Flyers/Penguins at Beaver Stadium is Being Pitched for 2016-2017

A Flyers-Penguins Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium has long-been rumored and grumbled about, but never confirmed. In fact, it’s never gone past the rumor stage. Howard Eskin confirmed it once (inaccurately) and we heard rumors of Penn State being on board, but never much more. Until now.

According to Broad Street Hockey, Shawn Tilger told the gathered season ticket holders at the Flyers Town Hall meeting that the team is pitching the game for the 2016-2017 season to commemorate the 50th anniversary of both the Flyers and the Penguins. It’s still a long ways away, and there will be countless reports between now and then that it’s happening but not happening or maybe happening until its probably happening it’s happening.


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  1. As a Flyers fan, cool. But why the hell does the NHL keep putting the same teams in this game?

    1. Who would you like to see play? Sabres vs Islanders? Maybe they can do Carolina vs Florida on the frozen Everglades.

      1. They’ve never had a game in Denver or Minneapolis for starters. You’d think the league would want to appeal to more people.

        1. The Winter Classic is all about ratings. Do you honestly think any kind of national audience is going to tune into a game with the Avalanche and/or the Wild? Most people probably don’t even know the Wild exist and stopped paying attention to the Avalanche in 1996.

          1. Agreed.

            Nobody had a problem when the Cowboys/Lions played on Thanksgiving year after year. I wouldn’t spend 1 second watching a Coyotes/Flames Winter Classic. And I’m a major hockey fan.

            Crosby sucks.

  2. Listening to the beginning of today’s Innes and Bruno show from Clearwater at the Phillies game this afternoon. Bruno sounds massively confused. First he said Herrera was in CF, then said no, he’s in LF and then said no, he’s in CF. Then he said that Revere had the day off. Then he said, no, he’s playing today. Worse 2 minutes of confusing radio I ever heard. Bruno sounded like he was having an aneurysm.

    1. I’d be worried if Bruno DIDN’T sound like he was having an aneurysm.

  3. If you created a custom google search to bring up related articles from reddit: eagles, flyers, sixers, phillies/ deadspin/ 700 level/ broad street hockey..

    you could put all the aticles posted in the past 2 days on a dart board and toss a couple darts blind to pick what is going to show up on this blog

    copy/paste, reblog, regurgitate and move on, learn spelling and grammour then forget, it and use lots of, commas randomly

    1. Then stop fucking coming to the site. Christ, I am so fucking sick you people bitching about the format of this website. Do they copy and paste a lot? Yes. Of course they do, its a fucking blog. If you don’t like it go to a different fucking site.

      1. Here’s an idea:

        If you are sick of reading the complaints…go to another site.

        You are welcome.

    2. yea dude we get it. its ironic you are complaining about regurgitating things. Im sure you can figure it out.

  4. Good idea in theory, but the result would be disastrous. I want no parts of this. First, I can’t stand Penn State. Second, this would just be a giant brawl between Yinzers and Philadelphians that would end with the media headlines of, “Typical Philly fans…”…

    Something, something, snowballs at Santa…something, something…complete.

    No thanks.


  5. Penn State, that despicable school, and Beaver Stadium which housed Jerry Sandusky and his enabler Joe Paterno for all those years does not deserve to get the publicity and cash from this. That University is a blight on this state.

  6. I just hope the poor victims and their families get free tickets. All these years later and the first thing I think of when hearing Penn State is, uh oh, what did they do now…

  7. Your suckiness is boundless Jim.

    Everyone tune into BOB, premiering April 6th!

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