Dom Brown’s Ex Called Him out for Being a No Good Cheater on Facebook
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Yesterday, a Twitter account that some thought belonged to ESPN writer Jerry Crasnick reported that Dom Brown had been traded to the Indians. Some people believed it, but Crasnick cleared it up:

That didn’t stop Dom Brown from trying to be a little smart about it on Instagram, posting that image and caption above, just as the rumors were spreading. When people in the comments got on him about being traded, Brown responded in a (now deleted) comment that it was in reference to a break up with his girl. Ah, we get it. Like you’re moving on from her, not the team. Good, solid troll Dom. Or at least it would be, if your ex-girlfriend (and mother of your child) didn’t see any of it and feel the need to respond. That ex, Stephanie Gayle, decided to start a more private instagram for the future, but she’s still got a public one, which features this gem as the most recent image:

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Damn. But at least that’s the end of it, right? Nope:

via reader Dan
via reader Dan

That answers this question. Well, Dom, much like every season you’ve played here, that didn’t go as planned, did it?

Related: CB reader recounts her experience with Dom:

A dedicated CB reader and known jersey chaser contacted me and said: “There was no mention of [his pregnant girlfriend] three weeks ago when myself and my friend went to his apartment after hours to hang out.”

And the paternity leave feels a lot less special now.

h/t reader Dan


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  1. R.I.P. Crossing Broad

    Please keep posting in-depth analysis every time someone posts something on social media. It’s really interesting and relevant.

    1. Please make an even more irrelevant comment about said post..

      Dom Brown should be in the minors. I’ve hated him since he showed up at the Linc with a cowboys jersey on.

  2. This girl is a moron for thinking a pro athlete would be loyal to her. Mistake #1. Mistake #2 is picking a bum like Dom Brown as the athlete she tries to latch onto.

    Shut. It. Down.

  3. What did this dumb bitch expect? This jock chaser was just another hoe in his rotation and she was dumb enough to think she was “the one”.

  4. Shocker: Cowboys fan that grew up in Florida (scratches head)? Who now plays for Phillies is actually a total fucking douche bag.

    1. Excuse me mother fucker, you said the same shit about me…. but…. you’re always on this blog posting about how you’d eat some bitch out three finger style or how you got your dick sucked at Xfin. You hate the player or the game? Make up your mind!
      I ever see you! I’m shoving a pineapple up your ass spikes first.

  5. Gotta feel bad for the ex when a baby is involved. Its fucked up because I’ve personally seen Dom and his creeper buddy John Mayberry (good riddance) focusing more on the hot chicks in the stands on a Miami road trip than on their games…which is why they both suck. They used to pick up girls at the games and would “hang out” with them every road trip. Guarantee its like that in every city.

  6. This girl can’t be too bright. If she wanted someone who wasn’t going to sleep with a lot of women, she shouldn’t have thought she could settle down with a pro athlete in his mid twenties.

  7. So she knew about all these hoe’s he brought into the house and was banging yet she hung around? Yeah Dom Brown is a dweesh, but this hoe is a fricken moron and a gold digger

  8. i in the first row in lf one time watching BP and the reds were warming up. so this little blonde makes her way down to the fence and starts yelling to arthur roads. “arthur! arthur! can you talk?” he turns and smirks and says, “not now” and kind of gestures to his teamates and that hes warming up. so this chick goes “ok, ill get ahold of you later” dont know if hes married or not, but no way it was his wife. looked to me like someone he fucked around with when he was in philly.

  9. You Punk! You gave me the impression that you were gonna be a superstar and make lots of money. I had a child with you to make sure I get mine. Now the truth comes out that you are a bum with no potential for the big bucks. I am leaving you and will attempt to hook up with LeSean McCoy cause he already got paid.

  10. Maybe she thought she could catch his love before someone caught his load. Unfortunately when you reach the show you’re just another fan to the man with an underlying hand. But she’s gonna get paid for that slip up! Ching Ching getting paid over here!!

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