Video: Mark Sanchez Stopped by Pat’s and Geno’s after the Game

Somewhere, Geno Smith shakes his damn head.
Somewhere, Geno Smith shakes his damn head.

It took Mark Sanchez exactly seven quarters and two cheesesteaks to win over Philadelphia. Thanks to ESPN’s insistence on treating the meaty ‘wich as though it is some sort of history-altering food stuff every time they broadcast a game here, Jon Gruden, during his football lair conversation with Sanchez, sort of pressed the new Eagles quarterback into making a decision between Pat’s and Geno’s. But since Sanchez hadn’t been to either establishment, he quickly audibled and said that he would try both after the game. And that’s just what he did.

Sanchez, ever the statesman, stopped by both joints at an hour I don’t even know. He went to Geno’s, he went to Pat’s. Or he went to Pat’s and then to Geno’s. Doesn’t matter. It looks like he enjoyed the sandwiches from each, though I doubt either was good as those chicken tenders.

Oh, and the fan interviewed* at God-knows-whatever-hour was looking dapper in our Culture shirt:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-11_06-47-58_AM

Turns out, Culture Wins Fandom, too.

*Pretty sure that’s one of the guys from, fittingly, Cheesesteak Sports, to whom I now have to pay a commission.

Video and a couple more pics after the jump

via 6 ABC


UPDATE: And here’s Sanchez using that dude’s fork and stuffing it back in his cheese fries.

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25 Responses

    1. I have been saying it as well, but this site has legions of Foles apologists who will remind you about stuff that happened to Sanchez a long time ago on a different team.

  1. Its nice that dirty did not have any turnovers , had enough of turnover machine foles and his candy arm. Good luck bagging groceries next year nick !

  2. LOLs look at that douche actually sporting one of our Ts Kyle! What. An. Idiot.

    Next up, I was thinking a goofy Mexican mustache with “Did you use that fork?” Across the bottom! Maybe through in a “#dirty” on there somewhere. We’ll charge $50 for this piece of shit so douche bags can be picked out of a crowd easily. (See above douche, probably related to Kyle).

  3. It’s hard to believe someone actually bought one of these bull shit shirts you try to sell on here, what a great fan instead of wearing a Eagles jersey or shirt he’s wearing a chinese made shirt with a dumb line that Kyle copied and pasted right from chips mouth

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