Your Monday Morning Roundup

Wayne Simmonds should be the Flyers' logo, pic via Reddit
Wayne Simmonds should be the Flyers’ logo, pic via Reddit

Good morning. I trust that Jim kept you all safe and received nothing but glowing praise in the comments? Good. Great.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 9.20.24 AM

This is a very important update to our Kacie McDonnell story from Saturday. A trusted and known CB tipster who may or may not have cavorted with Dom Brown at some point in time, who also wishes to remain anonymous, adds some more context to Michael Del Zotto’s photo with Kacie:

“I was supposed to hang out with him [on Friday– when the Kacie pic was taken]. Don’t judge me. He gave me a strict deadline that he had to leave because he had dinner plans. I’m assuming Kacie was his dinner plans.”

Eat up!

She continued, after an off-the-record tidbit about DZ’s courting habits:

“I’ll tell you this: He walked up to my friend and asked if she’s ever given a handjob wearing rubber gloves and lube, because it’s the best thing ever. So that pretty much describes our night with him.”


The RADIO WARS have gone mainstream. Joe Mason’s take in the Burlington County Times, and Jeff Blumenthal of the Philly Business Journal with some in-depth reporting on the matter. And

Kanye did it again, this time interrupting Beck. Can’t blame him. Beck’s awful. Kim’s face tho.

Marshawn Lynched flashed Pete Carroll a grin walking off the field after the worst call ever.

Mike Richards in a Monarchs sweater. Adorbs.

Marcus Smith wants to, you know, contribute next year.

Vox, of all places, got to interview the President. I wonder if the second half of the article is an infographic explaining our system of checks and balances?

Waitress who got plowed into by Mason Plumlee throws in a nice Duke shot:

“He kind of was a little brat about it; he threw his arms up in the air and stormed off,” Barr said. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that impacted your life so much. But he played at Duke, so what do you expect?”

Scott Laughton got his ass beat… and then thanked his partner attacker.

Jody Mac takes a call from Jody Mac. LITERALLY.

A gallery of old-timey Brett Brown photos, via /r/sixers:

Brett Brown’s Family Photos

My weekly segment with Nick Kayal on 97.5 The Fanatic… live from cow dung filled air in Amarillo, Texas.



Big, hot new show coming soon.

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44 Responses

  1. Your so lazy Kyle. You put a solid hour into this roundup? I can’t wait for your site to crash and burn.

  2. Give Eaytan Shander an afternoon show. Guy would bring instant reputability back to Philly Sports Talk Radio.

    I’d also like to point out that spineless Nick Kayal conveniently omits questions about RADIO WARS. Fuck him. Just WHO is Nick Kayal anyway? How the hell does this generic nobody perma-intern get a weekly radio gig in one of the biggest media markets in the country??? Who’s dick is he sucking?

    1. (Radio Wars being one of the biggest attractions CB has ever been involved with.)

    2. How have I been in the same time slot for 25 years and just signed for 3 more years?

      1. 97.5 would rather take the guaranteed $ from BSPN than try to put together decent counterprogramming. can’t imagine why glenn foley and michael bradley weren’t more successful…zzzzzzzzz

    3. Is there any market for a gay man’s perspective on Philly sports on either station? I definitely think there is, but I might be biased.

    4. Hi, I’m Andy Bloom, program director at WIP and I just put together the worst show in the history of radio with some fat douche with man tits and a has been who never was. Anybody got a line of flake?

  3. I assume you want us to ask, but what are you doing in Amarillo, TX. Of all the shitty Texas towns I’ve been through, that one and Lubbock are the worst.

  4. I couldn’t attend the Grammys. Too busy killing people! Glad to see my step-daughters made it.

    1. Hey, their real dad made millions off of defending killers. I am sure they are in a good place with what you did Bruce…

  5. So I’m new to philly. I put on 94.1 on Friday around 2pm. I’ve lived in NYC, LA, Detroit, and Chicago and listened to sports radio in all of those cities for many years. I knew tony Bruno from out west and was pleased to hear him out here. His co host however, Josh Innes, is by far… The worst, most annoying, uneducated, unoriginal, awkward, radio person I have ever heard. Really made me lose respect for the philly sports media. I was always told how great of a sports town this was… I guess they were wrong.

      1. What does being from Philly have to do with it? I’ve been representing the Philly fans for 25 years. Remember I took 30 drunk idiots to the draft to boo McNabb!

  6. I hope Zorro gave that little bitch the clap. How does a clap sound with rubber gloves and lube anyway? Sloppy I bet.

  7. K@cie’s p**** has to be ravaged at this point. How much athlete meat has been in there? How much has she ingested in her massive mouth? Those pearly white’s should look a little more creamy, if you know what I mean.

    I watched Innes and Bruno on that terrible CBS3 show last night. Innes is so fat. He also showed up looking like a teenager. A fat, ugly teenager. Bruno is a fossil. Grandpa Bruno. These two are going to crash and burn.

  8. Also let me say that Kyle that baby back bitch put a filter on the phrase “hors* teet*” because he wants to bang @ but never will because

    1) he doesn’t play sports

    And that’s it. That the requirement.

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