The Sixers Will Wear New Uniforms Next Season

In an email to season ticket holders, the Sixers teased a rebrand and new uniforms. They sent out a 15-second video that features clips of Wilt Chamberlain, Billy Cunningham and Julius Erving, with the text “Three legends become one” and “New uniform. New look. New Sixers. Fall 2015.”

My guess is that it’ll be inspired by this uniform— my favorite in Sixers history, which rules.

The rebrand is also likely to feature this new alternate logo that the team has been dropping into emails and webpages here and there:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.18.07 PM

I just can‘t wait to see how Comcast makes their building bigger in the logo.

Kyle: Constitution Center is out. Franklin Institute is out. Where do we think the Sixers unveil these bad boys? I say either at the Please Touch Museum or, after this curious season, the Mutter Museum.


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  1. That logo is corny. And the best Sixers uni is 76-77 with the standard SIXERS font with stars on the side.

  2. Where is the Nick Foles – Josh Gordon story at?! Deadspin put that up last night, should give you plenty of time to copy and paste it.

  3. Fuck the sixers. I hope franklin the dog red rockets and sprays rancid soupy diarrhea all over the uniforms so that the uniforms match what the product on the court is: Toilet Paper.

    1. I detect a petulant childlike Flyers fan upset at Jim for paying more attention to the Sixers over the Flyers.Why is it you Flyers fans hate the Sixers so much I mean they both represent the city of Philadelphia.

  4. The Sixers City Logo is what they have been using for Season Ticket Holders. It is what they call the season ticket holder “group”.

    That logo has been around for a while there JIMBO… It won’t be on the jersey.

    And Kyle, they stopped having events at Please Touch last year. Might be Camden Aquarium.

  5. The sixes best uniforms of all time are the 91,92,93,94 Shawn. Bradley hersey hawkins stars. Jerseys especially the red ones

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