World-Class Chirper Claude Giroux Says “Fuck You, Raf!” on Live TV

Claude Giroux has always been great around a mic. From his time on 24/7 to calling James van Riemsdyk a fucking pigeon. Add another one to the pantheon, messing around with Michael Raffl.


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  1. Maybe “Gee” needs to STFU and play hockey. His 13 goals ranks him SEVENTIETH in the league, behind players such as Patrick Sharp, JVR, Jeff Carter, Jaromir Jagr, Justin Williams, etc, etc.

    “Captain” indeed!


    1. What a dumb fucking comment. Dude sets up the winning goal on a great pass and you come on here and complain. Giroux ranks 11th in the league in assists and 21st overall in points. As long as he is creating goals, I don’t care if he is the one putting it in the net or not. Since his bad start to the year he has been one of the most productive players in the league.

      1. Until the Flyers have WON something (anything), their “captain”: should keep his nose to the grindstone and stop with the media sound bites.

        21st in points? How is that “elite”?


        1. So because he hasn’t won a cup, like so many other captains and players in the NHL, he can’t have fun with his own teammates? The comment clearly wasn’t intended to be a media sound bite. It was him joking with a line mate after a good win that got caught on tape. Despite his shitty start where he was clearly not over his offseason surgery, he’s got more points than both Sedins, Zetterberg and Bobby Ryan. Id bet you’d call those guys elite.

          1. You forgot to work in his decking of Crosby in your praise for the beloved G. That was what, only TWO years ago?

            That’s like last week in the Ed Snider/Stepford Fans living-in-the-past timeline!


      2. Clearly you havent been watching his playing over the last 20-25 games maybe even longer. Stick to other sports bc Giroux has been lighting it up for the Flyers. Id much rather have a guy like Giroux that can score goes AS WELL AS pass the puck to set up over a guy like ovechkin who can only score. The goal numbers are down but listen to every media guy here and national that says he got snubbed from the Olympic team bc hes playing so well. Ever heard of Raffl before this year? Yeah thats what Giroux does

    2. STFU troll (and I do not mean you Troll Hamels). Giroux has never been all about goals. As Troll Hamels pointed out G ranks 21st in overall pints in the NHL. Because he is an absolute beast at generating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Look at how well Raffl played on his line. And mind you, G is 21st in the league even after his abysmal start.

  2. Wow great news. Way to not post about Mason inking an extension. You truly are the TMZ of Philadelphia sports aren’t you?

    1. says the person that would bitch about a “copy/paste” article about Mason’s extension from CSN Philly, ESPN, NBC, FOX, CBS, etc.

  3. This one statement from G has the internet going bonkers. About as much as Chase “Mofo” Utley shouting World Fucking Champions. (Yup, if you have been under a rock, I’m sure it’s available on Youtube.)

    That being said, Coatesy’s reaction is one of utter shock.

    And as for the remarks about Mason? He was signed to a 3 year 12 mill extension deal…. what else can you say? Oh wait… you wanted every clause and stipulation, every last penny listed……. Sorry, but once it’s been reported by others including on the pregame show, it isn’t news.

  4. Man I would love to fight the entire team one on one. I cant stand this young, cocky, pretend tough guy team. Minus Cavs, Rinaldo, Mason & Schenn brothers, I’d love to fight everyone of them.

    1. McPuke, why don’t you advise Vick on a better stripper-selection process. Oh, and keep advising RG3 – it’s worked wonders this year!


      1. McPuke? Oh you mean the guy that helped bring Eagles football back to relevancy? Sorry he didnt win a Super Bowl. Guess what no othe rQB has either, including everyones favorite analyst, Jaws. Its amazing to me how we forget how good McNabb was for this team. Not to mention how good he was with limited talent excluding Westbrook and TO

        1. McNabb was highly overrated. From your gushing, it’s evident that you haven’t figured this out yet,

          One of the key attributes of a good QB is leadership – something McNabb knows nothing about. You seem to be unable to formulate an objective opinion, and are relying on hard personal stats only. OF COURSE he accumulated large numbers, because dumbass Reid throws the ball 80% of the time. And don’t give me Pro Bowls – he usually found his way there because the first 5 people selected turned it down.

          Now go back to your McNabb bobblehead shrine (or whatever you have at home).


          1. never said anything about stats or pro bowls. All i said was he helped bring Eagles football back to relevancy and if you cant see that you need to do some research. He wasnt the best but he was pretty good for a number of years

  5. Flyers have been lighting it up for 2 months now but still get relegated to 97.5 sister station for their games bc of the Sixers. Is this a contract thing or does 97.5 think people would rather listen to Phil from mt airy and another Sixers blowout over the Flyers? Oh and also they got put on TCN bc the Sixers were on CSN instead. TCN a station where i think some people still dont get it and if they do its in standard definition. A JOKE

    Someone at that 97.5 as well as WIP needs to not only realize that the NBA is beyond boring to listen to but also that the Eagles season has been over for over 2 weeks now. STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM. At least until draft time. This Flyers team has been on fire since their horrible start. We need to start getting behind this team as a city, bc what else do we have to look forward to until next Eagles season. Phillies maybe a playoff run but Sixers are gonna finish in the bottom 5.

    1. Whine, whine, whine. Waah! 97.5 is unfair! Waah! WIP is unfair! Waah! TCN is unfair!

      Hockey is sport #4 in this town (which is laughable, given the Sixers’ recent history!)

      Look out, the Union is gaining on you, Flyers!


      1. And yet your #4 team sells out every game. Take off the blinders. Sixers avg maybe half of what the Flyers bring in

      2. And your comments above prove that you dont even watch the team play. All you see is that they havent won since 75. Big deal. Guess what? The team who you prolly follow the most has NEVER won a Super Bowl and yet you pick out the Flyers drought

      3. C’mon, I love a good troll but get that noise out of here. The Flyers are the #2 team and it’s not close.

        If you’re going to debate that, make it quick because the d-bags and college kids are heading for the exits at CBP and it’s going to be at least 6 years before they finally get rid of and recover from Amaro. Phillies will be back down to 23k crowds every night by next year and without Harry Kalas they’ll be plumbing new depths of irrelevance. Don’t hate on J-Roll, he was right after all.

      4. dude – the flyers are way past the sixers in attendance and ratings. get a clue

    2. Ahhhh. Delco education at its finest. It’s pretty rudimentary. Look at the marketing partners for the NHL and MLB. Then look at the marketing partners for the NFL and the NBA. You should then come to the conclusion as to why those two sports are covered better than the others but hey I got a sick backstroke.

  6. He should have said that to Coates. He rivals Gregg Murphy as someone who constantly gets on your nerves.

  7. Oh, and by the way. The same commenters that wanted to run Wayne Simmonds out of town are the same ones that don’t recognize what a great QB McNabb is. Just saying.

    1. some made a parody account for me? Thats cool. And Im not black if thats what ur implying by the Simmons/McNabb connection

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  9. Tsssst. Fuck you raffle? What did he lose the drawin on sumpthin? Tsssst Just chippin ya.

  10. WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Claude walks the walk and he talks the talk baby! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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