The Eagles Are so Perfect at Social Media

Malcolm Jenkins dropped two sure-fire interceptions on Monday night. Tweeters tweeted and I wrote that he needed more time on jugs this week.* The Eagles, ever-aware, posted a Vine this morning, ostensibly about Dallas week, but perhaps actually indicating that, yep, Jenkins got the message:

*“Solid jugs performance today! Solid jugs performance by you today.”

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10 Responses

    1. Mike Missanelli Now I won’t bring it up since I don’t like to brag, but I nailed that Falcons pick OUTRIGHT. I told you that line was telling me to go against the Eagles. Vegas knows what it is doing 92% of the bets were on the Eagles. Let’s go to Harry from Mayfair. Whats upbro?
      Harry from Mayfair: Well Mike first of all the line didn’t move even though 92% of the bets were on the Eagles, because half the money was with the birds.
      MM What you talking bout bro you don’t have a clue
      HfM Sure, the 8% of the Falcons bets were large and it is the known as the smart money
      MM you a dope bro, first of all I teach sports law in college, live on the Main Line, drive a BMW and played college baseball.
      HfM I’m telling you Mike Vegas wants half the mon..
      MM Look bro I’m an elitist, and you only live in in Mayfair…won’t hold it against you bro. Want a general knowledge question?
      HfM Maybe you are right I am a human zero…go ahead give me a question, I’m a trivial pursuit expert
      MM Okay where did the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941 to force the US to enter WW2
      HfM Attack? wait I know this …wasn’t it the World Trade Center
      MM What? Martines?
      Martines. I know this I remember from high school history class. It was Pearl Harbor?
      MM Correct good work by you Martines – lets go to Ji’Aire from Camden What up Bro?
      JfC I still sayChip Kelly is a racist….

  1. That vine is oddly mesmerizing… specifically the audio playing on a loop “Cowboys game [click] [catch] [click]”

  2. Please stop using me every third post. I am very tired now. Try using friends of mine such as apparent, presumed, seeming, illusory, or even prima facie.

  3. Hey guys. Neighbor mike here. Wanted to give my bros some useful fantasy advice to help you stay ahead of the competition. First up : injuries to be aware of. Some key fantasy starters were injured in Week 1. OK? Thanks . hope this helps.

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