Boston are Smarter Than Us

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY
Photo credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Boston, which can go fuck itself, has won seven titles in the last 10 years. Part of that is luck, part of that is because God hates you, and part of that is because, well, they’re smart and embraced advanced analytics – in all sports – early on.

From Bloomberg:

Beantown is Braintown when it comes to professional sports.

Fueled in part by what one team executive called the “intellectual horsepower” of the area’s universities, Boston’s professional sports teams more than any other city are the domain of statistical-analysis devotees armed with advanced degrees from schools like Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The city’s professional teams cooperate and drive each other to innovate, fueling their success on the field, said Lisa Masteralexis, department head of the sports management program at the Isenberg School at UMass Amherst, whose alumni include Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington.

“And that may be what’s unique about Boston, that relationship and that dynamic between the pro teams,” Masteralexis said. “There’s a lot about thought leadership in the group — who’s leading the process, where are we headed, let’s learn from each other, and let’s work together.”

Among those mapping the way are Jessica Gelman, vice president of customer marketing and strategy at the Robert Kraft-led Kraft Sports Group, which owns football’s New England Patriots and soccer’s Revolution. The Red Sox are owned by John Henry, formerly a hedge fund manager, while Celtics managing partner Wyc Grousbeck is a former general partner at Highland Capital Partners.

“The owners, especially the Krafts, are well-versed from all of their business backgrounds in the value of analytics,” said Gelman, who has a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard. “While Boston doesn’t have the same technology as you have in Silicon Valley, there are so many startups that have a focus on sports analytics because of the intellectual horsepower here.”

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia [WHO SAID IT?]:

“We’re going to make some changes. I think we’re doing some stuff analytically to change the way we do some evaluations. Look, we are going to continue to be a scouting organization.”


“We haven’t won a championship, but we’ve been in the Stanley Cup Finals a lot of times and the playoffs a lot of times and the culture is to win. 30 teams are trying to win the Cup. And we’re doing our damndest to do it. That’s our culture. THAT’S OUR CULTURE!”

The Flyers are a lost cause. But to be fair, the Phillies did hire their analytics internwho perhaps instructed them to make a grab for gurney groper Chad Gaudin – full-time, so there’s at least one person in the front office who might have an idea what the fuck they’re doing. Chip Kelly and the Eagles are all sorts of progressive. And Sam Hinkie is essentially the Billy Beane of basketball. So now… we just wait for the titles?

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19 Responses

  1. Kyle – weren’t you the one who years ago constantly bashed sabrmetrics and “sabr nerds”? Now it’s progressive?

  2. A reference to the Snider famiy’s longtime endowment of an entreprenuerial center at Wharton is noticably missing from this analysis.

  3. Well it seems Kyle’s actually copied and pasted a valid article. There is a very good reason for our lack of championships- it’s not a curse, it’s not bad luck, it’s not the weight of the pressure from fans or media. It’s plain old stupid ass bad management. The Phils and Flyers are both just old boys clubs, bringing back former players from their not-so-glorious years. Things won’t change until things change. And we have to sit here and watch those lucky pricks count their rings. Makes me fuckin’ sick.

    1. Fran, once again, stay off this blog and spend your time finding a way for Temple to actually win a b-ball game. They suck!


  4. The Flyers are lucky that the Bruins, who were all powerful from 1970 to 1972, were decimated with the creation of the WHA in 1972. The defectors saw Sanderson, Stanfield, McKenzie and “Mr. Money Goalie” Gerry Cheevers, all leave. They Bruins would have beaten the Flyers in 1974 and in less than six games. Also supportive is that without the WHA, Bernie Parent would not have been in the nets and still playing for Toronto after Snider shipped him out of town in 1971. Ed got a big mulligan on that one.

    1. Give it up man. You use this comment like once a week on different posts. I wasn’t alive when they won so I could give 2 shits what happened to another teams roster.

      F Snider anyway. Just tired of seeing this same comment.

  5. yep, a bunch of eggheads cracking codes on a bathroom mirror with erase markers is why boston had 10 parades recently. guess the endless list of hall of famers who rolled through there had little to nothing to do with it.

    1. You just don’t get it “Informed”. Like your namesake the teams in Boston made sure they were as well “Informed” on what players strengths would help their team the most as possible by utilizing every means possible. It’s not as if they don’t scout like other teams. They just don’t rely solely on the eyes of the scouts. Why not use all of the information available to stay “informed”? Why not use every means possible to be more “informed” than other teams?

      It’s not new and cutting edge that smarter people tend to make better decisions than lifetime Jocks do.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says watch that rams super bowl and you see that they knew what they were doing and held them to no points till the fourth quarter totally fixed and cheated. Cheatacheck sucks, nba is a joke and the Bruins are pathetic as least Boston still own victorino.

    1. Bruins are pathetic? They’re 5 or 6 points behind the Penguins for the top spot in the East, in the top 5 in goals a game and goals allowed. What the fuck are you watching?

      And that Victorino guy…yeah, he’s working out pretty well for the Red Sox. I’ve never seen someone so butt hurt.

  7. Kyle- thank you for pointing this out and I hope Philly reads this. The Flyers are a scam. Snider sold the 76ers 2 years ago and they brought in the best in sports. Undeniably have the brightest future…..

    Meanwhile the Phillies are a lost cause…. Really now praying they tear it down and the Eagles still have a GM who got his job by writing letters to every team for a job in sports for a start.

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