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Bob Nightengale of USA Today wrote a piece about Mike Trout’s new, strange one-year, $1 million contract.* The deal will keep Trout happy until a longer one can be finalized… preventing him from playing for his hometown Yankees anytime soon:

Really, this six-year deal that should be finalized and announced in the next five weeks, is perfect.

It provides Trout with lifetime security. It gives him a minimum $23.3 million annual average salary. And it still permits him to hit the free-agent market at the age of 29 and make a real killing.

For the Angels, they gain cost certainty. They lock up Trout’s services for an extra three years. And they don’t have to watch him play for his hometown New York Yankees until 2021.

As you may recall, Millville, Trout’s hometown, is in South Jersey, and Trout is still a Phillies and Eagles fan… which makes his inevitable extension with the Angels quite painful. Come home, Mike! Come home!