The Eagles Still Want to Host a Super Bowl

Eagles President Don Smolenski told Inquirer columnist and resident Flyers hater Mike Sielski that the Birds will indeed make a bid for the Super Bowl, likely for 2018:

“If it goes well, that’s definitely a possibility,” Smolenski said when asked if the Eagles would try to bring the Super Bowl to Philadelphia.

“We’re very proud of Lincoln Financial Field. We do think it’s a great facility, and we think over the years that’s been evident. It would be a sense of pride. Philadelphia is a world-class city with world-class facilities, and it’s a great sports town. It would be a chance to showcase Philadelphia on an international stage.”

This isn’t a surprise. Last year Jeffrey Lurie said the Eagles would take a run at hosting the big game. But Roger Goodell, speaking at an event in, you guessed it, New York earlier this month, said don’t count on it just yet:

“I think this is obviously innovative and it’s something new, but it’s also unique because it’s New York,” Goodell said in an interview with former Associated Press White House correspondent Ben Feller at the 92nd St. Y. “This is a stage, we have two teams here. Every city can’t host a Super Bowl just because of the sheer enormity of this event. And it’s not just a football game. We have a week full of events, we probably have well over 150,000 coming in to the New York region for this event.

“Will we look at other Super Bowls in cold-weather sites? I think we’ll wait and make that evaluation later.”

Meanwhile, Chris Carter, who was an absolute dick on 97.5 earlier today (more on that soon), weighed in, too:

“I’m telling you they’re not gonna have it. I don’t care if [Philly fans] care about it.”

Sielski’s piece builds a strong case for Philly as a host, but the fact is everything has to go right in New York this week (thus far it has) for a Northeastern city to even be considered again. Philly would probably be the favorite, since they have a new-ish and renovated stadium, and plenty of accommodations within the city limits. [The Redskins have an older stadium. The Patriots don’t play anywhere near Boston. And no one likes Pittsburgh.] The New York-NJ Super Bowl is unique in that Met Life Stadium is 30 minutes (or more) from Manhatten. But it’s New York, it’s not the norm. Because it’s New York.


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  1. I don’t think they’ll ever do it in a northern, outdoor stadium again. They’re going to get lucky this year with the temp being around 50 with some rain here and there…but it’s been in the single digits for a month now and we’re going to get major snowstorms the next two weeks in February. I doubt they tempt fate again.

    1. Don’t forget you drunken idiots booed McNabb at the draft,attacked a fellow Ranger fan who was trying to get a Philly cheesesteak,killed a guy outside of Citizens Bank Park,through up on a little girl at a Phillies game in addition to having a criminal court/jail in the old Vet because of unruly Philly fans.

      1. Damn almost forgot how you heathens cheered when Michael Irvin lay motionless on the rock hard Veterans Stadium turf.

      2. haha, sounds like you were that unlucky Rangers fan getting a cheesesteak, sucks for you

      1. Incorrect, sir! The excuse is that they are degenerate NY residents.

        Case in point: RangersYankeesNYGiantsFan says that someone “through up” on someone.

        What is “through up”? The New York school system is apparently light years behind Philadelphia’s, and that’s not saying much!


  2. Lurie should push to host a Super Bowl, I imagine hosting one would be more fun for an effeminate pussy like him than actually winning one.

    Chris Carter is 100% correct, this town will never get to host/or win a Super Bowl as long as Lurie owns the team.

    1. I’ll thank you to keep your jealousy of my millions and billions to yourself, kind sir.

      However, kudos to you on the fine job you did with Michael.


  3. Pfft! At this time of year, the weatherguessers can’t give you an accurate forecast four DAYS in advance, never mind four YEARS. It would be just our luck for Philly to land the 2018 Super Bowl, only to have a repeat performance of the Blizzard of ’96 (Google it) on the day of the game. I agree there won’t be another outdoor Supe here in the Northeast, if it wasn’t New York, this wouldn’t have happened at all, and it won’t happen again.

  4. The linc is a nice stadium, but Philly is the biggest shit hole in America. They would never give philadelphia a Super Bowl.

    1. Well, it’s between Philadelphia and Cleveland, but since Philly is a larger city, then ok, you win.


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