This is a story about Darren Daulton stopping Mitch Williams from attacking Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing in the Granite Run Mall while horrified fans, children, Jim Watson and Rick MacLeish looked on. All of it was partly the result of comments Lenny and Charlie Sheen made about Mitch on the Alex Jones Show in 2011.

Got all that?

Dykstra was at an autograph signing at First & Goal Sports in the Granite Run Mall today. Elsewhere in the mall, were Daulton and Williams, also signing autographs. Dutch stopped in to say hello to Lenny, and shortly thereafter, Williams came into the store.

Jack from PhillyInkSignings.com, a local autograph community, was there. In a phone call, he explained to me what happened next.


Photo: Jack, PhillyInkSignings.com

Dykstra and Dutch were talking for about five to 10 minutes. They hugged and Dykstra wished Dutch well with his cancer. Williams eventually came into the store and pushed passed Dykstra, whose back was toward Williams. Dykstra turned around and said, “Oh hey, Mitch. What’s up?”

Dykstra stuck his hand out. Williams slapped it away and said, “I’m not shaking your fucking hand,” and then called Dykstra a dickhead. Daulton stepped in between the two and walked Williams out of the store. According to Jack, Williams was yelling at Dykstra the whole time.

“There were a good 40 to 50 people in the store,” Jack said. “I was probably 10 feet away from the whole thing when it happened.”

He went on: “[Williams] was the aggressor. Had it not been Dykstra, people probably would’ve felt bad for him.”

Jack wasn’t the only one who witnessed it:


From the sounds of it, Dykstra did nothing wrong.


In 2008, he told WIP that he hated Williams.

In a 2011 interview in which Dykstra and Charlie Sheen joined conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his radio show, Dykstra told Sheen that his Wild Thing in Major League, not Williams, was the real Wild Thing, and that he “can’t stand that guy, man.”

And in another 2011 interview, with John Clark, Dykstra talked about his disdain for Williams: “I kept in contact with all of them, except Mitch, after what he put me through. Torture. Fucking torture.”

Williams, obviously, was familiar with those comments.

Rick MacLeish and Jim Watson were also there for the signing and witnessed the encounter.

2013 Philadelphia sports. Gotta love it.

UPDATE: Here is a better picture of the confrontation via reader Jeff. Dutch thinks it’s hilarious:


UPDATE 2: We now have video. It wasn’t as bad as Jack made it out to be. But there were some unpleasantries and F bombs. Video here.

H/T to Fightin For Philly