RADIO WARS: Sean Brace Is out at 97.5

Voila_Capture 2015-04-02_11-33-05_AM

Sean Brace just sent out this Tweet. He is indeed done at 97.5 and no longer with the station. It seems he was notified this morning (presumably by his boss and not a blogger).

The knee-jerk reaction is that this might have something to do with what appears to be the inevitable hiring of Anthony Gargano (I guessed wrong that the announcement would come yesterday after the best April Fool’s joke in the city, by far). But popular conjecture is that Gargano might occupy a time slot earlier than Brace’s. WE’RE GONNA NEED THAT MUSIC:

UPDATE: BAWHGOD THEY CANNED THE PRODUCER TOO! Steve Vassolotti has also been let go.

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241 Responses

        1. When I only hear snippets of Brace, I thought he and Marks together may be a fun, young show.. but it wasn’t.

          Brace is just dumb.

          Marks is a bit better, we’ll see.

    1. Agreed. I’d take Brace over Innes any day. Innes is so bad, I’ve literally stopped listening to the entire station. True story.

      1. Same. Especially since they let Ellis go. There is no one on WIP worth listening to anymore.

  1. You know what they say. When one door closes, the barback role at Pitcher’s Pub opens.

  2. see, i don’t know why everyone thinks 975 is getting a morning show. they would have had one by now if the issue was finding a host. there’s something way bigger than that at work. so yeah, brace is almost certainly out in favor of gargano, probably with marks at least at first. and probably with a 10-2 shift also.

    1. I can see Gargano an Mayes together, that could work from 10-2. They will easily beat Barkann and Ike Reese.

      No way Gargano gets a morning show, won’t work. It would cost 97.5 too much money to put together a “morning crew.” They would need to hire 4-5 talented people. I can’t see them laying out the money.

      1. I think there’s some kind of contract issue with espn that is so advantageous to 975 parent company that they makes them ok with having to air mike and mike rather than a local show. aside from the sportscenter branded news updates i don’t know what it is, but it’s something with that and not paying or find hosts for a morning show.

        this is an issue worth investigating though, i think. kyle? jim?

        1. Syndication costs less to produce.
          High Production quality, top national guests and talent vs local work of lesser quality, and higher costs.

      2. Especially when their target audience (not the 50-80 male douchebag crowd that listens to Angelo and Co.) listens to Preston and Steve and are not going to leave them. It would be a fruitless effort for 97.5. But if they kill WIP everywhere else (maybe Gargano, Mayes and Marks from 10-2?) they’ll still win while allowing WIP to have their morning win.

        1. Why do you think WPEN has or would “Kill” WIP everywhere?

          I doubt you have access to rating, so you are going off speculation and false hype. The reality is that Missanelli has beat WIP’s mid-day show for a while now, but other then that…NOTHING has been competitive in WPEN’s favor.

          The small minority of people who go on these sites and comment do not speak for the majority. The majority consistently voices their opinion through ratings…which M-F 6a-7p, M-Su 6a-7p and 12m, Men 25-54, Men 18-44 and Adults 25-54…it’s no contest, WIP wins. Advertisers also voice there opinion…WIP outbills the Fanatic by MILLIONS of dollars (even if you take away the Eagles and leave the Flyers/Sixers with them”

          As Bruno or Mayes would drop in there show “Get some facts and come back and see me”

          *Please excuse grammatical errors this is being typed on a phone

      1. You Don’t think Breakfast and Broad is going to work out for Rob?

        Ellis could be the Al Morganti role on a morning team, but he and Gargano didn’t work out so well the first time.

        1. al moronganti role: act like you know hockey, act confused all the time, never have a complete thought, and surf the web all morning?

      2. you really suggesting the reunion of a show that failed miserably 4 months ago?


        and I need someone to wake me up in the AM. Ellis-FakeSouthPhillySthick made me fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon…don’t want to see how that works at 6am.

  3. BTW on Gargano, I think he could be good if he loosens up his schtick. Enough with the stupid same callers he gets all of the time.. enough of the philly brah thing. Enough of being friends with the players and not ripping them.

    I don’t know if he’s capable

    1. come on, i listened to that show to hear the same 10 callers get 8 minutes of airtime every day!!!


      1. That is wip in a nut shell. The sane people call everyday multiple times. I think they don’t put a limit on the times you can call because they realize that If people were only aloud to call once a month their ratings would plummet. You can’t call the same show more then once but you can call multiple times as Lon as it’s different shows. For christs sake I’ve heard Steve from glenside fall asleep while on hold.

    2. He was much better with Macnow than he was with Ellis. I love Ellis but he turned into Gargano’s yes man after a while. Macnow seemed to be able to bring Gargano back to earth a bit when he got out of hand. The guy knows his stuff but, you’re right, his schtick needs to be mellowed out a bit.

    1. Totally with you. It was like they are less caffeinated and able to concentrate on Saturday Mornings. During the week they just keep hopping around too much.

      1. It’s because the boss wasn’t listening on Saturday mornings so they didn’t have to worry about minute-by-minute PPM micromanaging.

  4. He better change his fucking Twitter handle. No way wip will hire him either after the way he bad mouthed them for years

  5. The best part is reading all the replies to his tweet from people who are sad to see him go.

    “best show on radio, period”

    1. You are a jerkoff Steng. Maybe the guy shouldnt have been on the air. Not having a job is on another level. Fuck you. Hope he lands on his feet. What’s the point of kicking someone when they are down?

  6. Thank you, no existent God.

    I try not to kick someone when they’re down, but Brace never should have been in his role in the first place. The guy is unfit for college radio. He needed to go to Cheyenne, Wyoming or do the overnight shift on Channel 54645 on Sirius before trying to go to a major market. It’s a big mans business up here, and Brace couldn’t hack it.

    With this Bojangling white boy out, it’s time to really turn out attention to the true cancer of Philadelphia radio: Josh Innes. Fat ass.

  7. I think this is a mistake. Brace was one of the only real dudes on 97.5.

    I am shuddering at the thought of listening to Gargano’s fake South Philly shtick and hearing “that is awesome” over and over again.

    I’m done with 97.5. Boom 107.9 it is all day at work for me.

    1. CCCCLLLLLAAAAASSSSSSIIIIIICCCC! Yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, yo bo, didja heer I’m moving to the fffffaaaaaannnaaaatttiiiiicccc!?!?!? It’s sooooooo ccccclllllaaaaaasssssiiiicccc! Can’t wait to shill slingboxes on the new station while I shove primo hoagies in my mouth.

      I can’t stand him and all of his nonsense. Why do they keep recycling these uber awful hosts? Next we’ll see MM going back to WIP and on and on and on… They should just merge the stations already and be done with it.

    1. Vassalotti got screwed! And everybody at the station is pissed about Vassalotti getting fired.

      Tim Saunders said “What the fuck!? Vass is great”

      Myrtetus is furious.

      Marks is pissed that Vassalotti got fired, but he’s thrilled that he doesn’t have to carry Brace anymore.

  8. He may have been a real dude but he wasn’t the best with his sports takes. Let’s ship out joe yunes as well so we can get this god damn godfather locks and betting nonsense of the station.

  9. Maybe you could hire him to do your podcasts, I mean it couldn’t be any worse right? Actually it would make it worse, never mind.

  10. Brace is a clown the dude one time sent me a DM to talk shit to me than blocked me … should of never been on the radio.

    1. Dude, Brace might be an idiot, but your grasp of the English language is severely lacking.

  11. i don’t get the hate for brace. i liked the jon & sean show.

    brace is way better than cataldi, gargano, moronganti, big daddy, gcobb, macnow, reese, jolovitz, R H E A.

        1. If you think Brace was a quality host, you’re an idiot.

          What did he bring? He didn’t really know much about sports, he didn’t know ANYTHING about current events, he had no sources, he wasn’t funny.

          1. And he wasn’t intelligent enough to talk about serious issues.

            Plus, he was a producer for 7 years, but wasn’t able to carry a show by himself if Marks wasn’t there.

          2. Brace ducked and I hope his partner gets canned. They are the reason why I started listening to the Josh Ennis and Tony Bruno show which rocks. I hope Mike Miss is next cause he’s a condescending ass wipe

  12. You will be able to spin at the crossing broad spring mixer n judge the red light green light game for the brothers

  13. Hey Sean – WOuld love to have you on the show with Tony and Josh. Please DM me for details.

    I am the producer for the Tony and Josh show. Or at least I pretend to be.

    M. Robin

    1. HA HA HA HA HA HA… No…

      However, in the words of Miss Robin’s Native Language…

      duw het in je reet, klootzak

  14. Sean Brace was the worst personality of all time. “You outchyo dayum mind.” Every time he said that, I switched to turning my radio off. Thank you Fanatic for doing this. Also I think it is because of the Maclin tweet saying that Maclin was signing with the Eagles then 30 mins later Schefter tweeted Maclin is signing with KC. Brace tweeted it from the Jon and Sean account then denied it and let Vassalotti take the fall.

  15. No one (except Innes) is worse than the new back to back combo of Brian Haddid (6-10) and John Johnson (10-2). Two super hyper frat boys more interested in movie stars and music.

  16. I moved onto Satellite Radio recently as WIP & 97.5 have gotten so bad. What has changed in the past 5 years is that they are 24/7 Eagles talk anymore and it makes my head spin. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Eagles, but I can’t talk about them 365 days a year! What happens is they focus on one topic for weeks like ‘Is Nick Foles a franchise QB?’ and they just milk it everyday with nothing new or insightful.

    1. That’s a good point. Is Nick a franchise QB? Not sure. I wish they would talk about whether or not Chip will make a play for Mariota

    2. We get it Tommy Byrne. You’re a celebrity and on madding on xm.

      Your laugh is awful.

  17. Well deserved. The guy was a hack. The fact that he lasted as long as he did was because they were probably paying him very little. At the end of the day 97.5 finally flushed this tool. Not likable on any level and deserves to be right where he is, nowhere.

  18. As Sean Brace leaves the Fanatic to become Dept Head of English at a local university, I’m just wondering what took 97.5 so long to realize that Brace wasn’t going to get any better??? But the idea that Gargano would be a good “free agent” signing is faulty thinking. The Cuz has definitely worn out his fake S. Philly schtick.

  19. Usually not big on someone loosing their job, but Brace was so bad on the air, he had to go.
    Wonder if Marks is next, since he isn’t on the air today…especially with Vassiloti getting shit canned as well.

    If 97.5 thinks that a mumble mouth; fake South Philly; no sports knowledge dope like Gargano is the missing link to taking down what is left of WIP’s ratings, I just don’t see it. he is fucking unlistenable.

    Speaking of unlistenable: I gave Bruno and Innes a shot. I really did. Bruno is a caricature of what was once a decent sports talk host. He was probably at his best with Harry (who, BTW, was supposed to be back today but isn’t). Innes..and this has nothing to do with his appearance or hometown… god-fucking-awful.

    Sports radio is in sad shape in this market.

  20. met brace out at a bar once. he was actin like a total dick. not just a shitty radio host but a shitt fucking person

  21. Christmas came early this year. But seriously, is this really a suprise? He had the diction of a confused 13 year old (dayum, dis and dat, etc.) and dressed like one too. He was a mildly entertaing sideshow but not capable of operating a sports talk show in a major market. He would be good as a ground crew person at a hip hop station or bussing tables at pitchers pub (at least he still has that going for him). It is now safe to listen to the Fanatic again, well done.

  22. Yo yo yo, dis shit be whack yo. Dey always be tryin to keep a brotha down yo. But i bes aight, i got my homies and my bus pan and i bes killin it at pitchers pub yo. I’m gonna strap on my Angels flat brimmed cap, sag my pants, and straigt pimp stroll to da good life yo

  23. Great day for all radio. Next to go: Brian Sludge Haddad. That guy actually knows less about sports than Innes. Now that he on the full-time night shift, he is trying to be a poor man’s Innes. One Josh Innes is one too many. What has happened to WIP?

  24. I did not like Brace but I am a little surprised he got booted. If it came down to Brace or Innes I’d rather listen to Brace all day

  25. Sean Brace makes sports bets with a guy I know. He only makes $20 bets on games, and then goes around telling people he bets loads of money. Can’t wait for him to land a job at Murray KIA of Conshohocken

    1. i know your statements to be BS. lol.

      Why do so many people get off on sounding witty/in the know on message boards. People go to great ends to get attention/sounds like they are providing insight.

  26. good.
    this guy deserves all the shit he gets. i hope he enjoyed his 10 mins of fame. saw him get knocked out at pitchers pub a few years ago because he was hittin on some dudes girlfriend.

    dude should try being a door to door salesman with scull shaver
    fucking loser

  27. He was not a good radio host, but I don’t get the jealousy and hate for the dude. I think that he needs to hone his skills in a smaller market and then maybe come back. He definitely wasn’t ready for the big time, that seemed obvious to everybody. I’m surprised it wasn’t obvious to management.

  28. It’s funny that after all these years of trying to be black, Brace is one step closer to being black now that he is unemployed. Coulndn’t have happened to a more clueless douche. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  29. I have lobbied for this moment for a few months. now that the moment has come…not really sure how i feel. I really hope this is no way benefits Marks. He is WAY TOO loud and does not deserve anything more than brace.

      1. WHO’S YOUR QUARTERBACK IN 2015!?!?!?

        WHO’S YOUR QUARTERBACK IN 2016!?!?!?

        Every. Fucking. Day.

  30. Something to remember the Brace-man from the Fanatic home page: Sean Brace has quickly established himself as an integral part of 97.5 …and a burgeoning talent in Philly sports radio. Sean’s style: energetic, edgy, fueled with a lot of sports and pop culture mixed in. … Sean is poised for a long career in Philly sports radio. Hmmmmm.

  31. Look how absolutely fucking terrible national sports radio is. Colin Cowherd is the anti Christ, Tierney and Tiki? Oy Vey! If national radio is that bad, local radio is 10 times worse. Tony Bruno needs to retire, Innes is OK but too much of a gimmick. Mike and Ike is so bad the candy changed their name, Hey Oh!!

    1. Jim Rome or Jay Mohr are much better IMO but I prefer local sports topics, so I’m screwed. It’s really bad here

  32. Thank god Sean brace is off the air in philly…is Harry gone aswell? Harry is not listed on 97.5 website under Shows icon! Brace has no connections or sources in any of the major 4 sports and was awful in crossovers with baldy n mays many times. I can’t believe brace lasted this long on air in a major market. Mays gone would be nice aswell.

    However, baldy is must listen radio.. I have great respect for him with his knowledge. Can’t wait for football and his insight everyday.

    Gargano is not the answer aswell. His south philly lingo is so tired and would be a step back. Gargano should just manage a Primos. Have rob Ellis be his delivery driver. They agree on everything. So boring.

    1. It’s as well, and if you are going to use it in every sentence at least use it correctly.

  33. Brace was the least talented person I have ever heard. He had no sports knowledge, no grasp of the English language and was personally a big douche. The next to go should be Myrtetus who is a midget, no nothing, mikey miss kiss ass, who never gets off his knees with the Flyers, and off the air is the biggest pussy you will ever meet.

  34. It’s never funny when somebody has lost their job. But I’m not sure this guy worked on his craft. He has a decent voice, no thought process. Good luck to him.

  35. I listened to a show once where Brace was referencing one of his “boys” who was currently locked up. I know this clown was desperate for some sort of brotha street cred but sadly the Jamal act has finally led to his one way ticket back to the pub. Hopefully he got a skull shaver as a parting gift.

  36. Dont worry guys. If you want to find brace just go to the nearest #BlackLivesMatter protest. He will probably be one of the dopes leading a die in outside the linc.

  37. Can’t believe none of you jackwagons on this 2-bit site can put 2 and 2 together. Gargano will start Monday Morning at 6am. He will be teamed up with John Marks in a morning show that has all the makings of a dumpster fire worse than the Phillies. My peeps also report Gargano has brought along his WIP lap-dog producer and the secretary he was banging at WIP as his on-air update/female sidekick. Gargano did no no homework on his afternoon mumble/slurp fest, and will have very little chance of working with an uppity punk like Marks. Gargano hated MacNow and got him gassed, then they stuck Rob Elllis on because they had no one else with legit credentials to be his partner. People here praise Ellis. He’s a nice guy with no energy and solid sports opinions. That translates into zero ratings. As bad and tired as Cataldi is, a Gargano local show in am drive will get worse ratings than Mike and Mike. 97.5 will be playing music once this latest panic move blows up after next football season. Innes and Bruno suck, but if 97.5 had any one running the show with a clue, why wouldn’t they have kept Bruno and put him on in morning drive instead of letting him go? He’s the only radio guy in this city who has done successful morning radio at the local and national level? I can hear his lack of enthusiasm working with a loudmouth slob like Innes. What a total joke.

    1. They have been on for years around the country and simulcast on TV.

  38. Philly sports talk seems to be suffering from the same problem as the Phillies. Neither has groomed any young talent in years, and there is nothing on the horizon. Every time they rip RAJ they could just as easily be talking about their own profession.

  39. Note to Brace, mid 30 wiggers end up as busboys at Pitchers Pub. I understand you have a desire to act like a childish 13 year old that was roundly rejected by your peers and felt the need to reinvent yourself as a black person (“dis” and “dat” are not real words) but grown adults look at you like a disease (hence why you are on the streets again). I hope this wake up call will either send you to the ghettos you seem to crave or finally serve as a wakeup call to grow the fuck up.

      1. Please do society a favor and go use your fists to start a gun fight like Mike Brown.

  40. Baffling to let Sean go and they keep Aytan. I guarantee you that Sean has a bigger following and more listeners than Aytan. You can’t pair Marks and Gargano. Is Anthony going to talk about “Dimes”, Manayunk and Pitchers Pub. They were never going to let Marks go after he spent all that money to get married. Anytime somebody post wedding pictures on their Twitter account they never lose their job.

    1. Everyone hates everyone here but Jon and Sean were clueless about anything non sports related. Jon Marks is too loud and he sounds like he spits when he talks. I’d rather listen to Mays and whomever from 10-2. Maybe Marks will take Nick Kayal’s spot at night.

  41. Random Thoughts:
    Sean Brace is making an appointment with Stuart Smalley!
    Angelo Cataldi is too old, and his schitck is tiresome.
    Joe Conklin is the only one worth listening to on WIP morning show!
    Mike and Ike = BORING, although Ike seems like a nice guy!
    Missanelli is a little condescending but very intelligent and talented !
    Josh Inness is mismatched with Tony Bruno.
    Macnow and Ray Diddinger are good together and very knowledgeable!
    Where is Phil from mount airy?

  42. Yo Yo dis is so dope mayun… It’s me King Wigger Sean Brace, thanks fo all da support, and dat’s straight up yo.

    Ever see me kick a field goal or shoot a basketball, it’s like your watching a 4 year old girl play sports for the first time

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