Tipster: Philadelphia Submitted a Bid for WrestleMania in 2018

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It’s been rumored for some time now that Philadelphia would make a play for WrestleMania again. They reportedly made token offers for the 2015 and 2016 events that went to Santa Clara and Dallas, respectively. Philadelphia Sports Congress Executive Director Larry Needle later cited the unavailability of venues needed for ancillary events as a reason why no official bids were made. There was also a report (or rumor…) that Lincoln Financial Field reps were difficult to work with and treated the WWE like they were “doing them a favor,” similar rumblings to what we heard about the bidding process for the 2012 Winter Classic which Citizens Bank Park eventually hosted.

Now, according to a WWE source, Philly has recently submitted a much more attractive bid to host WrestleMania 34 in 2018.

Details, per the tipster:

  • Lincoln Financial Field would, of course, host the main event
  • NXT and RAW events would be held at Wells Fargo Center
  • FanFest events at the Convention Center

Submitting a bid doesn’t guarantee success, but from the sounds of it, and now that WrestleMania’s auxiliary events have become a big draw, too, this time around the bid is said to be stronger.

The Philadelphia Sports Congress declined to comment for this post.

We’ll keep you updated.


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  1. WM is usually in March/April – Could get snow or rain at that time of year. Could they realy have the event – outside at that time of year?

  2. WrestleMania 34? I have not paid attention to wrestling in 25 years (since I was 15), but I must be missing something. I saw the first one and the math doesn’t add up. WrestleMania is once a year, correct? How can it be #34 when I saw the first one in 1985? If it was #34, wouldn’t that be 2019?

    1. Nevermind. I just saw “2018”. Jesus H., this fake shit has bidding like the Olympics for the future? Hahahaha! Joke.

  3. I remember when Haystack Calhoun wrestled against Ivan Putski. Those were the days Jabroni! Bang !

  4. After the debacle at this past years Royal Rumble I would be willing to bet NOOOOOOPE NOT GONNA GET IT

  5. I am a Josh Innes fan, but I just shut him off. Between last week and this week of the Tebow talk, I’ve had enough. I’ll tune in again after week 1 of the Eagles season. If the dude is still talking about Tebow, I’m done with him. I am starting to understand why people can’t stand Innes. The Tebow shit is getting real old now.

    1. If you’re an Innes fan you’re dumber than Trump supporters.

      P.S. does anyone know the “tweeting” that was going last night in Sports Radio?

        1. It means only the dumbest of the dumb like Trump….and the even dumber than that like a fat slob with no sports knowledge doing a poor imitation of Howard Stern’s act from the 80’s.

  6. I know two “adults” that watch wrestling, both are single and one still lives with his parents.

    1. is the adult that lives with his parents under 24 years old? That’s still perfectly normal for anyone.

  7. Sadly WWE can’t announce the wrestlers scheduled for 2018 as 1/2 will have had heart attacks by then.

    1. He is 72 and has stomach cancer, don’t think he will be going to wrestling shows.

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