Adam Joseph Nearly Killed a Small Child on Live TV Yesterday

6 ABC sent Adam Joseph to some park in Pottstown yesterday to ride BMX bikes with small children. Great idea! What could go wrong, right?

It’s unclear whether that crying in the video is from the kid who fell or someone in the background at reader Ryan’s house– who sent us the video.

Thankfully, the child survived and still has all of his limbs!

Voila_Capture 2014-05-09_09-35-25_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-09_09-35-37_AM

And poor Adam– he always finds himself in these unfortunate situations through little or no fault of his own.

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16 Responses

    1. heard jillian mele was seen quickly exiting the area after having placed a stick at the foot of the ramp. never “steal” weather photos, adam!

  1. The Eagles went outside the box and selected Smith from Louisville with the No. 26 overall pick. The Eagles have clear-cut needs at wide receiver, so this is a bit surprising. Smith can rush the passer, which is a skill the Eagles covet. Was he worth a first-round pick? That will be worth watching this season

    1. Then remember Gardner had the shrively testicles to say, “A few minutes ago some of you thought you heard ‘moron’. What Cecily actually said was is his ‘mic on’.”

      Yea sure Jimbo, that’s zactly what we heard.

      1. Hey man. We all joke here and play around.

        But don’t you ever fucking talk bad about Jim Gardner again.

        Not in this town. No way.

  2. Whoa – is Adam now a bottle brunette? Horrible dye job Adam. Is that Just for Men?

    1. Nothing sadder than an old queen trying dearly to hang on to their youthful looks.

  3. Adam didn’t do that to the kid. The kid crashed on his own. If your rear wheel gets clipped on a bike, it won’t make you fall. If you clip your front wheel, you will probably crash.

    The kid is obviously a shitty bike rider. Adam is lucky he didn’t crash. Wouldn’t want to mess up that million dollar smile.

  4. JOSEPHINE was dating MisseyMikey but broke up because they were both catchers. Mikes lisp was stronger and that was also a concern. Josephine loves baby raping in her spare time and gets wood while driving by Chuck e cheeses. Cecily is more of a man than he will ever be. Both boys have not seen a closet they didnt love ! Jim O’Brien

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