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Forget about the fact that you’re wearing the jersey of a player who was traded almost three years ago. Never, under no circumstances, is it acceptable to put a player’s nickname on a custom jersey. Maybe Chooch. Maybe. But that’s it. If you’re going to customize a jersey, get either your own name (fine), something radically offensive to your rival, a movie character’s name (Mighty Ducks Conway is acceptable and encouraged), or pay homage to a retired player who’s no longer available. But no nicknames. Never.

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Meanwhile, an update on the Dane Sardinha jersey from Opening Day. Reader Andrew was the man in the photo and he checks in with a response:

So, it’s me.  I feel like I need to explain my purchasing decisions from that fateful day at the Phillies Christmas sale when I ended up with this thing, because I also came away with the basis for what I believe to be the greatest Phillies fan jersey of the last few years, I picked up a blank game issued away jersey to turn into a Roy Halladay perfect game jersey.  The Sardinha is the beater, don’t care if I spill food/beverage onto it.

Please let me set the record straight.

Interesting take here– the ol’ beater jersey. I have one. It’s my Mike Richards 2010 sweater. If I were 10, I’d wear it outside to play street hockey. Or if I was 20, I’d wear it to play beer pong and do keg stands at a PSU party when the Flyers were playing the Penguins. And at 30, I wear it to mow the lawn on a cool day. My Giroux Winter Classic sweater is the gamer, worn only when there will be no mustard packets or rogue velcro swabs within a 10-foot radius of belly button.

Also: I’m assuming everyone under the age of 35 owns a CCM 88 Eric Lindros beater, yes?


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And their next ones: Divorced_In, 20_16. Fate sealed with those sweaters.