RADIOBLOGWARS: Responding to Mike Missanelli’s Childish Disdain for New Media


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to respond to this, because, at this point, this silly media-blogs debate with Mike is more sport than actual debate. Mike gets off on confrontation, and quite frankly, so do I. And the tenor of this squabble is on-par with exchanges we’ve had over the last year. I don’t think any of it is personal, but Mike’s archaic views on new media, blogs, and the Internet in general are public now, so I wouldn’t be holding up my end of the bargain if I didn’t return serve, even if debating Mike is akin to trying to reason with an intractable gopher. Case in point:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-20_09-18-14_AM

Let’s delve into some of his grammatical diarrhea– both the parts about the Eagles and the media, and blogs.


Reuben Frank, who covers the Eagles for Comcast SportsNet, wrote a piece making the point that it’s not the media who loses when executives don’t talk, but the fans.

Hiding behind this bullshit notion that this is about the fans is as disingenuous as you think it is. The obvious counter is that numerous polls – by 97.5, CBS Philly, Bleeding Green Nation – have all returned virtually the same result: about 80% of fans – who, based on the assumed demographics of those three platforms, represent the most passionate and hardcore Eagles fans – don’t care. If they don’t care, I can’t imagine any cross-section of humanity that does. But Mike argues that the respondents aren’t representative of the entire fan base, that the sorts of people who would answer poll questions on these newfangled websites comprise only a tiny subset of the public. For someone who claims to speak for the common fan, that’s a hilariously misguided worldview.


This was immediately met with the typical blog cynicism, especially from Philly’s Crossing Broad and its fearless leader, Kyle Scott, who mocked Frank for implying that the media protects the fans by being their conduit for information. 

I think that was more of a shot at blogs, in general, than me specifically. But I’ll defend both. Mike has a point– bloggers typically are cynical, and sometimes we do overreact and shout more loudly than is necessary.* Others do it, I’ve done it. But, more often than not, the cynicism derives from the fact that most of us – the ones with any sort of significant audience – spend a lot of time immersed in a particular subject matter, allowing us to observe patterns in media behavior. In this case, knowing that February is a particularly slow month for anyone who writes or talks about sports for a living, it’s not at all unreasonable to question the motivations behind a column like the one Frank wrote, or an on-air rant like the one Mike delivered the other day. More specifically, I think Mike is butthurt that Chip Kelly won’t accept his request for an interview. If there’s one thing that trumps all else in the Philly sports landscape, it’s Mike’s ego.

*Mike is a sports talk radio host, so a shorter response to his criticism might be: “Well hello, Pot! Yes, I am black, and as a matter of fact, you are too!”


Crossing Broad bills itself as Philadelphia’s most irreverent sports blog, which might be akin to billing Johnny Third Grader as the loudest mouth in class.

Mike has a genuine disdain for new media, blogs, Twitter, email, and basically any form of verbal or written communication  that doesn’t require a complex system of antennas or a giant printing press. I may opine from “outside the circle of knowledge” (as Mike put it) when it comes to sports, but, thanks to some of our exchanges, I can say without hesitation that my sphere of intel overlaps with his opinions on several topics relating to local sports and media. It’s a Venn diagram of sorts:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-20_10-10-58_AM

It’s that green star that allows me to be cynical about Mike’s motivations here. He does not like our RADIO WARS coverage. Understandably so. It has amplified the sometimes funny, sometimes tired haymakers thrown by his now-competitior, Josh Innes. Mike’s in a lose-lose situation: taking the bait only helps Innes, but ignoring it means Innes keeps getting the free publicity. Mike probably wishes that I would just stop writing about the damn battle, which he believes doesn’t exist (and his ratings over the last few years back that up). So the timing of this screed against blogs is curious, to say the least. It feels a lot like here’s a taste of your own medicine. Even if Mike would never admit to that.

And yet it’s tough to reconcile his issue with RADIO WARS with his supposed belief that bloggers are nothing more than troublesome school kids bandying about the teacher’s affairs all day long. If blogs are so insignificant, then why all the vitriol?

Here’s what Mike said about new media to my Liberty Broadcast partner, and BGN Radio host, John Barchard:

Voila_Capture 2015-02-20_10-32-02_AM

Mike doesn’t understand new media. He also severely underestimates its reach. It’s as if he woke up yesterday thinking it was 2006, when blogs and websites (more on the supposed distinction between the two in a moment) were nothing more than a niche underground network of fan opinion. That’s simply not the case today.

A September Nielson ratings report estimated that 97.5 The Fanatic has a weekly cumulative audience of 246k listeners between 2 and 6 p.m. on weekdays– Mike’s show. Website stats are typically measured by month (~300k visitors for this site), but Google Analytics puts our weekly visitor total somewhere between 90k-100k. It’s not 246k, but it’s hardly non-substantial. And that’s without a dedicated FM band. Further, if you were to combine our audience with the audience of just a few other local blogs and websites- say, Bleeding Green Nation, Barstool Philly and Broad Street Hockey – you’d be talking about a significant portion of the fan base, and a total audience substantially larger than Mike’s. Not to mention the fact that countless more people will read this post, on this new media site, than will read Mike’s column (or blog, whatever), on Philly Mag’s website.

Still, Mike will dismiss the hundreds of thousands of new media consumers as uninformed pests, or “ingrates.” In emails, he’s referred to the readers of this site as “juvenile,” “not a reflection of the general fan base,” and “20-year-old douchebags.” [A response that roughly 70% of you are between the ages of 25-44 – a prime advertising demo, Mike’s demo – was met with typical non-acknowledgement, as is often the case when you present Mike with, you know, a fact.] Mike, curiously for a prominent media member in 2015, still thinks that everyone who reads blogs, sends him a Tweet or an email, or listens to podcasts, is a mere child whose palate hasn’t yet advanced to appreciate the finer offerings of mainstream reporting. That opinion is a dumb opinion. For as talented as Mike is as a radio host (and, like him or not, he’s very good) and interviewer, he’s painfully unaware of the modern-day habits of his audience.


Today, two species of Internet media are slowly taking over the modern journalistic world: websites and blogs.

His sentiment is understood, but he’s straight-up wrong. Websites are basically the Internet, or at least that’s how it started before apps and such. A blog, technically, is nothing more than a website that is formatted like this one– in reverse chronological order.

But seriously, I’m willing to bet this exact sentence was written by someone, somewhere, in 2003.


The websites normally flow from legitimate journalistic endeavors, such as (which employs more reporters today than the old days when newspapers were king), or locally,, which employs Eagles’ beat writers (as does this site’s Birds 24/7 channel).

Few things:

1) CSN is about as much “legitimate journalistic endeavor” as a team press release. They’re more of a partner and cheerleader than anything remotely resembling an impartial observer. And that’s fine– their role is obvious to most. But don’t act like they’d ever run their own version of 30 for 30 or Outside The Lines.

The problem with Mike (and many in his generation) is that he actually believes what he wrote here because the word Comcast is in front of Sports Network, or because CSN has big, expensive cameras.

2) It’s funny how he calls Birds 24/7 a “channel,” when, really, it’s a (very good) blog. Technically speaking.

3) The lines between so-called websites and blogs, and journalistic endeavors, are blurring. This site is what it is. But take, for example, SB Nation, which is owned by Vox Media, whose editor just interviewed the President of the United States (as did some famous YouTubers). Are the sites of Vox Media – an online-only media property – blogs or journalistic endeavors? Mike would, disparagingly, call them blogs. But does it really matter? Gawker has a whole team of a “bloggers,” many of whom used to write for newspapers and magazines. Its former editor-in-chief, also Deadspin’s former editor-in-chief, is A.J. Daulerio, who – irony here – used to write for Philly Mag. The Big Lead, founded by blogger Jason McIntyre, is now basically the cornerstone of USA Today’s online sports properties.


Blogs are normally nefarious observers

Besides making a distinction between blogs and mainstream media that increasingly doesn’t exist, Mike conflates what is often merely blunt objectivity with some sort of sinister plan to bring down everyone else… even though he’s the one who reflexively puts down anyone with whom he disagrees, sometimes unfairly.


 opining from outside the circle of knowledge. What flows from this is a situation where bloggers, folks who have never tasted the field of journalistic battle by neither covering a beat, nor interviewing pertinent parties directly, have nothing left but to try to mock or discredit the actual reporters in the field.

There’s some merit here, I can’t argue with that. But Mike and others like him assume that every blogger is some sort of lesser being because they’ve never attended a press conference or interviewed a coach or athlete (even though most of us have). For some reason, jousting on the “field of journalistic battle” is a more noble fight than, say, quitting your job and successfully building a platform from scratch. Legacy media folks often profess to hate any media endeavor that isn’t solely in service of the quest for truth, and yet many of these people (not Mike, necessarily) survive on nothing more than regurgitated press releases, press conference transcriptions, and hackneyed columns meant to inflate their own self-worth, all the while looking down upon informative, creative, and insightful opinions and analysis just because they came from someone who watched a press conference in HD instead of from a folding chair two feet in front of the camera filming the goddamn thing.

What’s more, is that the goal of us ingrates of the blogger ilk isn’t to mock or discredit certain reporters– it’s to call out the truly horrific ones who, despite their access, somehow manage to bungle their attempts to paint an accurate picture of their subjects. I’m pretty sure Marcus Hayes could write his flaming piles of horse shit from a hot air balloon 3,000 feet over China, or Sam Carchidi, who can barely see, could tweet Flyers play-by-play from a wine cellar in Saskatoon, without us knowing the difference.

It’s not about some weird professional jealousy, Mike– it’s about there being too many truly awful reporters who do virtually nothing with their access, either out of self-preservation, or because they’re too damn uninventive to color outside the lines of their circle of knowledge.


There isn’t a journalist worth their salt who writes in a vacuum. The information he or she publishes is meant to be passed on to other people, i.e. the reader, the viewer or the listener. And so the perception offered by the Crossing Broads of the world is wrong. Somewhere along the line, the media has become the bad guy. They’re the no-goodniks in the locker room who have never played the sport, who look slimy and greasy, who forage for the free food and free entry into games. Maybe some of them are. But the bottom line is they are bringing information to you; the information you rely on daily to follow your team.

Only when they’re not. This whole Eagles-media thing is because the Eagles won’t hold a press conference. Literally. That’s all there is to it. The best Eagles reporters – like Tim McManus – bring us information that the fan can’t otherwise get… through actual reporting. All of the information about a rift between Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman has come from reporters reporting, not by them trumpeting some canned quotes and forced statements from a press conference. What Mike doesn’t understand is that, yes, we would all love for Eagles beat writers to unearth more of this story, but they’re not going to uncover anything at a press conference, where answers would be scripted and rehearsed. That’s the issue. It’s not about bloggers taking down reporters. It’s about the subset of reporters who exist in a tiny bubble, where the conventions of their trade have been codified over years of sameness – go to press conference, write story… talk to player, arrange quotes in readable fashion – and who neither see the forest through the trees, nor realize that their role of repackaging what the rest of us can watch on TV or stream online is an increasingly inessential one.


Even Crossing Broad is writing to its readers. Some of its information is original. Most of it is warmed over crap-spins of already existing stories, troublemaking gossip mongering, or published comments from low IQs that have no shot at a Mensa level.

“Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 5:45 for “Tuesdays with Sal,” in which ESPN shit-stirrer Sal Paolantonio breaks down the Eagles with little original information, recounts already existing stories, spews some troublemaking gossip mongering, and takes a few calls from low IQs that have no shot at a Mensa level! It’s our highest rated segment!!”


So how can Crossing Broad, or any other blog, endorse information not coming to the Philadelphia Eagle fan because the principles don’t feel the need to talk?

You might not like the press. But have a little respect, you bunch of ingrates.

“Have some respect for them, you worthless piles of human garbage!”

These are all things we could talk about and more if Mike would just accept my damn request to come on the podcast. I’d like to get further inside his circle of knowledge.

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144 Responses

    1. I thought Informed and myself ran you off of the internet months ago. How did you get back on here? Did Uncle Sticky Fingers put a new computer in his basement or did Daddy No-No Touch get you one for your 34th birthday??

        1. Get back to the fryers Linus. You keep this up you won’t be able to get this week’s overtime hours in. If you don’t get your overtime, you can’t drink your Old Milwaukee Light. You also won’t be able to afford your Sonomas. What will your mother do if she comes to the basement and finds out there are no Sonomas to bum off of you? Oh man.

          1. Well, well. I see my doppelgänger is back (look that word up). I AM SO IN YOUR HEAD ITS RIDICULOUS. still butt hurt?

          2. I missed you. Thank you for confirming once again how much I bitch slapped you. I’m sorry my insults hit too close to home. Now be a good bitch and pick up your pom poms and give us a big E-A-G-L-E-S!!! cheer.

            How’s your Eagles calf tattoo doing?

          3. Never heard of you, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Real poltroon move though. I know you probably won’t even read this… You’re probably starting your shift mopping up jizz at the local Excitement Video. Make sure they don’t blow too many loads on your black Stewart Bradley starter knockoff though. Have a great night!

  1. Kyle, we’re all too dumb to read this long diatribe on a Friday afternoon according to Mikey Miss. Can you give us the TL:DR version?

    1. It says blah blah blah local media try-hard’s creating small dust in the hopes of someone caring. Says blogs are relevant to the lowest denominator of time-wasters, so is AM radio even if it’s on FM now. No one. Givesa. Fuck.

      There, I saved you ten minutes.

  2. Mikes right here when he says there is no real substance to blogs. I don’t go to blogs to get actual sports news, I come to blogs to see who Jeff Carter was fucking last night or if Riley Cooper made another terrible decision in public. That’s not a shot at Kyle cause I personally love CB. Blogs = TMZ.

  3. Sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown down….cmon Mikey Miss, do the podcast with Kyle. It’s a forum where you won’t be able to shout him down with your own illogical diarrhea of the mouth. There would have to be give and take this time and you would actually have to listen before responding….oh wait n/m, that’s probably too much for you to handle.

    1. Well said. And, maybe the microphone volumes will be equally adjusted so we can hear both participants within the debate, rather than listening to Mike talk over all of his interviewees.

      Kyle has manned up and proposed the challenge publicly.

    2. Why would Mikey Miss agree to be on Kyle’s podcast?

      That’s like Hulk Hogan agreeing to wrestle in my backyard federation.

      1. Well if the Hulkster trashed you in 2 different mediums during the week and then you challenged him to a match, I think it makes sense you take him up on the challenge. If you think Kyle Scott is a nobody, why trash him all week?

        1. Nope, that isn’t how it works.

          Hulkster goes on to fight Andre the Giant at the Pontiac Silverdome.

          And you go around pounding your chest in front of your backyard wrestling buddies.

  4. Mike Miss has a daughter who he is so proud of because she started a fashion blog. But he claims he hates blogs and bloggers. The guy’s brain has absorbed too much hair dye or alt music for him to think clearly anymore.

        1. That was supposed to say:

          MM’s kid is kind of cute.

          But I always thought Mothers, Wives and Kids should be off limits on here, so that is all I have.


          Eva Pilgram’s tits looked very nice this morning.

          Not Lucy Noland’s tit’s nice…but very nice.

  5. heyyyyyyyy get over hereeeee FINISH HIM …. fatality flawless victory

    I’m calling it now in less than three years mikey wi have a blog about the godfather and Seinfeld

  6. Website stats are typically measured by month (~300k visitors for this site)

    Visitors or visits? Pretty impressive # but I doubt 300k unique visitors frequent this site. Radio is pretty much a 1:1 ratio whereas this site would be a lot higher.

  7. no real substance ? I’d rather find out about what makes the athelete tick than read some smarmy public relations spoon fed pap.

    Eskins house is full of autographed McNabb jerseys and Ray Borque sticks.

    I know what Lurie asked for for his 40th birthday.

    Do you know how the word “gossip” orginated ? spies were told to “go sip” at the local taverns to overhear rumors or hearsay.

    1. Do you know how the word “gossip” orginated ? spies were told to “go sip” at the local taverns to overhear rumors or hearsay.

      Wrong answer, try again! Next you’ll be telling us you woke up in a bathtub and crazy Russians removed one of your kidneys…

  8. Low IQ commenters? Hey hair-dye, have you ever listened to the fucking morons that call into your show? They’re lucky if they can string two intelligible sentences together during the whole call. Have you ever listened to that answering machine you play at the end of each show? Good God, get over yourself you limped dick pecker. If you’re such a fucking genius then why are you a sports talk radio host? Aren’t those the jobs they give to people who fail at reading traffic reports? Bra, you share the same job as Jon Marks and Sean Brace for christ sake. Go die already..

  9. As I said before, Mike Missannelli is becoming the new Howard Eskin.

    It’s a shame. I really enjoyed Mike when he first came back.

  10. You call out Mikey Fraud on why he won’t come do a podcast with Kyle and what do you get? BLOCKED!

    LOL – what a fucking weasel turd. Hides behind his forums where he has all the control but god forbid that clown steps outside his circle of control and his dick shrivels up faster than George’s in a pool.

  11. Kyle,
    Nice job actually applying facts and data to debate Mikey miss who has amazingly digressed into the second coming of Howard Eskin. Listening to him now is a déjà vu moment back to Eskins days of calling people a nitwit and hanging up and it’s a shame as Mikey miss had a very entertaining show for his first few years. Keep up the good work and don’t let his antics detract from what you do as you have a solid product and platform.

  12. “It’s about the subset of reporters who exist in a tiny bubble, where the conventions of their trade have been codified over years of sameness – go to press conference, write story… talk to player, arrange quotes in readable fashion – and who neither see the forest through the trees, nor realize that their role of repackaging what the rest of us can watch on TV or stream online is an increasingly inessential task.”

    This, right here. It made my lady parts wake up and sing hound dog.

  13. Great response.
    I don’t understand people in any walk of life that don’t get that purpose of the other areas of their field. I happen to listen to both stations, watch a lot of sports TV channels, read a crap load of blogs, follow a bunch of writers and fans on Twitter, and read a lot of reporters writings. All give me different types of information and entertainment and help me form my own views and opinions on the Philadelphia Sports scene.

    The saddest part for me is all of the fans would be much better served if the different spheres of sports coverage in Philadelphia worked more together. I’d be just as interested to hear a weekly call in for a popular blogger as I am to hear whatever ESPN employee is calling.

  14. from Wikipedia:
    Early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what the people considered important. Since there were no telephones, TV’s or radios, the politicians sent their assistants to local taverns, pubs, and bars. They were told to “go sip some ale” and listen to people’s conversations and political concerns. Many assistants were dispatched at different times. “You go sip here” and “You go sip there.” The two words “go sip” were eventually combined when referring to the local opinion and, thus we have the term “gossip.”
    but then again, I’m a Low IQ Mensa rejected Ingrate.

  15. Too Long Didn’t Read

    1) I really don’t give a rip what Mikey Miss has to say
    2) You only give him cred by posting his rant
    3) You lower yourself even more by debating the d-bagger

  16. You fugazi frauds want to pretend that this Kyle Scott character is all up in the business of the sports fan, but I can’t even hear this guy rambling because I’m listening to the Civil Wars.


    1. You’re a living, steaming turd. You are only better than nothing, which is saying a lot, for a turd.

  17. MM is one of the most dishonorable, evil, egotistical and downright awful human beings on earth. He is scum. He is a pathological lair. A man who unironically gives relationship advice even though he’s never had a good relationship with anyone in his life — up to and including his own daughter. He is 65 but speaks like he’s a 13 year old from Delco. He dyes his hair even though every single person knows. He is, quite simply, the worst.

    And I know that lunatic will read every comment and his thin blood will stew because god forbid everyone not bow down to his shrine. Well, guess what douchebag, I ain’t bowing. Fuck you, wop.

    1. The best had to be in 2011 when a caller came in to talk philly sports then somehow worked in “Mike, you’re an eggplant” into the call. Jon Marks had to drop the call and when on a tirade all defense of his “boss”.

      1. I never listened to him when he came to 97.5 and beat out Eskin, i just heard him maybe a year and a half ago when his whole Riley Cooper nonsense started. I wondered how anyone could take him serious let alone how he was the number 1 show in the afternoon, the guy is a straight up self-absorbed (which really means your self-conscious at the same time) blowhard who pretends to be some 20-something weekend warrior half ass Manayunk hipster. He’s dreadful and boring to listen to.

        My favorite moment of his was right after the ferguson riots (ya know socially sensitive mikey was going to have a strong opinion,and you knew what his stance would be) he had Charles Barkley on to discuss it. Thinking Chuck would “look within” and share his opinion of a cowardly act by a murdering policeman, he got blindsided and was left speechless when Chuck went the complete opposite way on him. It got really awkward and Mikey changed the subject and actually cut the interview short. It’s ok to have an opinion as long as Mikey agrees with it…..if not then your a racist ingrate!

  18. Over/Under on the number of fly honeys (or shawtys if you will) Brace has been “mackin on” since they took it to the e2000 lounge at Jack Frost this afternoon? Putting the line at 5…which is ironically also his BAL as of 3:30 this afternoon.

  19. Is that even the correct or applicable use of “ingrate” based on the fact that it means “an ungrateful person”. Even if it is used correctly seems like a pretty weak insult. Maybe it is appropriate for someone 60 years plus…

  20. Check, but not quite checkmate Kyle. Your Kasparov defense is showing too much, so trade lightly. Your rook is set King side, but your losing sight of your outer ranks. Be careful. And as always, keep it humorous!

  21. …Can’t wait to see Kyle’s memoir in 15 years of how we all got hood-winked into believing there was a war between media outlets….(this is like the creation of wing bowl to scapegoat very poor ratings in Philly sports)…”and then one day, me, Rayfield, Missinelli, Bruno, and Innes are standing out front of Tony Lukes (absolute dump btw), and we all had tummy-aches because RAJ ruined the Phillies, Sam Hinkie Sam Hinkied us, Chip couldn’t get to the playoffs, the Flyers once again, and Wing Bowl had turned into a real dumpster diving event. So we hatch this plan to manufacture a war, a RADIO WAR! to keep ratings/page views afloat, man we got those Philly sports fans good. I always knew my ‘I’m better than you’ Nova education would pay off”…..well, maybe it’s all made up, but it sounds good…

  22. I think Mike Miss is right on this one. He has served his dues working the beat and is probably a little jealous that Kyle grew such a following so quickly. I think their both right. I love Mike Miss and I love CB. No matter what I will read CB everyday and listen to Mike Miss everyday.

  23. I enjoy listening to Josh Innes more so then Mike Miss. I think Josh brings a fresh perspective that someone please fist my anus.

  24. Where am I? All these words, including new ones you pulled from the thesaurus, and you can’t even use your favorite word once????

  25. Frankly, you are both childish and who can get past the second paragraph without nodding off? Typical men and their pissing contests – “Mine is bigger than yours”

  26. What time do you have to pickup the kids from theatre practice? Probably sit on the couch all day while your husband works two jobs

  27. Meet me at woodys in the gayborhood for dick licks . It’s frisky Friday and I needz me that good dick . Love the real Bob .

  28. Missanelli is king douchebag of the universe. It pains me that WIP has anointed that nauseating pile of elephant shit Innes to take him on. He won’t succeed- he sucks balls. Pull the plug on that fat Howard stern-wannabe turd and either let Tony Bruno go solo or bring over Harry Mayes or some comparable low-key straight man.

  29. That’s good work by you Kyle. Mikey needs to relax and have a cream soda.
    He’s working on recycling some godfather, goodfellas lines and and maybe sprinkle on some Seinfeld references. Nothing from the 21st century.

    1. “Nothing from the 21st century.”

      Um, excuse me sir, but have you not heard me reference a little show called “The Wire?” You may not have heard of it. Not a lot of people have seen it, but I have because I’m so hip and also into alt nation. Anyway, that show is from the 21st century… Actually, come to think of it, you probably don’t want to watch The Wire because it has too many black characters. You are racist. Look within, bro.

      Also doesn’t everyone love it how I act like I’m some huge, hip “up with the times” TV buff, yet I didn’t even start to watch Breaking Bad until midway through the final season?

      1. Skippy,
        I saw the wire 15 years ago, when it was on. Maybe Mikey should check out Law & Order or Friends. Heard they were good.

        Hey bro,
        Is the connection to Reuben Frank that they both listen to music no one else does?
        that’s all I can think of.

  30. The only thing lower than a Kyle Scott vs. Mike Miss “media” fight is one between Jim Addair and John/Sean.

  31. Come out the great eagles debate and see the WIP Producers stage a protest because the management are frauds at CBS Philadelphia. WIP is ground zero of a civil war. Great job Bloom. You have destroyed WIP.

    1. I would come out and or listen but I can’t stand anyone on the panel except maybe MacNow. Innes? yeah right hate em. Bruno? Not even with Yokos 10 foot dick. Ike? Shutup Ike! what dumbass hired this guys after talking to him for 5 minutes. Rob Ellis? MY GOD just bore me to death already. The Sixers have a better plan than WIP. Hurts to say since I have been a listener for over 25 years. Too many commercials no entertainment and your losing money by the second to pay anyone worth a shit. Somebody needs to be Fired. Starting at the top!

  32. I just can’t wait for the all the other hosts to all corner and attack fat pimple boy Josh at the debate . the bullshit at wip bc of Josh I’m assuming @wipinsider? I know the bullshit silly jilly tells me in the afternoon while I’m pounding it raw dawg that he creates ….I can only imagine the toxic environment at work he creates with the bacteria from his neck fat.

  33. Missanelli and Scott do basically the same thing. They comment on, rather than report, the news and provide forums for plebes to comment, too.

    The difference is that Missanelli thinks he’s still a sports journalist and that they provide an essential civic service by holding coaches and team owners “accountable” to the public, as if they were elected officials. The Eagles are a for-profit company, not a branch of government, and Missanelli is neither Woodward nor Bernstein.

  34. Jabo is there right now. Let’s go to te wishy washy after a couple rounds. Now all my friends are pill heads. See ya at the consortium on 38th st

  35. The producers of 94WIP-FM’s sports talk shows have been in contract negotiations for over 8 months, and the station is maintaining their aggressive stance at the table. These hardworking SAG-AFTRA members make just a little more than minimum wage, some without benefits. It’s time for WIP to step up and treat their employees fairly. Join your brothers and sisters at 10:30 AM at Chickie’s & Pete’s on Thursday, February 26th — the restaurant is hosting WIP’s Great Birds Debate that morning, and SAG-AFTRA members will be there to tell the public how WIP treats its employees. It’s no debate — WIP producers deserve a fair contract!

    “They shoulda joined a real union . “

    1. Fair treatment? They absolutely deserve low wages. Its radio, chump. Its a dying medium. I can podcast and fast forward through ads and get a realistic view of the sports world instead of the same droll shit I hear on the radio, “Can Chip Kelly win? Is Nick Foles a Real QB? Does RAJ need to be fired?” Seriously. you asshats can’t create creative or a good conversation even if it slapped sean brace on his white trash bald head. You got into a dying medium with a decreasing CPM for marketers because fewer, older people are listening. Younger folks ain’t listening to your shit. You can’t get paid if you have a dying audience and fewer advertisers wanting to advertise based on Nielson’s BS ratings. If I owned a company and was approached to buy an ad from them, I would balk at it unless I was a butt doctor (because your audience is at an age where they need colonoscopies).

      You get your minimum wage and you fucking deal with it because 1) you’re an idiot for getting into radio or 2) you’ve been in it for years and still aren’t making anything because you suck at it 3) Either way you’re a dumbass for not changing careers at this point.

    2. Also, you would make even more money if you didn’t belong to a bullshit union. Seriously. What are they going to do? put a giant inflatable rat outside? Go on strike? (Do it. you’ll lose even more listenership, pushing wages and advertising down further, and more people will go to podcasts) You’re losing out on wages by paying an organization to negotiate on your behalf, which they only do to take their cut. Might as well be the mafia or government because they collect your wages, don’t do shit, and those in charge don’t give a damn about the little guy either.

      You and your ilk are fucked.

    3. Reading updates and pushing buttons aren’t skills that will make you a lot of money. Having a union rip you off only makes it worse for you. There is an old saying….you are worth what someone is willing to pay you. You aren’t underpaid, a talking chimp could do your job.

  36. Sadly the ‘old media’ guys like Mike don’t realize their monopoly-esque hold on broadcasting and distribution of information has been democratized. Crossing Broad and the like now have equal and potentially larger reach than the typical constrained WIPs and 97.5’s of the world. They have become the very cogs in the wheel the seem to wish to condemn. There will still be a ‘market’ for their act but its circling the drain of relevance when there is now a choice to consume other information and perspectives that don’t necessarily cannibalize their constituency.

    1. Old media = Eskin, Macnow, Jody Mac, Bruno, Cataldi, Mikey Miss and Gargano.

      That’s a reason all of these guys have been demoted in the last couple of years. Some have adapted. Some have doubled down on dumb.
      Most of these guys have always had a couple of gigs knowing radio is not a long term stable field.

      Radio wars is the most interesting thing in Philly sports now.

  37. …But when I am in my car, I like to listen to music. And being that newspapers are as relevant as compact discs, I get my sports fix from online sites. This keeps me informed with the added benefit of not listening to some guys opinion for 3 hours. All of it is speculation, anyway. First time, longtime, Kyle. BTW, you are a stain on society’s underpants. (I don’t really have an opinion on you one way or the other, but hating on you seems to be the en vogue thing to do).

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