Peter Luukko Reportedly Set to Jump Back into the NHL as an Executive Chairman of the Florida Panthers

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Since former Flyers president Peter Luukko resigned at the end of 2013 to “pursue other entrepreneurial interests,” he spent some time on the board of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc., and then as the chairman of Philly Sports Holdings LLC. He never did end up fronting that still-alleged Seattle expansion team, but now he’s back in NHL anyway, as an executive chairman of the Florida Panthers.

Luukko will reportedly be announced in the role on Friday, but it was reported that he came on the personal recommendation of his good friend Gary Bettman. According to Frank Seravalli, Luukko declined to speak on his new role which is yet-to-be-titled. Mr. Snider … I mean, Ed … who said Luukko’s resignation “came out of the blue,” has yet to comment.


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    1. I’m your #1 fan Josh,I tell all my friends about how great your show is.

      Remember Josh they hate you because they ain’t you.


  1. Let’s cut the bullshit. I fired his ass because he looks too much like Chris Wheeler.

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  3. Honest question

    Is that a real picture?

    Looks like his head is taped onto his shoulders.

    Does this guy really look like this?

    Tie is awful too

  4. I am amazed at the Comcast/Flyers. No one can keep a secret like them. All this time and the real story on Peter’s departure never has come out. Didn’t it seem odd? The timing and circumstances? His had was firmly in the cookie jar, i was told.

  5. Good career move. Now he can move to Florida to dickride more players and be a face at every press conference and act as though he had anything to do with roster moves. Oh he did make one move, get his son drafted by the Flyers. A real K&G suit wearing bull queer this guy is and needs a shape up over the ears.

  6. When Kyle first wrote about him leaving the team, he swore something fishy was going on, and went on one of his trademark bullshit speculative rants. Would it please the court to have Kyle take the floor and admit he was wrong, or is he going to make like every other bullshitting journo and forget all the times his #hottakes were so blatantly false?

    Or are we gonna stick with “just because the full story hasn’t come out yet doesn’t mean there is one”?

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