So LeSean McCoy strongly implied that Chip Kelly doesn’t like black people. Well, good black football players at least. Which also implies that every black player currently on the Eagles isn’t very good, and that is just rude. Anyway, the Eagles (and by default Chip Kelly) had no response, but that doesn’t mean no one else did. Jim Rome is willing to admit that Chip might be a bit crazy but he’s probably not a racist:


Derrick Gunn says it’s just Shady being Shady, which could point to why he’s not with the team anymore:


Bomani Jones kinda goes along that same thread. It’s not that Chip Kelly doesn’t like good black players, it’s an attitude thing, which can be a risky stance to take in the NFL:


On today’s edition of First Take (I watched it so you don’t have to), Stephen A. Smith said he appreciated LeSean McCoy’s honesty, said he wouldn’t toot his own horn, and then loudly tooted his own horn. “I’m gonna say this so everybody will know,” Smith said. “I talk to people. I specifically told you that the day I said it about Chip Kelly. No matter what sport it is, if I open my mouth and I tell you a perspective it’s because I speak to folks inside locker rooms.” It’s worth noting that the “specifically told you” part he’s referencing only mentioned “brothas walking the streets,” not anyone in a locker room. But what’s Stephen A. Smith supposed to do, quote himself correctly? He goes on to say the players he spoke to said the same thing about DeSean and LeSean and Maclin’s departures, conveniently forgetting that Maclin is gone because Andy Reid overpaid for him.

Stephen A. continued, saying he “heard” that the only reason DeMarco Murray is in Philadelphia is because Chip was feeling heat on the racism front and “felt compelled to make a move.” At least that’s what Stephen A. says “players” thought — air quotes his own — basically that DeMarco Murray is being paid so Chip can prove he has a black friend. “These are the things that I was told,” Smith said.

Skip Bayless had Smith’s back, even going as far as to thank McCoy for referencing Stephen A., thus giving attention to First Take. Both of these guys suck. “Is it racist, or is it just the fact that all of his skill position stars just happen to be black,” Bayless asked Smith. That’s where the online clip cuts off, and thank God because I could not take any more of that.

We’re almost at the point now where two dichotomous things are true. First, Chip Kelly shouldn’t have to respond to this because it’s ridiculous. And secondly, Chip Kelly has to respond because this is ridiculous. I’m fine either way, but until Chip hires Stephen A. Smith himself to replace Dave Spadaro, this isn’t going to end.