitt is.

  13. is a fake tough guy. Lenny is on parole and couldn’t beat his ass if he wanted too. Williams should be forced to resign fron MLB Network for getting rocked in 93 and it should be mandated he offs himself for picking a fight with this patsy.

  14. I’m thinking the author of this blog may be TROLLING, as he likes to say, his readers with the six super bowls, five world series, three…commentor (word?)

  15. Wait, there was almost a fight at a mall in Delco? Shocker! Must be something in the air in that county.

  16. Delco trash at its best. Speaking of autographs il be getting my fingers sticky at the flyers/oilers game Saturday. Stop by n say hi

  17. after the countless interviews where Dykstra trashed Mitch, i understand Mitch’s point of view. wished he would’ve knocked out the dude. I’m sure Mitch is mad at that fact. and lets not act like this is first time Mitch has dropped f bombs in public. remember his daughters basketball game a few years ago? I’m sure he wishes he didn’t do it in front of kids. i want to know who was the Genius promoter who put these two guys in the same building? awesome marketing in my humble opinion. and Delco girls swallow too

  18. He, Six Super Bowls, Five World Series, Three Stanley Cups. Which one of those championship teams did you play on? It’s a lot easier to like a good team than it is to make a bad one. I played in Philly for years and never won a championship but it was awesome! …. what team did you play for?

  19. I was also there as I was there with Mitch some off this stuff is so far from the truth Mitch did not use any fbombs in front of children and he simply told Lenny he did not want to shake his hand He has a right not to shake his hand he got frustrated because he was there to say hello to Dutch not confront Lenny Mitch was there for 2 hours I am sure if he wanted to do anything to lenny he would have confronted him earlier anybody can take a photo and say what they want no problem but the truth was it was not a big deal and Mitch is entitled not to shake Lenny hand lenny kept insisting so Mitch got more upset because he was talking to Dutch ..Bottom line lets not crush Mitch for speaking his mind he has children and understands that children were there I did not hear any f bombs and I was right next to Mitch WE ALL KNOW LENNY BACKGROUND..IT’S no secret and I guess somethings are better not said than said we only see what we see at that moment but this Is something thats been going on for years between both of them So please not defending my guy but whats right is right no need to try and make a story out of nothing

    1. i see were someone said Mitch was drunk…come on guys…Mitch has lost fifty pounds and looks great he was not drunk and had no smell of alcohol its funny this guy was the only one that smelled it…no problem not here to taint anyones opinion but get it right,

  20. if you look at picture Dutch has a smile because he knew it was not a big deal if Mitch did not even know Lenny was there till he saw him…

  21. Just Fyi Mitch was at the show to Help Dutch Dutch signed a ton and every other photo had mitch in it Mitch knew it would help get dutch more pieces to sign he signed everyone of those for fans too and every single person that was there for Mitch got there auto How many on this blog have wanted to confront someone…and when you do sometimes may not say what you want to say…it happens but .. from someone that was there is not big deal was a small thing and I too heard no fbombs

  22. this is fucking awesome! I fucking love it! So fucking funny! to bad Danny Jackson wasn’t there so he could have ripped his shirt off, that would have been fucking hilarious! Some funny fucking shit!

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  24. Love it. The personality of that ’93 team was one for the ages. Now I want to go back and watch them play again. It’s too bad they didn’t win it all which would have cemented their legacy.

  25. They should get that ’93 team together for a celebrity softball tournament against Jose Canseco’s team.

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