Sponsored: SugarHouse Casino Wants You to Sit Down for Lunch with Roy Halladay


Few athletes in recent memory have had the perception of them altered by their retirement more than Roy Halladay. He’s gone from stoic, hardworking, all-focus pitching machine to cool-dad goofball nearly overnight, thanks mainly to Twitter. All of us — seriously, every single person reading this — felt a tinge of happiness and a bigger tinge of jealously when Roy Halladay went to the zoo with Zoo with Roy. And it’s okay to feel that jealousy. It really is. It’s natural. But you can also do something about it.

This month’s sponsor SugarHouse Casino is offering you a chance to join Roy Halladay for lunch. All of that jealousy you feel towards ZWR can now be felt towards you by all of the people you will immediately feel cooler than. Just think of how much you guys can talk about: Baseball, airplanes, Twitter burns, Twitter sweet nothings, literally anything else. Roy Halladay is a true national treasure, and you can enter for a chance to eat lunch with this one-of-a-kind man over here. It’s FREE to enter and you can do so every day and you will because it would be so awesome. The drawing is on September 22 for the event on the 28th.

And if that sounds nice but you’re thinking to yourself, “I’d rather just have some money,” you are in luck because SugarHouse is also giving away money. Yeah, it’s a casino, but you can also enter their $50,000 Fantasy Football Challenge, which will award weekly winners a share of $50,000 in cash prizes. Starting on August 31st, you can pick up to eight teams per week (consisting of a QB, two RBs, two WRs, a TE, a defense, and a kicker) and each week will award $2,500 in cash prizes with the season overall winner taking home some tickets and other prizes. Information on that is available over here.

Thanks to SugarHouse Casino for sponsoring your favorite blog this week.

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