RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno Says WIP Owes Him $30k

And a missile has just been fired.

Tony Bruno, responding to a Twitter exchange between me and Josh Innes (who implied that his show beat Mike Missanelli in a recent ratings release), said WIP – by way of Operations Manager Andy Bloom – owes him his $30k bonus for having the number one rated show with Innes:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-15_01-04-25_PM

I am caught in the crossfire! Missiles stream above my head!

I asked Tony what, uh, happened. He says WIP claims they don’t owe him his number one ratings bonus because the two sides never had a contract– rather, they had an agreed upon letter of intent, he says.

Mr. Bruno?

“I signed my letter of intent in February. Bloom never gave me final, executed contract. [Bloom] claims I had no deal, yet paid me everything agreed in letter of intent except ratings bonus.”

“I warned Bloom my next move was taking this public. He defers to CBS legal. Tired of taking the high road to help others succeed… guy is protecting his own butt at my expense.”

“He keeps tell me and my lawyer the contract wasn’t signed, thus no legit deal. Keeps insisting it’s a closed deal because his legal department says so.”

“He claims not signing a contract by March 1st made letter of intent void, yet I have paper trail where he stonewalls about getting me a contract until March 31st. Even then he didn’t clean it up with promises he made verbally, yet didn’t want in final executed contract. Vacation and shift length weren’t correct, my lawyer wanted it clean.”

Typically, I’m told, ratings bonuses are based on three-months ratings books in the men 25-54 demo.

A few months ago, as you’ll recall, Tony retired, of sorts, from radio after just a few months partnered with Innes at WIP. Their show quickly ascended to the number one spot, ahead of Mike Missanelli. Which made Tony’s departure all the more curious, and surprising. Though awkward, his on-air the retirement was treated amicably by both sides, with Bloom even reading some comments from Bruno, who declined to call in to address the audience and issued a statement on his own. He later spoke to Jeff Blumenthal of the Philadelphia Business Journal, giving a bit more insight but not yet taking the gloves off with Innes or WIP. Since then, Bruno has been doing his podcast, The Tony Bruno Show, and we haven’t heard much with regard to his departure from WIP. Until today.

An email requesting comment from Bloom wasn’t immediately returned. I’ll let you know if he responds with anything other than calling me an A-hole.

As for the ratings claim: I’m told Innes and Co. did win the most weekly ratings period, which runs about 2-3 weeks behind. We’ll provide more context if we get it, from anyone, because now people from both stations think the other station feeds me ratings. BURSTING IN AIR:

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119 Responses

    1. Heh heh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh hehheh heh

      -Hollis Tank

      1. Of all the impressions of local sports personalities on here, this one is sadly the most spot on. All he does is chuckle repeatedly. Every now and then, he attempts to use some impressive vocabulary, Of course, it is often the wrong word to use in the situation or he grossly mispronounces it.

    2. Called this loss to the falcons three months ago. Fuck off Jeffy lurie’s fruity midnight green bullshit eagles. Jeffy you voluminous patriots fan.

  1. Seems to me now that wherever this Bruno goes, he becomes a whiner and puts his private business out there (1st at 97.5 and now with WIP). This guy did the right thing and retired. Once a complainer always a complainer.

    1. It’s probably not Tony posting that. It’s probably Miss Robin. He should really follow Joe Cordell’s advice and change his email and social media passwords.

    2. Employers screw employees out of money when they’re walking out the door every day.
      How can you support a multi-BILLION dollar corporation over a decent guy?
      I hope you lose your job.

  2. They owe it to him. He carried that fat ass Innes for months. Now that he’s gone we are all seeing the ratings go right back to mike miss

    1. “Now that he’s gone we are all seeing the ratings go right back to mike miss”

      I guess you have a reading comprehension issue because if you read what Kyle wrote above: “Innes and Co. did win the most weekly ratings period, which runs about 2-3 weeks behind. “

          1. Bob did far more than squeeze the Charmin. He performed 40 thousand dollars worth of gay lovin’ on me. I’ve only paid him 10 grand, yet he’s too cultured to take this public.

  3. So they had to dig up Howard Eskin’s carcass to do the players show this year. Remember last year it was Gargano — the afternoon star. The now afternoon star, a certain fat slob by the name of Innes, will not be doing this marquee time slot because….because….he’s an embarrassing fat slob?

    Anyway good on his coke head boss to screw Tony out of 30k. Probably spent it on gifts for Innes or coke.

  4. I don’t get Tony Bruno, or did Miss Robin get hold of his twitter account again?

    Don’t most people quit after they get their bonuses?

  5. WIP has become completely unlistenable. Angelo is a creepy old pervert. Mike and Ike might be the worst show in the history of the human race. Josh, well…no explanation needed. Whoever is in Charge of talent for WIP should be fired. It’s a joke how bad it has become. And Rhea might be the most annoying female in the universe, with my wife being a close 2nd!

    1. It’s quite sad how a once great station is now putting out content worse than what you’d hear on the Des Moines Morning Zoo. It’s all because of Andy Bloom.

      Angelo, like you said, is 70 years and old oogling girls who his grand kids would go out with. It’s gross. Mike and Ike are unfit to give morning announcements at a high school. Josh Innes the fat slob defies explanation. Sludge is a dorkish bore.

      1. Sludge and John Johnson make Innes sound like Tom Brookshire. I thought they were around 21. Anyway, I stopped listening to the 6-10 pm show once this doofus took over and when JJ fills in on the later shows I just turn it off.

      2. Weekdays
        6am – 12am – 97.5
        10:30pm – 2am+ – 94.1

        channel surf

        Live sports
        pending, minus points for Phillies games

        And Paul Jolovitz sucks, that guy is unbearable. He’s not the worst, but he’s trying hard to be.

        1. Jolovitz it the rudest bastard on radio. I can’t stand the sound of his voice (all that nasally slobbering) and the way he yells at people who don’t agree with him. I am surprised he is still on here.

  6. Just think, that $30K could pay for Tony to live in beautiful Claymont, Delaware, for 21 months with a little bit of money left over for some Mad Dog 20/20.

    1. He’s the right age for the senior living facility that advertised here. Very conveniently located condos eight near the Sunoco refinery.

    1. F the black chick cause shes black
      M Jillian cause she’ll let you watch sports
      K sheena because enough of her, shes kinda chubby anyway

  7. Anyone want to live a half hour from Philly in the middle of nowhere Delaware? Come join our “BOB” friendly community and enjoy such things as Chinese drywall, HOA rules, and did i mention having to live in Delaware? Hurry, these crap shacks are renting quickly!

    1. Middle of nowhere? It’s conveniently located near Chester, the Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook and beautiful downtown Wilmington!

      1. At least here in Montgomery County I’m not pan handled in parking lots as I was in DE. Have to avoid a bullet or two from time to time but it is a fair trade.

    1. There are those in the tribe who rule and those who toil. She probably just stuffs money in her ears so she doesn’t have to listen to his voice.

  8. If the letter of intent was generally in place with minor details to be hashed out and both parties acknowledged this by A.. Tony showing up to do a radio show and B. CBS Radio cutting a paycheck for said radio show, CBS Radio is going to have a hard time proving the deal was not in place. Unless there was {in print} debate regarding what the bonus should be or if it should exist, then CBS Radio MIGHT have an argument. I’d love to see Tony push this because it sounds like he has a case and the likely outcome will not be a pretty one for CBS Radio.

    1. For christ’s sake, that was painful to read.

      Also, Jaccpot’s team did not win. Neither did Trent Cole/Todd Herreman’s team. Nice try though.

  9. Didn’t the Flyers win that three way battle for Lindros in 1992 with their earlier handshake with Lindros’s agent overruling a signed contract the Quebec Nordiques had with the Rangers. The handshake or oral acceptance constituted a valid deal. Of course, the Flyers screwed that up. Lindros was not as good as they thought and no Stanley Cups while the Rangers and Avalanche/Nordiques who both wanted and lost Lindros, each won Cups – the Avalanche multiple ones with the help of Peter Forsberg who the Flyers traded for Lindros. Another Ed Snider fiasco.

  10. Bruno has a paper trail then bloom is fucked . How petty is innes.? Checking crossing broad every two seconds to see if Kyle typed joshs name in his keyboard. Mark my words , innes will no beat Missanelli till after Super Bowl and maybe never. But I am a Bruno fan. Wip really messed up. P.s. Bring back howard Eskin

  11. So I think all you eagles fans can stop drinking chips kool aid and admit now chip has absolutely no idea what he’s doing and is the worst coach and gm ever with his stupid gimmick offense smoothies n all that other crap that won’t work in the nfl and he gets rid of every player on his team that shows and signs of being good and it only took one week to show every move he made this off season was a horrible one his guys all sucked and everyone he got rid of played great and won. They will go 3-13 this year and he will quit n go coach college where he belongs. The team is way worse than last year secondary is even worse and I didn’t know that was possible the o line is weak d line is over rated qb will be hurt and is way too over hyped for a guy who’s never done anything the rb’s can’t even pick up 1 yard when they need to and they don’t have any reciecers other than Matthews in the slot they definitely don’t have one to stretch the field or get open I mean your starting wide outs are cooper n huff good luck with that

  12. anyone who comments on crossingbroad regularly is a fucking lowlife loser. try and get once in a while and maybe you won’t spend 4 hours a day checking the site to see if anyone replied to your comment

  13. I would not pay him a penny. The show was a trainwreck. He didn’t retire he walked off the job breaking whatever contract he thought he had. He gave the station the finger and didn’t care how badly he embarrassed them. He hates Innes.

  14. I miss Bruno on real radio. Lazy fuck couldn’t make it a year working for wip

  15. Don’t worry eagles fans. Bradford will be hurt by week 4, then you’ll have 12 games to watch Sanchez throw more interceptions than completions. Dream Team!!!

    1. Plus we take out that local services tax in Delco. How goes changing the scented pink cakes in the bathroom at Pitcher’s Pub?

  16. Bruno must’a been listening to eli manninig and chose to lay down #quitlikeabitch at the wrong time. My wife makes me listen to philly bullshit all the time here in the STL… Bruno needs to fuck off like the un-prof bitch ass he is. #oldguyboreing and take his lumps for walking out. Cant wait to watch his wif give handjobs to keith olberman to get work…… oh shit,… KO go fired too……. Bahahahaha!!!!

  17. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a prosperous society with no violent crime ????

    It’s easy !!!! Just get rid of poor Latinos and blacks !!!!
    Not all of them, just the poor ones.

  18. I tried giving Tony’s podcast a few tries. First I was impressed he was able to get it on Apple Podcast… not because that’s hard to do but I just figured he wouldn’t be able to figure it out given his age and assumed technological capabilities. But then I listened and man, what kind of equipment are they using? For all the hype he and Miss Robin give about their technological senses, it sounds like the recording equipment is located in the closet and they are 2 rooms over. You can barely hear anything.

    Not just that but he’s got hacks on the podcast like some Joe Corrado dude from twitter who uses a Frank Sinatra avatar (this guys only claim to fame that would almost make you think he was somehow Blue Eyes himself and cool) and it’s not really about sports but “entertainment” in general. Miss Robin really ruins the whole thing too, she seems to really love the attention or something.

    Anyways, the whole thing feels like “I’m going to take my toys and go home…” sort of thing. Good for him if he’s having fun with it but the whole “I’m just taking it to a new medium in 2015 because I’m onto a new thing / technological breakthrough” just seems like a total cop out.

  19. This is the new age of WIP. Andy and I will show you how it’s done.
    We are going to screw Josh soon too, he just doesn’t know it.
    That’s the way I roll.

  20. She has been stealing a paycheck for months. Hard to believe a person who has zero talent to work on radio ends up with a job.

  21. Angelo and GonaRHEA can go. Morganti amd Farzetta are way better. Millhouse (Mike) & Marble Mouth (Ike) are worthless too. Josh Innes is OK for parts of his show then turns ainto a child with a tantrem when he doesn’t get his toy or snack at Store

  22. Why is WIP begging for Food at the ShopRite? Zally just wants people to buy his food to
    Donate instead of him giving his fooD away

  23. Ever wonder why Paul Jolly is on WIP? I guess he’s an “Hours Eater”. No one hardly ever calls and he talks to himself like a bird in a cage. Then when someone does call and disagrees with his opinion he yells at them. Maybe WIP can do better, must be a few qualified people that could do a better job than “Jolly”?

    1. Nick Kayal for one is better than him and most of the regular WIP hosts. So is Steve Trevelise, my personal favorite.

    2. You would think “Jolly” would get a clue as to why he doesn’t get many calls but his ego is such I do believe he is convinced that people think he is a sports genius. Anyway, I now just turn off John Johnson, Sludge, Ricky Ricardo and old Jolly as soon as I hear their voices. I wish Jody Mac could do the later shift more often. Steve Travoliese (spelling?) is also pretty good.

  24. Unlike most here, I actually liked Innes when it was just him and him with Tony. Bus this new show is rapidly becoming “must-miss radio”. Spike is bad enough, but at least he doesn’t say much. But HeHeHeHe… is another matter. And today at approx. 3:15 a caller named Kyle (who claimed to be black) actually mentioned his “Speech Impediment” to the response of silence on the other end. Its a must listen and if you missed it you can hear it on the podcast (3:00 PM Hour). The call starts at about 14 minutes in. What happened to the requirement to have good communication skills to talk on the radio? Apparently that’s no longer important at WIP. And good luck to Tony on collecting the $$$ owed him.

  25. Big Daddy Graham is stealing money from WIP. He is the biggest non talented hack in the history of radio. He only wants to talk about himself. It’s very weird.

    1. Agreed, I refer to him as “Daddy Two Times” after the Goodfellas character “Jimmy Two Times” (Get the Paper, Get the Paper). Ever notice how he repeats himself so much. That’s except for the call-line number. He says that a minimum of 4 times before each break.

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