SIGHTING: Tony Bruno Has Dinner with WIP Exec

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Gossip King here with some more gossipity gossip for you.

A trusted tipster spotted Tony Bruno, his girlfriend Miss Robin, and WIP Operations Manager Andy Bloom dining at Del Frisco’s last night. Bruno, of course, left 97.5 last month amid contract negotiations in sort of a he-said, she-said resignation.

Today, Molly Eichel of the Daily News noted that Bruno next week will be on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco for a week-long fill-in role, but there’s little doubt that he would prefer to stay in Philly. Things aren’t looking so good on the 97.5 front… which leaves exactly one other sports talk radio station, and that’s the one Bloom manages. You can draw your own conclusions about what they may have been discussing last night. It sounds like it was a long dinner, though:

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That’s great, but doesn’t he know you’re supposed to tweet the receipt at Del Frisco’s?


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    1. I can’t believe there’s a business executive that actually thought it was a good idea to keep Sean Brace on the air & get rid of Tony Bruno.

      Blows my mind.

      Are there really people out there that like Sean Brace. I know most people say “the comments section is a very small sample,” but everyone I know (who isn’t a part of the comments section) thinks Sean Brace is worse than HIV.

      Makes no sense to me.

      1. Guys like Sean Brace and that idiot Phil from Mt Airy is the reason why 97.5 will always play second fiddle to 94wip.

        And it doesn’t help that wip constantly kicks the living shit out of 97.5 in the ratings department.

        It will be very interesting listening to Marks & Brace try to ignore the Tony Bruno story,since they always reference an article they’ve read on crossing broad.

        1. Me too,and with that being,it’s time for WIP to pull the plug on Ike Reese and Mr giggles Hollis Thomas.

          If I hear Hollis laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason like some weeded up high school kid,my head is going to explode.

          1. So it’s not a coincidence that they are african americans. I think you have a bias sir.

          2. Yes ive been saying that about hollis for years he doesn’t bring anything to the show besides the fact that he used to play

      2. Any station that employes Brace and Phil fom Mt. Airy deserves the worst ratings possible

    2. In the back pages where they advertise Asian massage parlors and hookers?

  1. That would be a great hire by wip.
    Can see the stations fighting over the regular whack pack callers if Bruno goes to wip

  2. Please replace Bruno with Barkcann. It was so nice when Barckcann was on vacation & I didn’t have to hear his irritating voice

  3. Just give Bruno(Who actually grew up in South Philly) that fake South Philly tough guy’s job.

    And that guy is none other than Anthony Gargano himself,who has become more annoying than Howard Eskin,and that’s saying something.

    And BTW,the Harry Mayes & Nick Kayal show is a train wreck.

    1. I would be so happy if he went head to head with Miss. I hate Gargano, I loved Rob Ellis but now he’s turned into goomba’s yes man

  4. Hopefully Bruno takes over the time slot currently occupied by Barkann and Reese. Does anyone else think that Ike Reese sounds like the bad guy from the Inspector Gadget cartoon with the metal hand?!

  5. Let me do your job for you, Bruno is joining 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. Go ahead and copy and paste this to make life even easier. You really need to step it up, pretty pathetic.

  6. Ex Mrs Bruno just wants to make sure the alimony checks find the way to Lower Gywnyed.

  7. This would be a perfect hire for WIP. They don’t go after the creepy old out of touch demographic hard enough. Maybe he can bring sound effects too, they are so damn fresh.

  8. If I said it once, I said it a million times…with only two stations in the market, they can get away with putting trash on the air because there is no competition and no where else for listeners to go. So that is why they can get away with having Brace, Barkann, Reese, Gargano, etc. on the air. The station that is finally willing to realize this and make changes has the chance to take the other station down.

  9. 97.5 has been AWFUL lately. I’m not Mikey Miss fan but without him too (I guess on vacation or whatever) its only WORSE.

    This would be a major power move by WIP. I never listen to that station but I’d tune in for Bruno.

    97.5 has real Joe Schmos on-air, it’s really pathetic. A “Logo” that loves Alabama Football without any real ties? A prior call-in celebrity from Mt Airy that has his own show? GET REAL. It’s like PUBLIC ACCESS TV over there.

    I actually hate Jon Marks more and more everyday. That dude must have such a massive head and perfume smelling shit. I prefer BRACE (!!!) to him at this point.

      1. Thats awful!!

        Even worse is how he takes Levi from Overbrooks calls and even whores his twitter now

    1. I read somewhere that Bruno’s non-compete was 90-days. That doesn’t mean he can’t talk to other stations during that time though.

  10. I would think that Bruno would be subject to a noncompete agreement covering the Philadelphia market. I think that Missanelli does a great job and he has had some great stuff lately – Barkley, Dykstra and the Amaro interview.

    1. And the Matt Lombardo Joe Staszak 7 to 11 show.

      Thank goodness they replaced Nick Kayal at night,he’s brutal and is the biggest Alabama frontrunning fan in town.

      They way Lombardo and Staszak go at each other over the DeSean Jackson situation is classic.

  11. That fat dego Gargano is on par with Howard Eskin as far as pieces of shit in the Philly media go.

    Josh Innes is an overconfident, fat greaseball with no credible opinion on Philadelphia sports.

    Macnow is an old fart who loves to hear himself talk about himself.

    Bruno would be an upgrade over all of the above and that’s not really saying much.

  12. Noticed 97.5 has changed their slogan twice in the past couple years.

    New One:

    Greater Media Philadelphia 97.5 The Fanatic “Public Access Television, But for the Radio”.

      1. Wait, wait, wait. Do you mean that you hat(e) Angry Al more than you hat(e) Jim Adair or that you hat(e) Angry Al more than Jim Adair hat(e)s Angry Al? I’m so confused Jonny! Let me tell you about my buddy who lost his hair though for the 5 millionth time…

  13. 97.5 has sucked this week with Missanelli on vacation. The station probably had to give him another week of vacation because they made him work last Thursday for 8 hours, God forbid.

  14. I can tolerate Marks and Brace briefly as a lead in to Missanelli, but with Mike on vacation, the station is unlistenable.

  15. Lombardo and Stayzak are the most boring combo I’ve ever heard. I try to listen on the way home and have to turn them off or else ill end up in a ditch from falling asleep behind the wheel

  16. He is not going to IP. A photo op at an overpriced IP sponsor. Also, Bloom’s predecessor, Pigby, fired Bruno for being lame 20 years ago. Lame when your teamed with Cataldi and Morganti is an unparalled insult. Yes, 20 years ago when Mr. Hockey had a mullet and Cataldi had not yet sold out and was still married to Wife #1

  17. Latest PST poll, 93% want Barkass gone. Bye Ike. hello Bruno.

  18. Why don’t people like Phil from Mt. Airy? He’s the only person I can listen to on the weekends. The “Hangover” (Jon and Sean morning show) is awful, and those other guys (no clue who they even are) suck too. To be honest, 97.5 is pretty rough aside from Mikey Miss but WIP is just horrible.

    I swear nobody on that station even knows about sports whatsoever.

    1. I agree! Phil is very knowledgeable and having had no prior radio experience, it’s amazing that he is actually one if the best, in my opinion.

  19. Its funny how yous are complaining about both stations but then name all the host their time slots, turn ons and shoe size. Get a life god dam. Brace (pie face #tbt) is the man get off his d*ck.

  20. Can everyone agree that Lombardo/Steszak is thee worst radio out of the two stations? If you don’t know who I’m talking about, I understand and wish I were you.

    1. Staszak is one of the best hosts that station has. Deserves a spot with Harry over Nick Kayal

        1. unlike most of the cavemen hosts, Staszak has a great vocabulary and does what radio hosts are supposed to do — paint a picture with words. his solo shows on the weekends are what drives that station IMO. he used to do Good Day Philadelphia so I know he likes getting up early, wouldnt mind him replacing Mike and Mike if they ever go to a local show

  21. Staszak sounds like a fucking NPR host doing overnights in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Yes, his vocabulary is extensive, but he spends 35 minutes reading all the words he found using SHIFT +F9 in a MS Word document. Typically his solo shows are 4 hours — the first 90 minutes are spent on the most exhausting monologue emitted through the FM airwaves. After he reads the numbers off for the 50th time and Murray from Mayfair calls in with his normal nondescript reading of the previous night’s boxscore, he goes to commercial after commercial. And how do you deduce his joy for the mornings just because he did a few TV segments 13 years ago on a fledgling station’s brand new AM programming? Dude, I think this is Staszak himself defending his own name.

  22. Re:staszak

    Never heard a host have so many open lines before. all day he repeats “for the first time we have open lines” I guess he’s not counting on people listening for more than 20 minutes.

  23. tony being gone has really exposed harry. i used to think he was good but he needs to go back to the irrelevant night shift. brace and marks on during the day is just laughable. maybe its time to give some management positions the axe. they just arent getting the job done. looking forward to a new music station to be coming to that frequency real soon.

  24. put him up against mikey miss. easy ratings boost for WIP.

    mikey miss sounds like he has beef jerky and various other assorted meats in his mouth when he talks. excruciating to listen to.

  25. State of Philly talk radio

    1. WIP Morning Team – Listenable. Somewhat entertaining but only during Football season and lead up to wing bowl. Angelo holds it down in mornings. Basically unlistenable with different energy when Angelo not there.

    2. Sean and Jon – Fanatic – just horrible. I could find two guys on the street who could do a better job. For a major market ESPN station it is unconscionable to let Bruno walk and replace him with this amateur hour garbage. I am sure they are nice guys but they should be selling LA Fitness memberships or used cars not hosting major market radio.

    3. Mike and Ike – WIP – Barkann is awful on the radio. He is a better traffic cop on TV. Go back to the booth Mike. He mostly sounds disinterested these days anyway. Ike is solid I know some people hate him but he could easily fill the Hollis/Keith Jones role on Morning show if decision is made to give Bruno or someone else the slot.

    4. Mikey Miss – Gold standard. Knowledgable. Has great guests. Funny. Entertaining and engaging with callers. Not afraid to take unpopular positions . Without him on air 97.5 is a wasteland.

    5. WIP Afternoons – what a mess. Should be called the Gargano Blabber Hour. The south Philly good guy schtick was cool 8-9 years now its old and bordering on parody level. Rob Ellis is solid but as vanilla as they get. Rob can barely can get a word in when “Ant” has one of his numerous writer buddies on.

    6. Josh Innes – WIP – last but not least. The level of hatred I have for this man is barely just barely surpassed by my hatred of the Cowboys. This POS carpet bagging bloviator has no business being on air during Eskin coveted spot. I hated Eskin but at least he had deep ties to the city and would have an interesting guest on. This Millenial hire is loud, obnoxious and has a Sean and Jon level understanding of the sports business. It won’t be soon enough when this phony is off to go host some RW afternoon talk show for Clear Channel or Glenn Beck Blaze Network.

    That said is there any reason in the world that someone of Bruno stature could not get a job in Philly with this dreck. Someone, anyone make it happen because this long time sports talk listener in a desirable demo is tuning out more and more as the quality degrades.

  26. The Fanatic Execs should reconsider and hire Tony Bruno back. From what Tony said, he was supposed to be more involved with the station and that never happened. His show was always fun to listen to and Harry Mayes was a good partner for Tony. Except for a few part time hosts I can’t even listen to WIP anymore. Cataldi is awful, especially the month leading up to wing bowl. Barkann is much better on tv and Reese should be relegated to Eagles pre-game talk. There is so much room for improvement on both sports talk stations. I do like the Fanatics connections with Brian Dawkins, Trotter, Baldinger, Jaws, Westbrook and now Barrett Brooks.

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