Crazy Ass Penn Students Pose for Holiday Card with Racist Blow up Doll

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Maybe the most UPENN headline ever. If it’s not genitalia-flashing, or sleeping with Michael Carter-Williams, or shitting all willy-nilly, or just general partying, it’s a racist blow up doll.

Some frat guys might be in trouble after their Christmas card featured what they claim is a racist Beyonce sex doll, but was probably just any old racist sex doll. From The Daily Pennsylvanian:

Penn’s chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity is currently under investigation by its international organization and campus officials for a photo circulated on social media Sunday night. All chapter operations have been suspended for the duration of the investigation.

The image was a Christmas photo of the fraternity brothers taken following their Secret Santa gift exchange. Controversy over the photo stemmed from a dark-skinned blow-up doll in the top left of the photo — seemingly one of the only objects of color in the picture, as most of the men appear to be Caucasian.

This is pretty terrible, but as Matt Mullin points out, the real crime here may be the two guys in Cowboys gear.

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51 Responses

  1. If the students were all black and the doll was white, you wouldn’t hear a fuckin’ peep about it. That’s what makes me sick!

    1. Really? It makes you sick? Did you call out of work because you saw a post about a black blow up doll and white dudes was called racist? Did you make a doctor’s appointment? I need to know.

      This week in ridiculous over-reactions: This entire post and comments.

      1. Hey MikeyLikesItUpTheAss!
        You fuckin’ retard! Read it again! I’m sick because if the students were black with a white doll you wouldn’t hear anything about it!

        1. So you were literally throwing up over it? Did you get the flu from it? Maybe just the sniffles? I’m concerned, how sick are you James?

          1. Stop it Mikey.

            Every time you mention it, the moron poops his pants. Stop mentioning it unless you want to pay for the dry cleaning for his jorts. And he fucking needs them for Christmas in Delco!

            It’s not Christmas in Delco without some fucking jorts.

    2. Your theory about it being black guys and a white doll would never happen. No college has that many black people in it.

    3. JER,
      Couldn’t agree more. The black community can say virtually anything about the white race and that is deemed perfectly fine and the black community can laugh about it until the end of time. However, a white individual says anything about the black community and it is mortal sin number one.
      The definition of a double-standard.

      1. Yea, and it’s a damn shame the only thing white people can get away with is murdering black people. Blacks have it so easy.

        Yea, I know OJ. It was 20 years ago.

        1. “it was 20 years ago”.
          20 years ago is apparently too long ago to cite as an example, but blacks can cry about slavery hundreds of years after the fact.

        2. According to FBI reports, 448 whites were killed by blacks in 2011 and 193 blacks were killed by whites.

          It’s like that every year too. Even though there are many more whites in the country.

          Even though the media wants to create a narrative to make more news and cause people to react in a violent manner. Instead of reacting to bullshit maybe people should look at the facts?

          1. Exactly! You proved my point.

            Black guys go to jail for killing white people.

            White guys are not even indicted for killing black people. And then they become heroes on 1210, Facebook and Breitbart.

  2. Is it racist because the Doll is a black blow up doll and all the kids are white? Or is it racist because a group of white kids have a black blow up doll? I’m confused. It’s the same doll as the white one just a different color. I know this because mine are right next to each other right now for comparison. I like orgies. If me and your dad can’t even lure prostitutes over we are still getting it on.

  3. are you fucking kidding me? This is “pretty terrible?” You pussies will complain about anything. If it was white, you’d be complaining about the lack of diversity..

    This site is complete shit anymore.

    1. To be honest I was just trying to set up the punchline about Cowboys fans. On a scale from 1 to college kid, this is at about a .02.

      1. “On a scale from 1 to college kid, this is at about a .02.”

        On a scale of not fucking funny, this ranks at about +10k as a response, queer-boy.

        Remember: it’s not funny when you have to explain it.

      2. I get it. But this is a non story obviously hyped up. Ridiculing the “media’s” overreaction would have been a better story IMO.

  4. where is the doll? You’re writing about a photo in which said photo is not even shown. What is the quota for pics of men posted per day?

    1. the doll is two down from someone the same shade….this is such a nothing story and shows how media just create crap to fill a news day…and it’s sad bc there is so much other legit news going on in the area

  5. Maybe I’d buy that this was racist if the doll was holding a watermelon or friend chicken or some shit… otherwise its just people trying to create something out of nothing.

  6. I’d start with “In other news”, but that would imply this is news.

    Ya know they make black inflatable sheep, too. Is that racist?

      1. Blow up dolls in christmas photos are only funny if you’re under 25 years of age. I’d say it’s just as funny and racist as if they had a white blow up doll in the picture.

  7. Asshole athletes wearing “I can’t breathe” shirts for the NY guy should also wear ” I just robbed a store” for the guy in MO.

  8. They were out of Puerto Rican & Asian dolls, sorry………

    Seriously, this isn’t even a little bit racist. I guess black people and white people need to be segregated again as the smallest of things is blown way out of proportion.

  9. like most girls at frat parties they are just gonna pass her around amongst the brothers because she can’t say no.

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