Bradley Fletcher's biggest contribution yesterday

Bradley Fletcher’s biggest contribution yesterday

Merry Christmas! Tony Romo saved the Eagles’ season by being the most predictable, yet improbably inept quarterback in football. Let’s check on the home page of the Dallas Morning News to see how things are going in the Big D:



I said it on Twitter yesterday, and I think I still mean it this morning: If I had to choose yesterday between an Eagles win and a Cowboys win, or an Eagles loss and a Cowboys implosion, I would choose the latter every time. That was too much fun. Yesterday meant nothing and, crazily enough, the Bear games next Sunday could mean almost nothing if the Cowboys win their game before the Eagles take the field. It would mean that the best the Eagles could do is be one game ahead of the Cowboys going into Week 17, but since a tie wins the Cowboys the division, a one game lead or a tie going into Week 17 is essentially the same thing for the Eagles. At that point, the Bears game could impact seeding (3rd or 4th overall in conference), but would have no impact on the division. Expect Chip Kelly to be asked about whether he would sit his starters if that’s the case. Of course… a Cowboys loss means the Eagles could win the division on Sunday Night Football during Christmas week. Yum.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Some Romo images from around the Twitters:

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Not sure Emmanuel Acho has much more influence over Eagles’ outcomes than he does the Cowboys’, but this was a good Tweet:

My man crush on Mike Trout continues to grow. This Tweet, from when the Eagles briefly got themselves into the game:

Same goes for this Tweet from Malik Rose, who once again references Negrodamus:

Villanova crushed La Salle last night and has a combined margin of victory of 74 in three Big 5 games.

The Phillies are “extremely motivated” to move Papelbon.

The Flyers lost yesterday and Tim Panaccio and the rest of his Core 4 mates spent the entire third period watching the game on a monitor in the press room. So, essentially, they were bloggers, in Washington.

Ryan Freel had chronic traumatic encephalopathy when he killed himself last year.

Penn State put coach Pat Chambers’ Twitter handle… on the court.

30 sexiest NBA cheerleaders.

News anchor signs off with F-bomb:

DeSean Jackson’s sideline rant that’s going to be overdone. He’s just mad Lil Terrio went home.

SNL‘s Three Wise Guys.

Stewie went back in time and saved Brian(!):

I picked Tottenham as my EPL team and of course they got blown out by Man City… and Liverpool… and then fired their coach.

Joe Conklin and his band of misfits:

The season finale of Homeland stunk. More on that later.


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