Phillies Reportedly Take on Difficult Task of Trying to Trade Ryan Howard

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB offseason is upon us, and with it, the difficult task of attempting to make the Phillies into a ballclub with a clean slate or at least a chance to start putting the pieces in place. To do that, you need money and young players. The Phillies are a bit low on both of those things right now so, according to Buster Olney, the trade takes have begun.

Marlon Byrd is supposedly the most attractive trade target, according to Ken Rosenthal, while Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jimmy Rollins also likely to draw interest. But the Phillies’ biggest challenge will likely be moving Ryan Howard, something they are already trying to do, according to Olney. “The mantra on Howard appears to be: He is priced to move,” Olney says, while pointing out that he pretty much has to be, since the nearly 35-year-old Howard is “still owed $60 million, with $25 million salaries for each of the next two seasons, plus a $10 million buyout of a 2017 team option of $23 million.” The classic Ruben contract.

The Phils will undoubtedly face difficulty trying to move the Big Piece, since his owed money — like the Phillies — does not equate to his performance. Last year, Howard put in his first full season of work since 2011. And compared to 2011, when Howard was on the back-end of his prime and put in roughly the same number of at-bats as 2014, things have dipped. In 2014, he had:

  • 16 fewer runs
  • 12 fewer doubles
  • 10 fewer home runs
  • 21 fewer RBIs
  • 18 more strikeouts
  • an OPS  of .690, (not) good for .145 point dip

The Phillies are going to need to set a low price on Howard, or he won’t be going anywhere. There aren’t many clubs willing to pay $25 million for a .380 slugging percentage and 190 strikeouts. Ruben will also need to take into account the fact that other managers and GMs will start comparing Howard’s production to other DHs — where his numbers do not hold up against his salary or the salaries of others — and with that, Howard’s return value seems to be dropping by the minute.


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  1. They will need to eat his entire salary basically. And they aren’t getting more than a ball scrubber in return.

    I love the guy, but he’s been bad, really bad.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. If you have to eat the entire amount and get nothing in return, might as well just keep him, right? How are his split/platoon numbers?

      1. He has not been part of a platoon yet, but his splits vs RHP and LHP both stink anyway. Go to fangraphs, they have it all.

        I honestly wonder if the man is having eye issues because he can’t seem to see the ball as well as he used to.

  2. And what the headline should be –

    Phillies Reportedly Take on Impossible Task of Trying to Trade Ryan Howard

    1. Wrong, even if they get rid of him for nothing then a spot opens up for Ruf/Franco to play,

  3. Congrats suckers. You pay Comcast for their Sportsnet Channel and get the two Titanic’s of baseball and basketball to watch. Oh, you do not have to watch, but you are paying Comcast confiscatory rates for this garbage. Whoever agreed to this Howard contract should be fired.

    1. I pay for Comcast Sports Net for all their cutting edge eagles reports. Especially their new football show that they dumped Sportsnet Central for at 6pm. I especially look forward to seeing Reuben Frank on a nightly basis with his smugness and five chins.

  4. It doesnt really matter. We are years away from contending so it’s not like we need to free up money to get big free agents. Wake me up when 2020 rolls around.

  5. Readers of Crossing Broad……Ryan Howard for Alex Rodriguez is available!!!!!!!! Why not get a starting caliber 3rd baseman coming off of a years woorth of rest with something to prove?

  6. As hard as it will be, they will just have to choke down that salary and let the bum go to free up a spot for Ruf.

  7. Jim you write like a second grader. Can you at least reread what you type and realize it doesn’t even make sense?? Jesus.

    That last paragraph is brutal. Thinking maybe we should just eliminate your last paragraphs from all of your blog posts.

  8. We’re going to be lousy anyway. Give him another year. Doesn;t seem to make sense to pay him and let him go. Ruf can still start a lot of games.

  9. There’s no phucking way any team is dumb enough to pay one phucking cent for the piece of phucking monkey shit KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK machine..Not a phucking cent.
    Great job Rube you ass hat.

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