Rumor: Aaron Murray Cheated on Kacie McDonnell with His Brother’s Fiancée


When Kyle’s away, let all the juicy gossip come out: According to Radar Online (via Life&Style), whose reputation falls somewhere around Star Magazine levels, Aaron Murray and Kacie McDonnell’s engagement fell apart because Aaron hooked up with his brother’s fiancée. Using Kacie’s GRANDMA as a source, Radar quoted her as saying, “[Aaron] knows what he did and he has to live with it.”

It all went down, supposedly, like this: As L&S puts it, former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, who was engaged to Aaron’s brother and Bachelorette contestant Josh, “is rumored to have hooked up with Josh’s brother and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Aaron Murray, while the couple were still engaged! And not only that, but Aaron was engaged, too, to a woman named Kacie McDonnell. Like Andi and Josh, they have broken up.” Shit, I wouldn’t have given that ring back either.

If this is true, and it’s a big IF, the sudden engagement break-off and quick move-on by Kacie makes sense. But don’t worry, she’s doing alright.

[h/t reader Chris]

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  1. In unrelated news, baseball’s collective bargaining meetings have broken down after the Royals owner pushed for players to contribute more towards dental insurance premiums.

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        Unless you are crooked.


  2. And if she can, she’ll move to the next big sports contract guy. Except the NFL. She doesn’t seem to be the type that will risk getting a beatdown.

      1. That probably looks like a catchers mit with all the athletes she’s been with

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  4. Fucking your brother’s fiancée, or fucking your fiancé’s brother?

  5. If you don’t want comments about her, don’t fuckin’ talk about her!!!

  6. quite fitting that Jim’s week in charge comes to an end by posting a “rumor” story originally from radar of all places, about some washed up jersey chaser who’s dying to become the next Anna Benson so she can get her own reality show and show off her surgeon’s latest work

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  10. I clicked Crossing Broad on my favorites but TMZ was displayed. Must be an issue with my browser.

  11. Teeth is a great role model to young girls out there. Go above & beyond to find a rich athlete

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    2. There are no blacks in the music business who don’t have a white girlfriend.

  12. What a shitty name, “Andi Dorfman”. You would think she is a hideous troll. Granted, she is not and I would eat out her shitter.

  13. I was reading in the New York papers yesterday how the “Round Mound Of Rebound” was escorted through a special private entrance to a steakhouse in Atlantic City’s most popular casino. Can someone tell this guy that just because your on a Pro Basketball pre and post game show that no one cares where you eat or is going to chase you down for an autograph.
    It’s so laughable because he wants to come off as a man of the people. He is quick to criticize MJ, Woods and others as being uptight, meanwhile he is looking for a way to escape the general public.

    1. Met chuck before. Real nice dude bought everyone in the bar a beer

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