Stephen A. Smith Isn’t Calling Chip Kelly a Racist, but Thinks We Should Ask Chip Kelly If He’s a Racist

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Woman-beater pitchman Stephen A. Smith, who looks and is shaped like Jar Jar Binks fused with Jaleel White, was on Mike Missanelli’s show today to discuss LeSean McCoy’s comments accusing Chip Kelly of being a racist which cited Stephen A. Smith’s comments trumpeting random people on the street who allege Chip Kelly is a racist. As part of the ~20-minute conversation during which Stephen A. repeatedly said he wasn’t calling Chip Kelly a racist, Screamin’ A. continually resorted to questioning why LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jaccson are gone but not Riley Cooper:

SAS: I’m saying: I didn’t play for Chip Kelly. I don’t know the man. LeSean McCoy knows him. So for him to say that, WHOA. Why would he do that? He didn’t say that about Andy Reid. Why’s he saying it about Chip Kelly? For what?

MM: I mean, maybe he’s still butthurt that he traded him.

SAS: Maybe, MAYBE! But maybe that’s not it. Because he did get 40 million, he is in Buffalo playing for Rex Ryan. It’s not like he’s outside the NFL looking for a job.

SAS: The bottom line is, LeSean McCoy knows Chip Kelly better than you or I. You can try to dismiss him all you want to but in the end what it comes down to — undoubtedly so, I might add — is the fact that he feels the way that I intimated,that several members of the Eagles locker room was feeling, and when I said it everyone attacked me like I called Chip Kelly something.

I’m not SAYIN’ he’s A racist, MIKE, but I’M JUST SAYIN, we should QUESTion WHETHER he’s a RACIST OR not. YA FEELIN me?

Here’s exactly what Stephen A. said on March 9.

More Stephen A.:

SAS: All of these people out here that wanna stick out their chest and bloviate, and act like somebody is creating something that don’t exist and all of this, wake the hell up. Ask yourself the question. That’s all I’m saying. And the question is not are you a racist, we’re not saying that about Chip Kelly [Editor’s note: What?] The question for Chip Kelly is this: You got rid of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy. In the NFL where talent takes front stage, and you kept Riley Cooper. Can you please explain that us why you did that? [Editor’s note: If that’s not asking Chip if race plays a part here, I don’t understand the question.]

By the way, I reached out to the Philadelphia Eagles weeks ago, the minute I said it, and I said I would like a one-on-one sit down with Chip Kelly. I am still waiting for a comment.

Stephen A. makes substantially more money than me and just about everyone else who comments on sports for a living. And that makes me sad. I should do something outlandish, like co-host a radio show with John Bolaris or something similarly crazy. It seems crazy is where the money is.

Jim: It’s honestly insane to me that the dude who was basically one step short of stroking Mayweather’s dick on TV is calling out Chip Kelly for being a questionable person.


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  1. The biggest racists in sports today in my opinion are Stephen A Smith, Sonny Hill and Marcus Hayes.

    1. Please let this piece of $hit racist die in a robbery committed by the usual suspects. When I inevitably run into this scumbag, I am going to tell him exactly how I feel, He will either be the punk that I think he is, or you will be reading about me. I’ve already told off Andy Reid and the Governor until “escorted” away by police, so NO, I am NOT joking.

      1. Ok. We believe you. You are not joking.

        You are just an idiot.

        1. This is coming from Bob the Idiot who publicly blasts Kyle for spelling DeSean’s name wrong because he doesn’t know that wannabe thug spells his name like a “gangsta”. Just STFU and go away, clown.

      2. good – i hate this motherfucker screamin a – he can go suck skippy dick

  2. isnt it a little racist in itself to publicly claim a guy could be racist just for trading a player in a league where athletes are as disposable as toilet paper? was Andy a racist when he got rid of TO? no, everybody knew it was a dickhead so we had reason to want him gone (despite Super Bowl hopes). yet Chip Kelly gets labeled a racist for getting rid of Desean Jackson, who the day after a playoff loss was already talking about wanting a new contract (you cant change culture when the young players you bring in are looking up to a vet like him). he gets rid of Shady, who has had questionable instances in his career here and if anything did happen to come out about kicking a woman off of a party bus, big time black eye on the organization these days. and then as pointed out by everybody, HE DIDNT GET RID OF MACLIN. FAT ANDY OVERPAID FOR HIM.

    1. Thank you. I too am so fucking sick of people lumping Maclin into the “got rid of him” category. Reid paid $11 million for a #2 receiver and Chip wasn’t stupid enough to overpay. That’s what happened. FUCK.

      Let’s also not forget that Shady clearly took a step back last year and Chip was, in all likelihood, selling high on a player who’s production is going to fall off a cliff in 2 or 3 years.

  3. Exact reason why I don’t hire blacks over at the peach pit because of their constant bitching & complaining .

  4. I would actually buy a “Screamin’ A” shirt. Start production asap to capitalize on this.

  5. Kyle you should be the last one to talk about race I mean aren’t you the same guy who’s been defending that drunken racist Florida redneck Riley Cooper?

    1. I’m pretty sure he was the same guy who posted the video first…..not like doing that killed coopers reputation or anything..

    2. IT COSTS MORE MONEY to cut Riley Cooper than keep him on the roster. Something like 6.2 million dead cap to cut him now but only 4.8 million cap hit to keep him on the roster.

      Shit it isn’t that complicated. Also Riley Coopers 2013 season was comparable to ANY AND ALL Jeremy maclin seasons 2009-2013. So at those numbers it was a good deal, and he fell off.

    3. If this really is Phil, I find it hard to believe you’d be hating on Kyle, because he was one of the first people to break the story when Riley got caught acting like a racist asshole. I honestly haven’t read a story in which Kyle defends the guy, though I can’t imagine he’d defend Riley’s behavior that night. So if he didn’t defend dude’s racist behavior, what *did* he defend?

  6. Why is it when SAS speaks he sounds as if he’s trying to be MLK or a black preacher?

  7. The only reason Cooper is still on this team after his shit performance last season is because of his cap hit this year, which is almost $8 million. Its not racism, its not a conspiracy, its fucking money. Next year his cap hit drops about $5 million so look for him to get cut after the season at some point.

    1. it would cost anywhere from 6.2 to 7.2 million dollars to cut Riley Cooper today. That money goes straight to him in a check tomorrow, and every penny counts against the cap. $3 million of his 2015 contract is straight guaranteed money, and i assume some of his signing bonus is carried into the cap number this year.

      4.8 million dollars to keep Riley Cooper on the roster for all of the 201 season. I don’t think he’s due any guarantee money after 2015.

  8. Highly Questionable on ESPN just did a segment on the roast! It was the best 2 minutes I’ve seen on TV in the last decade. Even better than the 2 minutes a day I spend staring at Asian buttholes on redtube!

  9. As expected Mikey Miss yukked it up with his buddy SAS. Screaming A must have been advised to be careful with his words — another suspension and a slander suit might not enhance his career. SAS graduated from the Al Sharpton school of race baiting and proudly shakes his diploma when it gets ratings.

  10. it’s pretty bad when you have me siding with Missaneli, who suprised me today by taking a logical stance in this whole ordeal, although i think you would have to be seriously mentally challenged to look at this any other way….or possibly just a paranoid racist yourself which was the majority of callers into Missaneli’s show at least until SAS called in, i stopped listening after that

    Stephen A is a race-baiting piece of shit who plays both sides of the fence on social issues. At heart he’s what some ghetto blacks would refer to as an “uncle tom” because he expects young black people today to make their own living and take responsibility for their actions. He talks about this when he goes on fox news or cnn and has expressed these views in private speeches at fundraisers or colleges….then there’s the character he plays on ESPN where he has to stand up for the young poor “brothas” who have been wronged by the system and just can’t seem to get a fair shake in life and when ratings get down he seems to feel the need to interject race into every discussion ( Reds manager bryan price cursing out the media for doing it’s job= The Reds are paying the price for getting rid of Dusty Baker!!!!) It’s not only exhausting but frustrating because race is interjected when it has nothing to do with the story, and more troubling is that it seems his employer, ESPN, has pretty much encouraged it by not punishing, let alone held him accountable , for his race-baiting behavior

    Says a lot about the state of today’s sports “journalism”

    1. He realized Innes had the same logic, and since Innes is annihilating him in the ratings, he needs to acquiesce and keep up with the winners.

  11. I really like Fat Boy’s attempted rant about Shady today.

    And then he was all salty because Stephen A Smith wouldn’t appear on his show.

    And then Fat Boy bit off his own hand because he was salty.

    1. And then fat boy kicked Missinelli’s ass some more in the ratings… and then fat boy still had your attention all day.

      Innes is the voice of a generation!

  12. Another day in irrelevancy for ol Joshie boy.

    Why can’t I get talked about Crossing Broad anymore? Is it because I’m a fat ignoramus?

  13. Kyle, why do you care what Steven A says… you sure don’t care what the people on here are posting day after day… yet, you feel it’s your duty to announce the pronouncement of what an ESPN guy spouts… WOW… I’m going to give you some sound advice… stick to reporting on viable & interesting topics.. it can’t be that hard. This is Philly…. ride the bus or get off…

  14. ESPN are frauds for keeping screaming A & Britt McHenry employed

  15. The issue I have with Screamin’ A is that there’s going to be no fuckin’ accountability whatsoever. He can just toss some shit against the wall, back it with absolutely no credible fact (keeping Cooper and releasing 3 overpaid black players doesn’t count as credible evidence) and then walk away. People wonder why race relations in this fuckin country are the way they are..because of asinine comments like this. And at the end of the day, Screamin’ A can hide behind the “well I’m black so I can make comments like this because white people don’t know what it’s like…” yaddda yadda FUCK YOU Stephen A you scum bag piece of shit. The day Chip Kelly actually says in his own words “I am a text book racist and I am proud of it” is the day I will actually believe he’s a racist..until then, I’ll unfortunately have to listen to Screamin’ A hypothasize and toss fecal matter into the air…and then have the audacity to not back anything up.

    1. By the way, is there going to be anything on the roast?

    2. It’s socially acceptable for Africa Americans to be racist. World we live in

  16. Anyone hear that racist Malik call Josh & Bruno today? Dude was calling them honkey’s & bragging he’s a pimp

  17. I live in the same SJ neighborhood as SAS.
    It is filled with nice homes and 95 percent white.
    He is rarely seen except for his car service outside his house 3x a week at 5:30am. When he talks in private he speaks very softly.
    It’s all an act for the masses. Have never asked his views on sports while in his company, and I sure wouldn’t want to waste time listening to him on the radio.
    Btw, his grounds and upkeep is great, therefore I’m fine with him.

    1. Stephen A looks like he would be big into Asian girls for some reason.

        1. He was engaged for awhile to a light skinned black “model” who he had a kid with. She came her from California- lasted 6 months and went back, with the kid.

  18. Stephen A. Smith is a Grade-A asshole. The stupidity with this guy is mind-boggling. There’s no reasonable part of this guy’s brain to recognize that Chip is drafting and signing black dudes? If he was really racist, this team would be all white.

    Ahh, we can dream.

    1. if the team was all white we’d be a college team from the 50’s and get pummelled. Chip needs a few nigs on the team to win. guarantee no other white coach in the league wants to deal with nig attitude either.

      hire yourself a black coach and see how many superbowls you win LOL

  19. Kyle we all saw the Bolaris tweet yesterday. Does he want to do a radio show with you? We have a date yet as to when we’ll be subjected to that?

    1. Somebody ask Bolaris on Twitter if the rumor of him fucking sus Celek is true?!?! #roast





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