Jeffrey Lurie Is Going to Let Howie Roseman Run Chip Kelly out of Town, Isn’t He?

"Does this picture make me look like Matt Yallof?" Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
“Does this picture make me look like Matt Yallof?” Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles, in what is now almost a tradition, fired someone on the news vacuum that is New Year’s Eve. As you know, it was VP of Player Personnel Tom Gamble, one of Chip’s guys, “a heck of a football guy.” By all accounts, Gamble was the fall guy in the weird, for-some-reason-this-is-a-thing power struggle between Chip Kelly and nerdy paralegal Howie Roseman.

Some reporting on the matter:

Jeff McLane, Inquirer:

Gamble was collateral damage in the power struggle between Kelly and Roseman that the general manager apparently has won for the time being. Their relationship had been strained since almost the start of Kelly’s tenure as head coach but had become acrimonious over the last year, according to several sources within the Eagles and around the NFL.

It’s unclear whether Roseman would have been driven to the point of leaving, but the 39-year-old GM had conversations about the New York Jets’ vacancy, according to two NFL sources.

Les Bowen, on Twitter:

My understanding is that Tom Gamble was escorted from the building Tuesday evening. Still have not been able to talk to Tom…

Reuben Frank, CSN:

But Lurie is fiercely loyal to Roseman, who’s risen through the organization from intern to GM and has been here since 2000. Lurie even kept Roseman over his boyhood friend, team president Joe Banner, when Roseman and Banner were locked in a power struggle a few years ago.

“Jeffrey sees Howie as a messiah,” a one-time Eagles front-office exec said Wednesday. “Howie can do no wrong in his eyes.”

Mark Eckel,

On Monday, Kelly called Gamble “an outstanding football man” and said he did a “great job.” During that same press conference, Kelly said Roseman was good at handling the salary cap.

According to people inside the organization those quotes “infuriated” Roseman. The general manager — who has never been a scout, played the game or coached — has worked to overcome the image of being solely a salary-cap guy.

This sort of thing goes on and on, with new, different, and more infuriating nuggets appearing in every story. Chip and Howie don’t get along, and now Howie, undoubtedly with Lurie’s blessing, has fired Chip’s guy in a move akin to a high school cheerleader giving her best friend’s boyfriend a handy behind a movie theater because she heard her friend call her “a jealous bitch.” Real mature.

The Eagles have a coach that has the potential to change the way NFL football is played over the next two decades. He’s not perfect – his decision to release DeSean Jaccson hurt the Eagles this year and probably cost them a playoff spot – but he has a vision, is 20-12 in his first two seasons after taking over a 4-12 team, and was sought ought by the Eagles, who certainly knew that he would demand much control. Now Lurie is going to chase him out of town because the windmill man can’t go over his obsession with salary cap guru and mediocre talent evaluator Roseman, isn’t he?

What’s intersting is that most progressive sports guys, like Chip, value numbers guys who can manage pragmatically and not with all the old-timey emotion of someone who’s spent a life in the game. That skill is certainly desirable, but in football, a team sport largely based on size, strength and speed at most positions, a sixth sense is still a valuable thing, even with the sleep and heart rate monitors. And for all of his unconventionality, Chip obviously still values those subjective qualities, which Gamble reportedly had. For some reason, Roseman saw differently… or is just really insecure.

The real problem, however, sounds like it’s just the simple matter of two guys not getting along. One is highly regarded coach well on his way to changing the sport… the other is a law school grad who sucked up to a billionaire. Wonder who will win? [UPDATE: Chip.]

Happy New Year.


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  1. Isn’t the ‘messiah’ Meatwad the jackoff responsible for Danny Watkins in 2011?

    Front office power struggles ultimately end up in overall failure on the field.

      1. Word had it Reid didn’t want him at all, yet he was drafted in a , wait for it… Power struggle with Meatwad Howie.

        It’s easy to blame the guy who left the organization, right?

        1. Bullshit Andy Reid was responsible for that 2011 disastrous draft of Danny Watkins Jaquan Jarrett and Curtis Marsh.

        2. Wow the green kool-aid drinking Chip Kelly lapdogs are out in full force today.

      2. Hey Howie, Cuz Here.

        Hit me up.We need to talk about the Tom Gamble opening. Im out of work ya know and there was a reason I slobbered all over you during the radio show. Time for a payback Holmes.

        Your new Head Scout,

        Duh Cuz

      3. You dumbfuck peasants didnt think I was actually going to allow real football people to steal my glory did you?

        If I ever win a Championship it will be on my terms with my gopher Howie .

        1. No you’re wrong after Andy Reid screwed up the 2011 draft Howie Roseman was give more power and subsequently had an amazing 2012 draft.

          Get your facts straight Chip Kelly fanboy,you’re out of your league.

  2. Nephew Howie is not going anywhere….and they will NEVER WIN A SUPER BOWL because all the killers care about is the $$$$$$$$$$$.
    Gold Standard—BLOW ME

  3. And people wonder why this team has not won any of the almost 50 Super Bowls and last won a championship pre merger when Ike was President. Lurie is showing his movie business failures have extended into running a football team – one that that his aunt bought for him when he could not get the Patriots. The Eagles will never win a Bowl with Lurie in charge.

    1. Same goes for Snider and the Flyers. BTW, what’s Eddie going to do when all of the 74 and 75 teams die off?

  4. You guys should listen to Josh Innes right now. He is on FIRE with the hottest take and sickest burn on this whole situation. Finally, we can get some intelligent sports analysis.

    1. My doppelganger (he will have to look that up) is at it again. My God I must have really gotten to you when I told you to pick up your pom poms and give us all a big E-A-G-L-E-S cheer.

      I’m glad you are still butt hurt and I’m glad I control your mind.

    2. Nice try Josh,no matter how hard you try,you’re still not getting the fellas in the afternoon slot Mr manboobs.

    3. Reid was also responsible for drafting pretty much all the successful offensive linemen currently on the eagles.

      And in 2008 he managed to draft not one but two offensive play makers in the same round when he took both Desean Jackson and Lesean McCoy in the second round.

      During his tenure Andy Reid has actually drafted more pro bowl players then Bill Belechick. And in comparison with Chips two draft classes where Kelly has wasted a first round pick last season. And Reid has continued to have successful draft classes in KC in the same duration.

  5. What has Howie done? This guy is useless. He’s a fantasy football geek who knows nothing about NFL talent. Get rid of him now before this blows up in your face

  6. I’ll give a million dollars to whoever punches that fuckin’ little pussy right in the face! Please video it.

  7. The Eagles front office, aka, Temple Beth Shalom, only has enough room for one goyim in the power mix. Expect Chip gone in 12 months max.
    Good call, you flabby, unathletic money-grubbing boychiks. But hey, as long as the bleed-Eagle-green morons keep lining our pockets, who cares about actually winning anything!

  8. They may as well change the name to the philadelphia cowboys. Let football guys run the football team and give Howie some back office position.

    1. Maxie sweetie the food needs cooking and the laundry needs washing so back to the kitchen and laundry room for you sweetie and leave the sports talk to the guys like God intended(thanks sweetie love U).

      1. Howie, sweetie, that is usually your role. Did Chip let you out of the kitchen early? You need to make the smoothies asswipe!

  9. Chip is definitely leaving after this, he is just going to stick around until the right opportunity comes his way. You don’t make a move like this without thinking about the long-term ramifications, which means that Roseman and Lurie made this decision, and were okay with the decision, knowing that it might mean Chip leaving at some point in the near future. We have the most coveted coach in the sport and the only reason our team gets any national attention is because of Chip, and yet our GM who thinks he is Hughie Hogg is about to run him out of town. Ridiculous.

    1. wherever Gamble is hired as GM that’s where Chip Kelly will go. It won’t be right away but Gamble will as permission to talk to chip and the deal will be done.

    2. Looks like Kelly has full personell control. Y’all can stop your bitching, crying and finger pointing now and realize …THESE WRITERS HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TO STIR A POT OF TROUBLE! …When one thing happens all these writers “assume” what will happen next just to have a story but the truth is out. It’s been announced. Kelly has full control. Hes not going anywhere. Lurie is not THAT dumb not a Jerry Jones to let Chip walk.

      And for everyone complaining aabut chip… Are you serious? In two seasons we’ve gone 10-6 with him. That’s a winning ball team. Once the secondary issues get addressed our team will be much better and much more competitive.

  10. I’m done with these slimebags. And wake up Eagles fans. Take a step back and look at the big picture. What are the only common denominators for the Eagles for the last 54 years?
    1. No Super Bowls
    2. Sold-out attendance despite the perpetual mediocrity
    3. Various ownership who don’t care about Super Bowls, and are apparently happy as long as they keep printing money, regardless of Super Bowl contention.
    So what’s the solution to breaking this poisonous cycle? STOP BUYING TICKETS, jerseys, and all the other garbage they hock and line their pockets with.
    Ps- almost 100% guaranteed that Lurie is a closet sword swallower and Pee-wee Howie is his personal butt plug. Money and bloodline aside, there’s no way he’s keeping such a total unqualified zero around without some other motivation. Either that, or Howie has pics of Jeffie and Banner playing hide the pastrami dog with each other

    1. I agree. This is why the Eagles are way under the cap every year. Spend that $, Windmill Man.

  11. “The Eagles have a coach that has the potential to change the way NFL football is played over the next two decades.”

    “One is [a] highly regarded coach well on his way to changing the sport…”

    Jesus, calm down. Kelly isn’t changing shit. If he wants to win a Super Bowl, he has to adapt to the realities of coaching in the grown ups’ league. Smoothies and a hurry-up offense won’t cut it.

    P.S. Fuck Howie.

  12. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Roseman should have left with Andy. How can you expect Chip to succeed with remnants of the Reid regime sticking around? Not to mention, a QB he didn’t draft.

    Lets call a spade a spade people, Lurie just wants to keep a fellow j e w at the helm of the organization.

  13. Remember that D2 speech? Ducks Fly Together? Replace “ducks fly together” with “j ew s stick together” and you have the Eagles Front Office business model and policy.

    1. In the j ewish world, one can only graduate to “Howard” after the age of 40. If you dare cross the threshold before this time frame, some of your j ew gold is relinquished.

  14. Great comments here. This will end bad. The Eagles can never go into a new year without a shit show. How bout just being a man and work out an issue. Blame to both Chip and Howie for acting like high school girls. Lurie just seems to get dumber as the years pass. He exudes zero confidence as a leader and owner to bring in a Super Bowl. 2015 sports in Philly gets a great start here, but hey Rueben made a trade for another pitcher. Yipee!

  15. Kelly’s comment about Roseman being a good money guy = obvious anti-semitic jab. I like it.

  16. or is a media obsessed with stirring up shit because all four sports suck and we have nothing to talk about, going to run chip kelly out of town?

  17. Looks like my comments were deleted as well. I guess you can mention anything about Toony Bruuno or his sidekick.

  18. This mess should lay at the feet of Lurie. His management skills and authority (or lack thereof) leads to front office strife nearly every year. Reid’s power struggles with Banner and Heckert, the firings of Jason Licht and Riddick, and Howie’s power struggles with Banner and Gamble/Chip. Same shit, different year.

    Some of these issues could well have been avoided had an owner with an actual backbone not let the power grabs get totally out of control.

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      I was crucified months ago for saying Lurie does not care as much about winning a Super Bowl, as he does about keeping the Eagles a cash cow with sell outs. Chip will be ran out of Philly before the J ews ever give up any power and control of money.

  19. The 49ers and Eagles should be investigated for fixing games.

    Harbaugh and Kelly made enough money and can call their own shots.

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