Your Monday Morning Roundup: SNOW BOWL 2013

pic via (@NFL_MEMES)

Every year, I do a Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of the Year post. It starts around December 18th or 19th and goes through until New Year’s Eve. For the first three years running the site – 2009, 2010 and 2011 – it was fairly easy to come up with 10 moments (in fact, so easy it became hard because there were so many). But for the last two years it’s been more difficult. In fact, I’ve spent the past month or so thinking about it and, before yesterday, this was my plan: #10– Eagles opener against Washington, #9-2– nothing, #1 The Southwest Philly Floater.

That’s how bad the year was– La Salle, no offense to them, owned the top sports moment of the year.

Well, that’s all changed now. The Snow Bowl is, as they say, an instant classic. And I know of no other way to recap it than to just hit you with a flurry of images, screen caps, tales, stats and other assorted nonsense from yesterday.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

These are the images from the live running commentary (from various sources, including Twitter, Nike, the Eagles and others)

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.43.34 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.37.12 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.55.39 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.00.37 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.22.20 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.14.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 7.56.46 PM

The live running commentary as it happened.

The Eagles and Lions kicked snow at each other before the Lions attempted an extra-point.

Is this the worst Eagles fan in the world, with his iPad in Ziploc during Snow Bowl?

DeSean Jackson did Lil Terrio’s ohh kill ’em dance while the six-year-old Vine sensation was in attendance. He stayed with DeSean the entire weekend.

LeSean McCoy, the best photo ever, and great Eagles social media work:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.02.02 PM

Jeff McLane of the Inquirer with a great story about how the Eagles landed Foles:

One day during the 2012 offseason, Marty Mornhinweg turned on the college tape of Nick Foles and liked what he saw. So he walked down the second floor corridor at the NovaCare Complex and into Andy Reid’s office.

“I said, ‘Have you seen this Foles kid?'” Mornhinweg said recently to The Inquirer. “So he watches him, likes what he’s watching and says, ‘Where’s Doug?'”

Doug Pederson, the Eagles quarterback coach, was on the road. He was working out other quarterbacks and by coincidence was scheduled next to be in Phoenix to visit Brock Osweiler, the 6-foot-7 Arizona State quarterback.

“We’re like, shoot, let’s get him over to work out Foles instead,” Mornhinweg recalled. “So we had our people redirect Doug to Tuscon.”

A lot of people were talking about the reporter who asked Chip Kelly if he called shitty plays in the first half. This was actually a joke in response to Kelly, who had remarked earlier this week that he wasn’t smart enough to call “shitty plays” to trick opponents into falling asleep. The question, and Chip’s response, I believe were jokes.

The official stat sheet from the game.

Zoo With Roy’s Frozen.

Ray Didinger called for an end to fantasy football on Postgame Live. He’s venturing dangerously close to (also from Zoo With Roy)…


Of course Cary Williams took credit for the offensive play calls:

“It was funny, Cary Williams was the one who came up to me, and he was like, ‘Coach, this is what you’ve got to do because you can’t make up speed if the guy makes a stick move on you just because of the footing,'” Kelly said. “Cary was kind of the one, and it’s coming from a defensive guy saying, ‘Hey, if you have an opportunity to either throw a post or throw a corner route, it’s hard to make up.’  Finally we hit Riley (Cooper) on it, it was almost like that kind of got us going, got our confidence back a little bit, and then we got rolling there.”

“I really don’t comment on anything that goes on offense,” Williams said after the game. “I just try to handle my business. I figured if I was going through it, then those other defensive backs were going through it. If it was difficult and frustrating for me then I’m sure it was difficult and frustrating for them. I just relayed the message, and coach (Kelly) has enough confidence in me that he relayed the message to the offense.”

Two great quotes from Chip Kelly– one on the WIP Morning Show today, another during his press conference:

“It was kind of like Madden Football. We put the no-kick on.”

On blocked PAT: “We couldn’t return that. We weren’t playing Alabama.”

Trent Cole:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 1.19.56 PM

Molly McGrath loves rulers and she’s down with four inches but prefers eight. Here are sexy pictures of her.

Meanwhile, Kacie McDonnell brought Aaron Murray to the Winter Snow Ball Bowl:

Voila_Capture766 Voila_Capture767

Eat Dat Pussy fired the fuck up:

Perhaps the coolest sports tradition on Earth.

Marcus Hayes chose fairly land to set the scene. Can’t say I hate it:

RESILIENCE somehow defeated hypothermia and malaise and, ultimately, resulted in a happy delirium.

Brent Celek slid in the snow 10 yards shy of a sure touchdown then giddily ran back to the huddle, the game in the bag. Lane Johnson flopped on his back, looking like a snow angel in the end zone.

Over 3 1/2 hours of whiteout insanity, the Eagles turned a nightmare before Christmas into their own wintry fairy land.

Derrick Gunn overheard the Eagles remind officials that the Lions d-line often lines up offsides. The Lions d-line got six penalties yesterday.

Why Canada never wins the Stanley Cup, by the numbers.

One fan (@dasjoshua) took a picture using Google Glass:


What the field looked like after the game.

Vincent Lecavalier is out 3-4 weeks with a broken back, of sorts.

Zac Rinaldo is a moron. He played four seconds on Saturday and got 27 minutes in penalties: is reporting that Santa Clara has beat out Philadelphia for Wrestlemania. They’ve been ahead of this story, so I trust them. Official announcement expected Tuesday.

This is creepy:

via (@SDuff76)
via (@SDuff76)

Donovan McNabb with that cutting-edge, passive aggressive analysis:

The Flyers will be featured in 24/7:

You can watch the Flyers again on HBO’s “24/7 Road to the Winter Classic” series when it premieres on Dec. 14.

No, the Flyers aren’t starring in the series again, but their furious third period comeback in Detroit on Wednesday will be featured in the first episode.

Finally: Should we turn this into a limited-edition LeSean McCoy ugly Christmas t-shirt? $20. We can have them live in a few hours. What do you think?


Will Urban Meyer be Ohio State's head ball coach when the Buckeyes travel to Penn State on 9/29?

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  1. The official Wrestlemania Twitter account officially announced Santa Clara as the spot for Wrestlemania 31 last night. Dammit.

  2. Not to take the focus off of what was an amazing Eagles game and definitely an instant classic, but what the hell was Rinaldo doing in that Flyers game. He went borderline Emery on that dude at the beginning of the game, got kicked out, and gave Dallas a 7 minute power play. Did that guy bang his sister or something? Seriously, does anyone know what he want nuts like that?

  3. Does Marcus Hayes hate that the most memorable game the Eagles played all year was enveloped in unending whiteness?

    Yes, yes he does.

  4. I’m so happy about this eagles team, I’m going to give kacie McDonnell my blessing to go ahead with her relationship with Aaron Murray

  5. Kacie McDonnell is not hot. Can we just put that to rest already? She’s a 7 at best. And her short leash of no talent is reining in ever tighter. Aaron Murray needs to drop this bitch before she does it to him when he doesn’t make it as a professional football player and everyone starts hazing him with “oh…she dropped your ass!” comments on social media.

    Oh….and make the goddamn shirt already!

    1. What makes Kacie McDonnell unattractive is the fact that she is the most conceited chick in town.
      Enough with all the selfies and modeling pictures and photos with athletes. She should try a little humility.

      1. ^Agree. She’s known for nothing other than her looks. At least Sheen Parveen can interpret weather data.

    2. dude, dont play that game. Shes really hot. if you want you to say, “shes hot, but annoying, self centered, whatever” thats fine. but to say she isnt hot is completely ludicrous and you know it. I’m guessing you just want to act like you are above that.

      1. Sorry dude, shes not. All i see are the Smarty Jones teeth with the horrible Jersey Shore tan.

        1. I’m guessing you’d turn that down then? you must be taking him 8’s and 9’s every weekend, bud. good for you. either that or you are just stone gay, which is fine too

          1. Of course I would but shes not on a level that requries the entire delaware valley following her every move and instagram picture. Save that for Victoria secret angels or Minka Kelley and the like, thats all im sayin

  6. You shit on Cary Williams because he’s black yet Chip Kelly was the one who said it was Williams who gave the advice to turn the offense around. You’re a fucking idiot. Stop hating on Cary Williams because of the color of his skin just because your wife loves black guys more than you. Bitch.

    1. Another reason for you to want to “punch the first white guy you see in the head”? I’m pretty sure it was you who said that before. I guess a game of “knockout” will make you feel better?

      1. What are you talking about and why are you talking to me like I’m a black person? I’m white you fucking idiot. Not my problem race is the first thing you think about you ignorant mental midget.

        1. Hey, you falsely accused a person, why can’t i do it too? See how that works? YOU brought race into this thread “Q”, I didn’t.

          1. I didn’t falsely accuse anyone. I accurately cited the FACT that Kyle routinely displays his racist tendencies on the reg in his blogs. Up until I brought out the facts, everyone just thought he was just a racist, but it’s because he’s been cuckolded for the last year by black men on the main line. Do I blame him for inaccurately making it sound like Cary Williams took credit for the Eagles win? No, I would probably feel the same hatred he does, but it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be called out on it.

  7. Kacie has a bad boob job, very annoying & horrible teeth. With saying that I would absolutely love to f her in every hole

  8. Also, dont do the shirt. its cool and all but unless this team goes somewhere, its completely irrelevant. like the 4th and 26 one

  9. yesterday’s win was huge on so many levels. besides giving us another W, the loss by detriot now makes cowboys next two games (@ chicago and vs green bay) all that much tougher for them. GO BEARS! GO PACK!

    as for kacie, to the dudes saying she is ugly……c’mon man! your hate is getting in the way! she is hott! however, she does need to cool it with the selfies! youre a desk reporter for a network in a major city. so, act professional and knock off the YOLO 16 year old girl personality.

  10. Is Aaron Murray an Eagles fan or is he just another QB afraid of getting hit? That creepy flyers fan was merely yawning, which is more weird at a hockey game than creepy. The snow bowl ugly sweater look t-shirt is the first good idea from your t-shirt inventing department.

    That is all.

  11. Molly McGrath > Kacie every day & twice on Sunday.

    Kacie’s attractive, but if you’ve followed her on Twitter at least for a day you realize that she’s completely obnoxious and her looks don’t outweigh the whole act.

    I really cringe at the thought of her landing some sideline job for sports based off her looks and fake obsession w/Philly sports. How’s the chances of the Birds taking the cup this year looking, KC?

    1. She’s definitely hot as shit but there are chicks in this town who actually care about the teams but don’t get the attention because they’re in the for the sports, not a meal ticket (Natalie Egenhoff and Alex Reardon to name a few). It’s a shame none of the blogs pick up on these broads bc they’re too busy feeding Kacie’s ego hoping to get in her pants.

      1. Follow the both of these two on Twitter, always very insightful comments.

        Smarty-Jones McDonnell’s Twitter on the other hand…the more I hear about this cleat chaser the more I begin to hate her.

  12. As much as everyone loved the “Snow Bowl”, the weather evened the playing field and unfortunately didn’t give us much of a gauge for how good this team really is. I’m still not sold yet but hey, enjoy the win.

    1. Tone, I think we were shown what we saw earlier in the season. It showed us that our run game can be effective, if they are persistent. Detroits front line is one of the strongest, and I think the Eagles’ conditioning may have helped them in that 4th quarter.

      1. I’m just saying, how can you really evaluate any team in those conditions? Guys were losing their footing, the ball was slippery, visibility was low, tackling/shedding blocks was difficult…hell, they wouldn’t even attempt to kick extra points.

  13. While I find Eat Dat Pussy’s analysis more amusing when the Eagles are losing, the first nine seconds of his Snow Bowl recap might be his masterstroke.

    “WOOOOOOO!!!!! (pause) In a motherfuckin’ blizzard!!!”

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