Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Heat.

I’m telling you, the Sixers have enough money to sign LeBron and whatever Robin he wants (likely Carmelo Anthony, who also opted out of his contract), and combine those guys with a rookie of the year point guard and two top 10 draft picks. They have a mega billionaire owner with deep ties to the entertainment industry, a first-of-its-kind multi-city, multi-sport partnership with Party Poker, and they call the fourth largest market in the country home. If LeBron wants to play in a big city without all the attention of New York or LA, team up with another All-Star, be surrounded by young talent, a coach who comes with Gregg Popovich’s blessing, and a billionaire owner capable of making LeBron the first billionaire athlete… well, the Sixers would be a good fit. I’ve yet to hear one decent argument why this wouldn’t make sense. He wants to win now? Pretty sure LeBron, Melo and four top 10 draft picks is a win-now, or at least win-in-a-year, situation.

Eliot Shorr-Parks, Charles Barkley, Mike Greenberg, some guy on LinkedIn and Vince Quinn of CBS Philly all share my thoughts (and desire for page views). Here’s Quinn, written this morning:

Philadelphia is an interesting option because the team is shapeless. With a lack of starting-caliber players and the salaries that pay them the Sixers are capable of anything and everything. In fact, their biggest financial concern last season was being below the salary floor. As a result, LeBron would have the potential to build his own team from scratch. The King would get what he wants.

You’d like to play with Carmelo Anthony? Done. Add Rajon Rondo to the mix in 2015? Why not? Heck, let’s make you another Harlem Shake video while we’re at it. Life’s a garden, dig it.

With LeBron in town, the Sixers would become a powerhouse overnight as a team tailored to his highness’ desires. There would be no concerns with Dwyane Wade and his aging knees or pressure from playing in the same town as Michael Jordan. Philadelphia would be a blank canvas to mold to his liking and—more importantly—it’s definitely not Cleveland.

Of course, LeBron could take more or less money to stay with the Heat to become more rich or give the team more flexibility to build a winner in a more desirable location than Philly, New York or Cleveland. Or, you know, this:





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  1. Pretty sure Chandler Parson has already said he’s signing back with Houston for a bigger deal.

  2. Get real. The Lakers aren’t gonna take Thad Young straight up for the #6 pick.
    The other side also has to agree to a deal unfortunately.

    1. Actually they would if we take Steve Nash’s contract on. They are looking to offer that pick as compensation to a team that can eat Nash’s salary. That’s pretty well known at this point. They’d take Thad off our hands for that pick under those circumstances. Guaranteed.

  3. Your father and I prepped together, went to war together, played golf together. We built this Club, he and I! Let’s face it. Some people simply do not belong. Let’s not…cave in too easy. What do you say, Ty?

  4. Please Lord let Hinkie be on a Speedboat with LeBron talking about his future as a Sixer like Biggie’s video for Hypnotize.

    1. Lakers’ have been actively shopping that pick. They’re trying to dump Nash’s contract and use that pick as leverage.

  5. Come on Kyle. Don’t get people’s hopes up now…We all know what is happening here. Anyone can see it.

    First Lebron opts out…

    Then Wade opts out…

    Then Bosh opts out…

    Then they all re-sign cheaper deals to free up cap space…

    …and the Heat sign Carmelo Anthony.

    Way too blatantly obvious.

  6. That Satullo guy gives up way too much for Kevin Love too…It would never take that much to get him.

    1. That package for Kevin Love could get you Wilt Chamberlain in his prime.
      And if the Sixers took back the Steve Nash contract, wouldn’t that defeat their whole purpose of clearing cap space?

        1. …BUT, if they want that 7th pick, it might be worth the hit for this year. It’s a decent hit, but they would also lose Thads salary and add a top 10 pick…depends on if they deem a player in that slot to be worth the $ really. That’s an expensive top 10 pick (around 9 mill I believe).

  7. Is this the part where Kyle lays the groundwork to say “Lookey everybody I called it!” no matter what happens?

  8. There is no way Carmelo Anthony will take such a substantial paycut,to sign with the Heat.

    We’re talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ million Carmelo would have to leave on the table.

    Melo wouldn’t hear the last of it from his beautiful wife LaLa Vasquez.

    1. 1 year deal for a shot at a ring? I’m not so sure…If he doesn’t, he gets a max contract somewhere for sure.

  9. NBA players don’t declare free agency in order to take LESS money. That ain’t happening.

    And does anyone really think Carmelo Anthony would be a good fit? He’s the ultimate coach killer. Just say no.

    Lebron to the Sixers could happen. (He just can’t keep the #6.)

    1. I want no parts of Melo here. I fully expect him to take a max deal from Chicago, Houston, or a middle of the pack 1 year deal for a chance at a title in Miami.

  10. Regardless if it’s Anthony or not, it’s common knowledge that the “big 3” in Miami all planned to opt out and re-sign for a few million less so they could go out and fill holes in their starting lineup…at least I THOUGHT it was common knowledge.

    Bron isn’t going anywhere. I’d be completely shocked if he left.

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