P.K. Subban Scores Overtime Winner Against Bruins, Gets Called N-word and Hit With Trash


A friendly reminder that Condom-tossingglass-throwingglass-jumpingmascot-tackling Bruins fans may be the worst in hockey.

P.K. Subban scored to beat the Bruins in double-OT last night (told you this would be a series) and, afterward, was predictably subjected to terrible Bostonian hockey fans who, for generations, have believed that being white-Irish-Catholic makes for a superior being (I’m speculating).

Subban was, of course, called the N-word on Twitter, and hit with trash as Bruins fans littered the ice with the empty receptacles that had been used to intoxicate away their existence if for just a night:

You can see some of it here immediately after the goal:

You stay classy, Bruins fans.

Side note: Subban’s brother, Malcolm, is a Bruins prospect.


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    1. Thankyou lazy reporter for keeping phillys stereotypical image going…while Ill agree we have obsessive sports fans and some take it too far …we are mostly hard core hard working fans that love our teams …don’t group us with the few that are outta control and can’t handle their alcohol….

      1. Are there any other topics you would like to see censored on the news? Please let us know so that we won’t melt your snowflake heart.

  1. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I will fight every person that makes fun of Black People. I wish I was black so I can have a real reason to be angry.

  2. Safe to say some dipshit fans of any team, from any city, in any sport would say the same thing. Because dipshits are dipshits the world over.

    1. agreed that there are jerkoff fans in any fan base and we certainly have our share. however, from my own experiences, i can tell you that there is not fan more annoying than a boston sports fan. i spent quite a lot of time in that city and while i loved the city, i detested their fan base. they are the most arrogant assholes you will ever come across. yes, they have quite a bit of championships in the last decade, but they truly think their shit doesnt stink. i find them to be way more annoying than NY fans.

  3. Why does racism make such big headlines? It has been around since the beginning of time and will stay around until the end of time! EVERYONE is racist! It’s just that some take it to the extreme while others sit there with appeasement just to be politically correct! Racism will never die so just learn to deal with it and stop acting so surprised every time you hear about it!

      1. You’re a fuckin’ fool if you think anyone believes you! Just face it, you’re born a racist whether you like it or not. I guess you think our fine President is not also!
        Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! I graduated high school, have an excellent job, own my home and two cars. I am educated and not dumb. But you sure the fuck are one stupid motherfuckin asshole! Fuck You! And Go Away can go fuck theirself!

        1. Educated, and yet unable to form a correctly formatted sentence with proper punctuation. That’s how we know that you live with your fat mama in a trailer! Keep dreaming though, Jeb!

        2. bro, stop trying so hard to get other people to see things the way you do. Not every one is fortunate enough to experience a college education, so trolling the interwebs for things that anger them rather than excites them is apparently their go-to entertainment, and ruining the movie theatres…

    1. And this one’s his own grandpa, obviously. Welcome to the Deep South, where every day is a good one to f*** a horse and a cousin at the same time.

  4. As a Canadiens fan I have had to listen to Bruins fans be racist for years. Its disgusting and these are the same people who say “Boston Strong” and cheer for David Ortiz when he hits a huge homerun against the Yankees. I cant wait to see how they welcome Malcum Subban (PK’s brother) who is playing goalie in their minor league system. Bruins fans are bar far the worst in hockey if not all sports.

  5. Too bad this didn’t happen in Philly..we could run it on an endless loop all day.

  6. I fucking guarantee that if Simmonds didn’t play for the flyers philly fans would be calling him
    An ape or monkey

    1. you forgot emery….also, previous players like brashear, sandy mccarthy, and can’t forget vilgrain….
      but hey welcome to the haters ball……now hate! hate! hate! hate!

      your name’s stupid too

  7. It’s a known fact that white-Irish-Catholics are the biggest drunks & racists.

    1. Wtf is wrong with you? Trying to defend racism with a racist comment… are you retarded?

    2. And tell me please how many do you know exactly? You people talk about racism but then not a fucking thing is said about this cunt talking shit about irish Catholics. This is the problem with most people today, god forbid that a couple idiots say something about a black guy but its ok to trash a whole sect ( for lack of a better word )

  8. SMH @ Kyle, only a dumb pollack could write an anti racism blog post while making a racist assumption about white irish catholics. See what i did there?

  9. Being Irish and Catholic puts you towards the bottom of the food chain…… way below Christian white people.

    1. Finally, someone who realizes that Catholics are not necessarily Christians!

      1. Or you could read some history books and realize that Catholic IS Christianity!!!! Sigh…. and this is why America scores so low on global education indices. FYI: “Indices” is the plural form of index; I know words can be tricky for the inbred.

        1. Listen to the fag alter boy who took it up the ass too many times by Father Putitinya. No wonder he knows so much about religion. He also likes to talk down to everyone from his high horse.

        2. You probably believe msnbc also. History books say they are christian, but they aren’t. Catholics are a lesser people, like the Irish.

        3. Ha! RedandWhite, you are being spanked from all sides on this thread. Just give up and realize that non-Catholics see the Catholic church for what it is – a haven for pedophelia and money-making flim flams.

  10. White Irish Catholics are dirty dirty people. Thank you Kyle for posting this about those dirty Irish racist Catholics.

    1. Ha! Look who’s calling other people dirty with a name like Steinberg!
      Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      1. Jim Crow, you f*** your sister with that mouth? Why don’t you get a job so you can move out of your trailer park and buy some education? Ironic that a piece of white trash like you calls others dirty, isn’t it? You are the reason why the world hates America.

          1. Yuppie? LMAO. Don’t you need money to be one of those??? I’m just not an inbred loser like you. Nice replies BTW. I can tell your grade 1 education is really paying off! Now go french your mama like a good southern boy and take your racist white @ss back to Westboro Baptist with the rest of the KKK.

        1. i think you should of said “do you eat your sister’s ass or pussy with that mouth” because you don’t fuck with a mouth…..unless it’s your mother who loves to be face fucked. that dirty bitch

      2. You right, Mr Steinberg I assume is a decent educated person ,while you on the other hand I will take a wild stab and suggest are an uneducated ,dumb ,ignorant American
        whose country ranks 35th in world education(your upholding the standings)really and truly you don’t count crawl back into your cesspool and only slither out for relieving yourself but I imagine where you do it really doesn’t matter as you probably s–t where you eat….

  11. Spot on with the “white-Irish-Catholic makes for a superior being” thing. Total Masshole arrogance exemplified.

      1. These started funny but lately have become an ancillary argument in the KC debate. These posts should certainly be removed if KC’s were.

  12. Thanks, Kyle, for writing a post deriding racists while injecting your own racist views at the same time. Just because I’m a white Irish Catholic drunk, doesn’t mean we all are.

    1. You left out the part about being a corrupt union boss/politician.

  13. Kyle, so you’re equating throwing shit on the ice with the fact that an African American player scored the game winning goal?
    Isn’t it a fair assumption that they would have thrown shit regardless of who scored because they’re drunk assholes from Boston?
    I realize there were racist tweets but that’s a separate issue than drunks throwing stuff after an overtime loss.

          1. Do you Americans realize there are only 5 American players on the Boston Bruins, 14 Canadians, the balance being European…
            The Canadian players all over the league laugh as they realize that most Americans have no clue that 80% of the players in the NHL are Canadian..
            They stand at attention for your anthem but after speaking with them they have the Canadian anthem in their hearts..
            The uniform is just for the money ,but you cant take Canada out of the Canadians. So keep on thinking that your players are American..just wishful thinking…

  14. So we hate the Philly stereotype and decry it as lazy journalism every time a bad action is generalized to the entire fan base… and then you post this and say “stay classy, Bruins fans?”

    (Side note: stop using the word classy. It’s played out, stupid and unquantifiable. It’s a bullshit term used only to make you feel superior to another group of people- sound familiar? It makes you the same as those that generalize Philly).

    You just lost the right to complain about anyone else shitting on Philly, Kyle. We should know better than anyone that these isolated incidents aren’t indicative of the Bruins fan base as a whole.

    1. You forgot the best part! Two days ago, Kyle was posting a video of a bunch of Flyers fans pummeling a few Rangers fans in the upper deck with a comment of “Playoffs, baby! Playoffs!”

      Forget whether or not they deserved it for running their mouths – have a little bit of consistency. “The national media is lazy.” “Here’s a video of a fight!” “Did you see what happened in Boston. If that happened here….”

  15. Hello, children! Why is Cartman sticking up for Bruins fans? Shouldn’t he be an Avalanche fan?

  16. To everyone calling white Irish Catholics drunken trash……..

    Fuck Off!

    That is all.

    1. You’re right. That’s not fair. There are other reasons why the Irish have contributed so little to human progress throughout history.

      1. You can thank the Irish for preserving ancient roman and greek history while it was being destroyed after the collapse of the empire. Look it up.

        1. I’ve seen that nonsense before – basically, the Irish saved some of the early church traditions and helped to transmit them past the barbarian ages in Northern Europe, but they had little to do with preserving overall Roman culture in most of Europe, and, more importantly, the things they preserved had no bearing on the later Renaissance rediscovery of deeper Roman and Greek heritage. So, the very best you could say would be that the Irish made decent scribes for the creation of greater men than they – you make good secretaries, but little else. Actually, given the typical lack of a decent backside on most of your girls, you don’t even really make good secretaries…

    2. Sean O’Shea,

      Thank you for providing actual proof of that theory!

        1. White Irish Catholics suck, especially ones named O’Shea.

          Shawnny, shouldn’t you be in school, striving to improve on your 57 IQ?

          1. Coming from the guy who doesn’t even understand the history of world religion enough to know that Protestantism was derived directly and indisputably from Catholicism, thus making Catholicism just as “Christian” as any Protestant faction. Enjoy Sundays at Westboro Baptist!

          2. No, Protestantism is to Catholicism what a Mercedes is to a Ford. It puts the emphasis actually on Christianity, and not on traditional Catholic mainstays like bingo, beef-and-beer raffles, old men in silly hats, and pedophelia.

            1. Ever heard of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation? Look it up, son. You just might learn something. Protestantism is an offshoot of Catholicism. You rednecks. Geesh.

          3. You are repeating yourself. I KNOW Protestantism is an offshoot of Catholicism. It’s an improved-upon version. You know, without the pedophelia.

          4. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Protestantism puts God at the center, and assumes that people can understand religious matters directly, without needing some old guy in Rome with a funny hat and stick to act as God’s go-between!

    1. Yeah, the five first-round draft picks the Flyers would need to compensate the Canadiens for a defenseman who plays sub-par defense are totally worth it.

  17. Now I know how mike miss feels when some1 calls him
    A wop or zip 🙁

  18. Boston fans love throwing trash. Did you see how they showered the ice when the Flyers won Game 7 of their 0-3 comeback in 2010?

    1. That same night they also beat the shit out of a Flyers fan who had to be taken away in an ambulance.

  19. Am I still Irish Catholic is I was excommunicated? I never got touched as an altar boy meaning I wasn’t good-looking enough and also I am not rich from suing the church. Double whammy.

  20. “Bostonian hockey fans who, for generations, have believed that being white-Irish-Catholic makes for a superior being (I’m speculating).”

    Speculation accurate, lived here for 4 years now.

    1. White Irish Catholics from Boston should stay out of Dallas, kno’ meen?

  21. Perhaps you ought to do some… you know, journalism…… and research who is tweeting what and where they are from. I have. Most tweets are from places other than the Boston area.

  22. These players all have their name on the Stanley Cup:

    Patrick Sharp
    Michal Handzus
    Daniel Carcillo
    Justin Williams
    Jeff Carter
    Mike Richards
    Simon Gagne
    Mark Recchi
    Dennis Seidenberg
    Ruslan Fedotenko
    Mark Eaton
    Rod Brind’Amour

    Good moves, Clarke and Holmgren! You continue to supply players to the Cup teams!

    1. Players like this are of no use to us. They do not fit with our culture, which has been carefully refined for over 40 years.

      1. Ilya Bryzgalov
        Paul Coffey
        Ray Emery
        Ruslan Fedotenko
        Peter Forsberg
        Simon Gagne
        Derian Hatcher
        Jaromir Jagr
        Mike Knuble
        Pavel Kubina
        Vincent Lecavalier
        Chris Pronger
        Maxime Talbot

        Don’t act like they don’t bring in championship experience. It goes both ways.
        Also, you forgot Ben Eager.

        1. Yeah, how did they all work out for the Flyers? Same number of cups won as without them!

  23. I am extremely proud of the fact that the Flyers have had ONE person in charge for the entire existence of the team. No other long-term organization can say that.

    I have personally selected the best of the best to assist me in molding this team, and putting it in the best chance to win every season. We are also one of the few teams that are owner-operators of their own arena, and together with the wonderful facilities at Xfinity Live, we offer the fans a total entertainment experience.

    Even now, we are hard at work building on the tremendous success of this past season, as we fine-tune things for another run at the Cup.

  24. mercie marck joanette qui vien de verdun quebec on vois quil a un partie prie pour le ch donner lui un chandaille du ch comme le 6 joeurs merde

    1. Le Bruins informative kick ass les Canadiens’ et avance à la phase finale (à nouveau), car comme nous le savons, équipes canadiennes peuvent jouer n’est plus au championnat hockey. Pourquoi, il suffit de regarder les Maple Leafs !

        1. Being Canadian we do use the white Irish Catholics Americans for shit cleaning..
          So don’t think your totally useless human beings… shit cleaning is a tradition that American Irish Catholics were,are and always be very adept at . Keep up the good work.


  25. The way I see it, no one in the national media will have the balls to bring the rage down on Bruins fans because that would mean raging on Boston, and that’s a no-no after the bombings. They’ve got permanent darling status in the media, so they can away with anything.

  26. I love the Boston bashing, especially from you sensitive french canadian maggots. You can only wish you were from the U.S. and Irish. But you’re not… you’re from canada Hahaha! And french BAHAHAHA!!! how humiliating! Your tears of jealousy please me

    1. yup sure wish we were Americans great track record….
      1 WW1 only came in 2.5 years after it began (chicken shit) Canada in from the start
      2 WW2 2 years after it began (chicken shit)
      3 Korea did not win
      4 Viet Nam got your ass kicked
      5 Somalia couple of guys in pick up trucks sent you packing
      6 Iraq, Afghanistan, etc need I say more
      7 when you didn’t have a war you had a civil war
      P.S. LOVE YOUR GUN LAWS how’s that working out for you?

    2. Hey John,

      Have there ever been bigger pussies in recorded history than the French?

      I heard that they planted trees along the Champs-Elysses in Paris to provide shade for the German troops during WW2.

      1. So so so so dumb and ignorant being able to speak Canadian French as anything to do with a European nation FRANCE Just more American stupidity ,is there no end, you make it too easy…..
        Oh also fluent in Spanish and Italian… Canadian education system American system
        ranking 35th worldwide…. very very very sad…..

  27. 1. WWI, U.S. won the war for the allies, Canada was too insignificant to be of any assistance. U.S. saves Europe
    2. WWII, still Canada was too insignificant to be of any help to Europe. Again U.S. enters the war and wins it. Saves Europe again.
    3. Korean War was an absolute win for the U.S. after being pushed to the southern tip of the peninsula, started at the battle of Pusan and pushed the communists back through South Korea and back over the 38th parallel. You’re welcome again. (no clue where you got your facts on that one, this shows your ignorance. I was stationed there for 3 years)
    4. Vietnam was a mess, but we never lost a battle (no thanks to the weak Canadians, and French)
    5. Somalia was a peace keeping mission, not a war (you’re dumb, that was 1 single unit)
    6.Iraq and Afghanistan, (I fought in, along side Canadian troops, they were very weak) once again never lost a battle. Won them both
    Wrong person to get into it with on this. you’re clearly uneducated and ignorant. Now you look as stupid as you feel.
    Oh and I have plenty of guns, the same ones I used in combat…so, yeah, what about the gun laws? Anymore jealous rants maggot?

    1. you poor delusional American dumbbell
      1 only in Hollywood did you win ww1
      2 Britain , Russia, Australia ,Canada, the whole commonwealth won ww2 (you were johnny come lately once again probably because Henry Ford was doing business with Hitler)
      3 Korea (china was kicking your ass)settle for a tie which I gave you
      4 my silly delusional American dummy Canada was not in the Viet Nam war (nice try)
      5 Somalia kicked your ass you ran like whipped little kittens…
      6 Iraq ,Afghanistan you won shit ….
      7 We miss the mass daily murders in Canada
      hand gun murders 2013
      Britain 66
      Australia 26
      new Zealand 12
      France 132
      Canada 526
      USA 12,850

      We sure are jealous you have a sorry failing society having lost the respect of every other country who are no longer worried about you (Russia, NKorea China etc)
      You live unfortunately in the past very very sad…

      1. Hey crazy person. You spelled your name wrong! Also, during WW II the weak pussy Canadians were given Juno Beach at Normandy because it had the least resistance. They figured they should be able to handle that, but they suffered a lot of casualties showing how lame they were. Just as bad as the pussy French!

        1. Hey Dummy,again I will ask you, how are your gun laws working out for your sick demented country?
          We have a new game here we bet on how many murders will take place in Chicago on a weekly basis ,wounded don’t count, We continue with your school shootings (I’m in second place) but I feel good about the next 2 weeks. We are introducing a new aspect which is which corner will they leave the flowers at,and who will be first to say”let the healing begin” (every one of your rampages are quite similar with the same outcome..
          sad sad country, delusional, just don’t realize it ….

          1. Ha! This canadian douchebag failed to address the person’s comment, which was that the canadian millitary were a bunch of pussies during D-Day, and paid the price for their ineptitude. Ha!

            That’s it douche, when you can’t dispute the facts, just drone on incessantly about unrelated stuff.

            Now, I want you to come to the US/canadian border, peer across, and wish.

        2. Getting very bored with you, will leave you with this…


          14 CANADIANS (of course) most Americans don’t realize it
          5 AMERICANS (sadly) needed some token representation
          BALANCE EUROPEANS (for sure) great skill

          USA ZINC MEDAL

          1. Oh good, you guys can play hockey. That more than makes up for your overall pussiness as a nation during the course of history, and the fact that you foisted Justin Bieber on the world.


          2. And again with the makeup of the Bruins lineup? You made that point yesterday. (Again with the incessant droning)

            If you have exhausted your limited supply of talking points, maybe you should just leave, and stop making all canadians look like foolish dopes.

          3. The only thing you’ve said here that makes any sense was

            Btw, isn’t “Cary” a girl’s name? I guess it doesn’t make any difference, since you are all pussies up there.

            1. My poor poor uneducated American fellow Cary is a girls name except news flash

              Cary Grant actor
              Carey Price Canadians goaltender
              Dr Cary Middlecoff American golfer etc etc

              oh by the way female Cary is spelled Carrie now I hope I’ve helped you ,don’t you feel just a little more intelligent learning new things as opposed to stating “you have misspelled your name” very very sad….

          4. Nice how you choose to address all the ancillary issues, but fail to acknowledge our main point, which is that canadians have proved over and over again throughout history to be pussies, (I guess emulating their french heritage).

            Very telling….

            1. Getting dumber and dumber, thinking Canada is French, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg
              Edmonton, Toronto, Halifax, all English Montreal 50/50 you are giving me much pleasure educating you.. please please learn something today it can only help you look less stupid…
              British Columbia all English
              Alberta all English
              Manitoba all English
              Ontario all English
              New Brunswick 85% English
              Novascotia all English
              Prince Edward Island all English
              Newfoundland all English
              Quebec 80% French except for Montreal 50/50

              Hope you’ve been enlightened (this makes you smarter than 90% of your country)

          5. Who gives a shit about the only game Canadians know how to play. Try some football pussy!

    2. No soldier ever calls a soldier they fight along side weak.


  28. Greetings from Colorado! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the info you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, fantastic blog!

  29. We went from Boston Bruins fans sucking to history lessons and Oliver Cromwell?????

    Kacie is a horse tooth twat and I want to bang Karen Rogers.

    Sean Brace sucks.

    There, order has been restored.

    You are welcome.

    1. Oooo yeah! Don’t forget Cecily Tynan and Eva Pilgrim! Throw in Denise Nakano too!

    2. Jon,

      Thank you. I was afraid I was going to have to tear this digital fish-wrap down.


  30. Hey Cary (girls name) I didn’t say Canada was in Vietnam dumby, I said no thanks to Canada. I already won this argument though anyway. So good-bye jealous Canadian maggot

    And to “U.S. military dad” I am a soldier and I DID say the Canadian soldiers were weak, cuz they are. I was in combat with them and they wete cowards. Sorry but I’m not gonna lie to make them feel better. Weak soldiers get good soldiers killed

    1. Unfortunately, once again what you won is delusional,only in your head notice I said in your head not your missing brain… Canada not in Vietnam what you were seeing (if you were there) was again pretend Canadians ,you know like make believe, imaginary play friends like when you were a little boy…
      All the American soldiers elsewhere were always in awe of the British and Canadian Australian New Zealand soldiers.. I’m sure based on your intelligence or lackthereof your little boyscout troop looked to you for laughs, silliness and fairy tales…. your just adorable….

    2. That’s why they were all sent to Juno Beach! Nobody wanted them watching their back because they would be running away!!!
      John, thank you for serving our country!

  31. Don’t bother listening to what Cary (girls name) says. He/she is just a talentless, insignificant, typical, yellow belly Canadian civilian. Let him spew his delusional unsubstantiated nonsense. I saw the joke known as the Canadian military in a combat zone with my own eyes. We know the truth. Its just his jealousy talking. Hahaha what a loser…

  32. you realize that until recently philadelphia area by percentage had the most irish in the states? and even now Boston only has .1 percent more so those drunk irish racist you’re talking about are pretty similar to the ones you would fin in mayfair, the northeast kensington second street grays ferry and parts of port richmond not even including the burbs like delco and south jersey

  33. Maybe another marathon bombing would put these racists in their places, lol. No wonder there are so many terrorists acts in the U.S., they are unliked and with good reasons.

    1. Wow, really? A Boston Marathon bombing joke? Really? Are you that much of a fucking asshole!? Show some respect. What if it were your people? Your country? Your family or friends? Don’t wish that on anyone. Regardless of what trash people may be, no one deserves that.

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