Jahlil Okafor Hits Up Kendall Jenner on Twitter, Isn’t as Sly as Joel Embiid


It’s not quite photoshopping jerseys or faking dinners, but Jahlil Okafor has taken to twitter to hit up Kendall Jenner – “the best of the Kardashian-Jenners” according to the dude who signs the checks. Maybe he can get a bit further than JoJo did with RiRi though.

Or, alternately, something’s up:


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  1. Football is crap. It’s like a soap opera, unlike baseball. Baseball is a true sport. They play everyday and aren’t talked about 24/7 by the media. The NFL has become a circus over the last 5-10 years. It’s become sickening. I used to like the sport during the winter during the baseball off-season. The players are thugs and the media talking about it incessantly has turned me off of the sport.

    Baseball = serious sport, no frills, you need an attention span and brain to follow.
    Football = soap opera of thugs perpetuated by the media on the dumb masses of Americans.

    1. Football itself is not the problem. The way the NFL runs things is starting to become a problem.

      1. If you want to talk about NFL rule changes on the field, I agree with you. But, that’s not what I’m referring to in my rant. I’m talking about the incessant coverage of a sport that is only played once a week. The media has made whores out of the whole sport. It’s a fucking joke that print, blog and radio media can’t talk about anything other than football these last 5-10 years. No other sport exists in these peoples’ minds. It’s all about gambling and the WWE aspect of these NFL players that are paraded in front of dumb-asses that is bought hook, line and sinker.

        Look at the national coverage all summer. Local and national coverage rarely talks about baseball, the only sport being played. It’s incessant football interview and “scandals” from so-called football “experts” that fill the medium. Why? Because the dumb American public loves it and has the attention span of a common house fly.

  2. Jah’s pimp hand is strong but he needs to take some twitter lessons from Hans. Hans twitter game is on point.

  3. Anyone who can listen to WIP or 97.5 for more than 15 minutes and enjoy it, at any hour of the day, should immediately be selectively reduced as a means to raising the overall intelligence of the human race.

    1. I agree 100% with you. Both stations are trash at this point. Same shit everyday. Bradford, Kelly, racism, Riley Cooper, Bradford, Kelly, racism, Riley Cooper, Bradford, Kelly, racism, Riley Cooper, over and over.

      They refuse to talk any other sports. They won’t touch MLB from a national perspective or the NHL with a 100 ft. pole. They also won’t talk NBA unless it involves trashing the Sixers or Hinkie.

      1. Yesterday eve was surreal. I think he actually believes his own talking points. He was saying how R. cooper needs to do community service to get right with those he has offended. I guess these yo-yos don’t realize how sanctimonious they sound. As if he never ever in his life used the “n” word. Maybe he thinks the yiddish version of the “n” word is acceptable. Because everyone of his persuasion I’ve ever known has used the term schwartze.

        Even though caller after caller said they’d rather talk actual sports instead of psychobabble he still wouldn’t quit. He must have a guilty mind about something and is projecting his path to redemption onto someone else.

        1. I heard the interview Eytan Shander had with Matt Millan (sp?) yesterday, the blogger from this phillyvoice crapola site that no one reads. Millan and Shander had a jerk-off fest on Riley Cooper and how he needs to address the racist issue 2 years later. Embarrassing. It’s white guilt with these white bloggers and talk show host in 2015. Or maybe it’s PC shit for their own job security. In other words, they want to appear to be on the side of the African-Americans when in reality they are not.

          Say what you want about Innes, but at least he doesn’t pander to this PC crowd BS. At least the guy speaks his mind and doesn’t cower to the PC crowd like most of these media people.

          1. Gave Mikey Miss a try yesterday afternoon. Jeezus …. Cooper, racism, white guilt. How long is this crap going to go on? Some black guy called in and told him he needs to shut that down and talk about football, and Miss went all crazy on the guy, talking over him, making fun of him. Poor bastard couldn’t even make his point. No wonder his ratings are in the crapper. Sanctimonious white guilt fraud.

            1. @Drew –
              yeah like Mikey Miss never used the word “moolie” either. That’s a sidge term by the way. Even if Missanelli never used that word, in his CULTURE i’m sure he heard it and gave the offender an interminable ear-beating like he does to every caller to his show.

              Sure he did.

  4. Shocking…another WHOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE Kardashian/Jenner wants to fuck a spook…

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