RADIOWEATHERWARS: John Bolaris Goes OFF on Angelo Cataldi for Not Putting Him On-Air

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Weatherman kills the radio star.

John Bolaris, as Kyle said this morning, actually offered up one of the more reasonable forecasts. Last night, he trimmed his prediction down to the now-accurate 1-3 inches, and mentioned all along that he didn’t have much confidence in the storm. Still, he predicted EXTREME BOMBOGENESIS CYCLONIC ACTIVITY or something and was wrong. As he said in his column today, “The last of the snow will be ending by noon, with just some leftover flurries — and some egg on the face of us meteorologists.”

So J-Bo took to 97.5 last night to talk about the storm and his downgrade. Angelo Cataldi of course didn’t listen, and this morning he mentioned Bolaris as he screamed for heads and dropped a “Storm of the Century” zinger. Bolaris attempted to call in to “respond and admit it was a bad forecast,” but Cataldi’s producer, presumably Joe Wechter, told Bolaris that Angelo didn’t want him on the air because of something negative he tweeted two and a half years ago. Though considering Philly still hasn’t forgiven Bolaris for the Storm of the Century thing, two-and-a-half years for a Tweet doesn’t seem too unreasonable. Either way, Bolaris is having one hell of a week.

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We’ll be sure to tune in………


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  1. I can accept a bad forecast from Sheena Parveen as at least she has some nice sweater puppies and tight ass.

    1. Liar, when have you ever seen Sheena Parveen’s ass? I’ve been waiting YEARS for her to turn around and it never happens.

        1. If u wanna see her arse just look at a mans leg. That braude has a hairy hole. Gotta comb a part in it before u forcefully jam ur meat in it

      1. Just looking at her from the front, you can imagine it to be a bit sloppy. Maybe HughE has a pic somewhere.

        1. I would guess that Sheena has some nice C cups with small nipples. She looks pretty nimble, so she is probably crazy in the bed.

  2. These people don’t realize that in the grand scheme of life, they don’t matter one iota, do they?

  3. Dis is why I gonna crush Ang in da ratings! Who wants to listen to dat dude? HahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

    1. I honestly hope Duh Cuz does well if he gets a shot on 97.5 because that would mean we are that much closer to being liberated of Cataldi and his fucking senior citizen crew. I hope Cataldi gets AIDS at the Wing Bowl and fucking dies.

  4. Rarely is John Bolaris ever correct about anything but in this case he is absolutely correct.

    Hypocrite? check
    Egomaniac? check
    Classless? check

      1. He’s been with me doing blow and banging Russian whores like a weather vein in a hurricane!!! Who can sleep?

  5. Speaking of RaDiOwArS, I thought that Tony Bruno loser who wets the panties of all the white boys on this blog was supposed to be BACK FULL-TIME tearing up the airwaves with some other pussy (Innes?). Well, that happen yet? Seriously, why are all of you attached at the face to Bruno’s crotch? I can’t stand his stereotypical sports radio voice and gaye delivery and don’t get how everyone thinks he’s the savior of Philly sports talk radio.

  6. was predicting 1-3 inches for reading area on sunday night. they were dead on.
    the local news stations predict the worst to get all the old farts riled up. who the fuck watches local news anymore anyway?

  7. It would be hilarious is some storm came in overnight Thursday and they had to cancel Wingbowl at the last minute. Cataldi would have a fatal heart attack!

      1. The last time I tried going to Wing Bowl was the year the Eagles went to the Super Bowl. It was snowing that morning and they had it anyway. We didn’t even make it in the door. The place was full by 6 am and the WIPtards in the parking lot started throwing bottles at people in protest. It was like Fallujah. We just said eff it and left.

        1. Went that year too. Made it inside to find about a dozen guys in the bathroom banging lines. Two of them went into a stall and one dude started blowing the other. Never went back again after that.

        2. That year was the fuckin bom yo. Packed house, bitches be crazy, passed out drunks all over the lot, trash can fires. All the good shit.

    1. they went ahead with it anyway and some of those idiots who line up @ 4 AM for that shitshow died of exposure.

    2. I would LOVE for that to happen. Imagine how miserable you’d be being forced to work it-then you’d have a glimpse of my life for the past 5 years.

  8. I don’t know what’s worse. Losers like Bolaris, Mikey Miss, Innes et al. going to Twitter looking to start “controversies” in order to make themselves feel important and justify their very existence. Or, losers who then jump on it and decide to make it a blog post. Seriously, who the F would follow any of those tools. “Oh oh I wonder what Mikey miss has to tweet today?!?!,”.

  9. These are desperate cries for help from a bipolar drama queen. Bolaris should be put on suicide watch.

  10. The WIP morning show is so tired. Angelo and all of his fake outrage and constant bickering about the truth are predictable and planned. He doesn’t know sports so he analyzes the post game news conferences more than the games. He has become such a bore. Al was always a bore, but now his act is getting tired. The constant fake confusion – pretending to forget names – the fake accents depending on where he is pretending to be from – never remembering what he says……….it’s all an old, tired act. Rhea – she tries, but is just not (in my opinion) likable. She just seems like the kind of person that is impossible to be around. Probably me just growing tired of her, but I find myself reaching to change the station when that awful SW Philly accent starts blabbering. It’s time for this crew to go to pasture. I had plenty of laughs and used to enjoy it. It is just to the point where now I can predict the show. Fake outrage, breaking down interviews or news conferences, fake confusion, fake accents…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Rhea is a tired dumb blond without the first clue about sports. She is now going on husband number three and looks like a train wreck. No rack and lousy face.

        1. Probably Sugar House, I can just see her stumbling around the gaming floor with a never less than half empty glass of whiskey, chain smoking, and asking dudes to bang her in her shitter.

  11. Hey you Bros

    Dont forget about me either

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  12. He lowered his totals pretty early last night. Way before the local stations did. People looked at his 10:30pm post on Philly dot com explaining what went wrong when the reality was he was adjusting his total maps through the early evening. He did not hype this storm. I normally don’t defend Bolaris but have been following his weather site all Winter and he has done a pretty good job. There is a weather site on Facebook that was formed by people who left Rob Guarino’s blog. Rob also does a good job but his site has had problems. There were respected local Meteorologists that on the Facebook page that were standing by their 20-36 inch predictions for hours. They were mocking the local TV stations when they were lowering their totals. Their eyes were looking at the Doppler radar and models that were telling them the storm was going to explode. It never happened.

    Almost everyone was wrong about this storm. Weather is not an exact science. The problem is local TV stations are all about ratings. They pile on along with the bombastic mayors, governors and county officials. This is going to happen again. No one controls the weather. It isn’t a TV show.

  13. Who even is this fool? Does anyone watch local news? Why is he crying on twitter like a 12 year old girl with a skinned knee? (with all due respect to 12 year old girls). Get off twitter and do your God Damn job, bitch. Whatever that might be.

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