LeSean McCoy and Les Bowen are Chirping on Twitter

God, I love the interwebs. Only there could a reporter complain about not interacting with a player and then get a response from said player, who remarks that said reporter is lying, and thereby, the two are interacting.

Les Bowen, as he’s been known to do, griped on Twitter about access, today mentioning that LeSean McCoy was avoiding the media on breakup day. McCoy took exception to the remark and, because it’s 2014, gave Les the access he wanted… via the Tweets:


This is a fun little chirp-fest, but as I said before, I really wasn’t ready for offseason Eagles stuff. Shady is much better on the field – or an ironic sweatshirt, for that matter – than he is on Twitter.


10 Responses

  1. “There are no individual player meetings today, so I’m going to cry about a player not meeting with me…”

  2. Ewww Les, you’re a douche. This reminds me of some self-entiteld fan bitching because [insert superstar player here] didn’t stop to sign an autograph while walking by.

  3. There’s few things in sports that annoy me more than when a reporter complains publicly that athletes decline to talk to them. Just because you can’t do your job don’t take it out on te player. Besides what’s he gonna say that we already haven’t heard a million times already. It’s just the media…..and especially Eagles/Football reporters egos because they think they’re above everyone else. Les Bowen is the biggest offender of that

  4. Les Bowen sucks and should go back to reporting hockey where no one paid attention to him. This douche just wants to go on Philly Sports talk and cry like the old little bitch that he is.

  5. He was unavaillble because he SUCKED in the Saints game. He averaged about minus 1 yards per carry. He cost the game and the chance at a Super Bowl. That’s why he was “unavailable.”

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