The Full Video of Chip Kelly and Nick Foles Mic’d up Is Spectacular

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Assuming that most of you weren’t watching NFL Network last Wednesday night and that you’ve only seen the excerpts of Chip Kelly explaining how culture wins football and Nick Foles calling Darren Sproles a special dude, here’s the full five-minute video of Chip and Nick mic’d up last Sunday night. It features:

– more bro Mark Sanchez (“Nice toss, big fella. He made you look SWEET right there!”)

– Chip declaring that he needs the shutout (love this)

– Chip explaining the Eagles’ three-man weave in warmups

– Chip upset when Foles can’t recognize zone coverage (and then throwing interception)

– David Molk loving life (“LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!”)

– Foles aw-shucks-ing a “What the hell?” when Sproles nearly had his leg snapped off

– Riley Cooper brown nosing

– and more!

I love this team so much. Watch the full thing here— it’s well worth five minutes if you haven’t seen it.


Get one.


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    1. Or…check this…a shirtzee with sproles’ number and it just says “Special Dude” across the shoulders! Ehh!! T-shirt gold right there. Kyle, you owe me royalties on that one.

  1. Couple cool things in here. First off, what’s with Eskin and the hot pink headphones at the end?

    I’m not a Foles fan, I think that we’d be better off with Sanchez in there, but Nick does have some moxie. I loved him going after the ref on the Sproles hit. His teammates like him and you can tell why they do.

      1. Hey, just tired of Foles giving the ball away so often on braindead throwing decisions. Sanchez looked crisp and efficient in preseason and has pedigree. His failures in that last season in NY aren’t 100% his fault, he did have to play for Rex Ryan.

        1. i hope that you are trollin’ but something tells me you are being genuine in your preference of sanchez over foles. you do realize that sanchez’s crisp and efficiency during the preseason occurred while facing 2nd and 3rd stringers! sanchez was dismissed from NY and serves as a backup QB for a reason…..he sucks!

        2. So you’re tired of Foles’ turnovers and your solution is to bench him for a QB who has thrown 1 more career interception than touchdowns? Makes sense.

        3. I’m not sure what to jump on first. Andrew Luck has the same amount of INTs has Foles, does he suck? Should Indy trade for Butt Fumble?

          Sanchez looked crisp in the preseason – against practice squad guys, sure.

          MARK SANCHEZ HAS A PEDIGREE? Well he does have a pedigree of sucking ass so I guess that’s something.

          My previous statement still stands, please stop watching football.

  2. Tell us again, Kyle, how Steve Mason is a “top five elite NHL goaltender.” And stop deleting posts that challenge that asinine statement you made two weeks ago.

    1. And how the Flyers “culture” needs to go away yet they’re last in the NHL in PIM.

      This site should really just stay away from covering hockey…

    2. In all fairness to Steve Mason, he does have probably the worst defense in the NHL in front of him.

      1. “An elite top 5 NHL goalie” would not be ranked 52nd in Save Percentage in a 30 team league no matter how bad the D is.

        Maybe the D looks bad because the goalie is bad.

        Maybe Steve Mason is a guy who has been awful for a majority of his career and he is now playing behind a poor D so they make each other look bad.

        1. I think Mason is at best an above-average goaltender. He can get really hot and look really good sometimes, but so does every other goalie. That being sad, I think he bails his defense out more often than he should have to…

    3. I’ve deleted one comment in about the last month. It’s probably not getting posted because it either includes a link or extreme vulgarity.

  3. 1. How about a counter in the lower corner to tally how many of those crappy Culture shirts you’ve sold ?
    2. Fire Jim or at least have a 4th grade English teacher review his work prior to submitting
    3. Maybe 2x a year, try some original content or perhaps additional thought/insight regarding your cut/paste jobs.
    4. Choose a focus group
    Of regular commenters to review any proposed Tshirts before you decide to go live. They can save you the donations to far away African villages

    This blog is free. Guess that’s what we get in return, aside from having dimwitted Tshirts nobody buys shoved under our nose weekly.

  4. These seems like the perfect opportunity to try out my new Talk-to-Text-to-T-shirt technology.

  5. Just make a t-shirt that says “Crossing Broad T-Shirts Blow”. It’ll probably be your best seller.

  6. I know the clip was also in the shortened version from last week – but am I the only one who cringes when Chip jumps on an unexpecting Jason Peters’ back? … I could only imagine that press conference, after his 3rd Achilles tear via his own coach.

  7. Sanchez = A.C. Slater from “Saved by the Bell”

    “A.C. Sanchez” is in the house, bro.

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