Today in “Dom Brown, Competitor”

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Iron Pigs slugger Domonic Brown, who was just happy to get a free lunch out of being informed that he’s not quite good enough to play for the worst team in the Majors, spoke to Matt Lombardo of today and commented on how, yeah, he didn’t want to come up to the big club either:

“It doesn’t get frustrating just because I understand the business and the Phillies do a good job with letting guys know exactly why you’re here and what you need to do and I already knew that, too. Once my rehab stint was up, letting guys know that I wasn’t ready. Letting coaches here know that I wasn’t ready. I feel good now, and that’s all that matters. Still got a long year ahead of you, still got four or five months left, so a lot can be done.”

The competitive fire burns deep inside Brown… oh, wait, no– just a little indigestion.

Side note: I’m amazed that, over four years ago, I was writing posts about how Dom Brown was, like, you know, not that interested in baseball. I feel like he’s not going to work out as a player.

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7 Responses

  1. Kyle you need to crank up the ANTI-Phillies rhetoric to max levels . Local media is not doing.

    This is the 4th straight year of absolute garbage. The Dodgers signed a TV Deal and their payroll went from $110 M to $271 M. Phillies sign their TV deal and payroll shrinks $40 M.

    Lets start to get some people fired. Find out WTF is going on with the imbeciles who own this francise. These assholes lost 2/3 of their TV viewers and half of their attendance in less than 3 years.

  2. Also four years ago i recall you writing that Ruben Amaro was the best GM in baseball…..

  3. Dom brown reminds me of someone who walks at a snails pace when you are stuck behind him in a rush to get somewhere

    1. When your stuck behind him? have you ever just watched him try to play the outfield? dude is as lazy as they come

  4. I could be completely offbase here, but there seems to be a sense of entitlement from Dom Brown, like the Phils are A-OK with him taking his time to “get healthy”, like he knows he’s got a gig in the big league again whenever HE’S ready. And of course this all stems from his two month’s worth of All Star batting he put in two years ago…

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