Lisa Ann Puts Michael Del Zotto ON BLAST, Again, This Time on Video

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Del Zotto scored last night, oh and he also made a goal for the Flyers in their 4-1 win against the Panthers. His (ex-?)friend Lisa Ann tweeted about it, around the same time that she was on the FNTSY Sports Network putting him ON BLAST* yet again, this time describing his tactics in all their detailic glory:

“The thing with Del Zotto that’s been fascinating is, since I’ve tweeted this story, HUNDREDS OF GIRLS HAVE COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK telling he does the same thing to them. There’s a girl I’m going to meet tomorrow, who runs a modeling agency here in Toronto, and she said he used to just blindly call the modeling agency asking for girls. Like, you can’t do that buddy. That’s creepy.”

“Because what he does is between 2 and 5 in the morning, he texts about every 15 minutes. My phone’s always off, but when you wake up and you scroll through them, it’s so annoying. And so I called him one morning, and was like, listen, this has to stop or, that’s it, I’m just warning you, I’m going to blast you, because you need some career counseling, and the only way to do it is public shaming. And I public shamed him once in front of the Rangers, a year ago, and that just wasn’t enough.”

Lisa Ann is doing some brilliant – hell, even eloquent – publicity work for herself here. The reason she says she likes dating athletes – because they’re famous and won’t talk out of school – is perhaps the exact same reason why athletes shouldn’t date porn stars: because when they talk, people listen. When Domonic Brown’s baby mama shreds him on Twitter for being a liar and pathetic and not-so-alone in life, we barely notice. But when a porn star does it to a mediocre defenseman… well! It becomes a whole thing with Jean.

Voila_Capture 2014-11-07_09-27-10_AM

*I just feel like the phrase ON BLAST needs ALL CAPS. Don’t judge me, I’m basically a Valley girl.

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30 Responses

  1. I think you are the only one keeping this story going around here …honestly, I haven’t heard one word about it other than your site.

    1. Deadspin ran with it too, but then again, that’s where Kyle gets 90% of his content anyway.

  2. Lisa Ann always played the hottest Sarah Palin. Loved spanking it to her and unloading into my t shirts. But whatever….

  3. This b!tch take black d!cks up the @ss and loads on her face for money. Like I give a f-ck what she says or thinks.

  4. look at the smirk on simmonds face. he’s thinking the same thing, “Damn, Del Zotto’s not that hard to look at. he should be able to pull some tail on his own.”

  5. Del zotto clearly gets into the cheddar if he’s texting at 3 and 4 am. Kid would be at home with cartsy and Richie… Ryan Malone

  6. Have any of you actually looked at this slag’s twitter? Seems like all she does is use it to rave.
    Last night she was ranting about some guy she loaned $5,000 to and helped him get an apartment. At least with Del Zotto I’m sure the only money that changed hands went to her…

    Now she realized how much attention this has gotten her and she’s going to milk it some more.

  7. The first time she brought it up it was kind of amusing, but now she’s really milking it. STFU already.

  8. I like her. She seems like she’s just trying to help. Public shaming sounds about the way to go.

  9. This is probably the most attention she’s ever gotten from legitimate media. And by that I don’t mean whatever shitty little show this is.

    1. She has been on 97.5 the Fanatic multiple times w/ Bruno and Mayes. She’s also been on Preston and Steve on 93.3 dozens of times.

      She probably gets more attention in this area from those shows so I doubt that slop show in Toronto is the most attention she has ever received.

      Everyone knows Lisa Ann now, come on. She doesn’t need attention.

  10. If you take dicks in the ass for a living you should probably not be ‘blasting’ anyone…

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