The Pros and Cons of the Eagles Making the Playoffs

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On the surface, things are pretty simple: Playoffs = good. No playoffs = bad. But we know this team, even if they win the division, isn’t really a “playoff team.” They’re mediocre. And with that comes a ton of pros and cons to the Eagles actually making the postseason. It’s 100% okay to be an Eagles fan and not necessarily want them to win on Saturday. I get it. So here are some positives and negatives for an Eagles playoff run– feel free to add your own in the comments.


  • Playoffs are fun.
  • They could advance past the first round, you know. Anything is possible.
  • We get to talk about the team with a somewhat positive spin all offseason, which is nice.
  • The Eagles get a home game.
  • Jeffrey Lurie pockets more money (con?).
  • Beating the ‘Skins, Giants, and Cowboys is enough.
  • Not letting DeSean finish off your season in Philly.
  • Sports talk radio in the lead up to the playoff game will be amazing.
  • We’ll get more page views.
  • They won’t have to play in London next year.
  • Chip won’t have to do Hard Knocks.


  • It validates “Chip the GM.”
  • We’ll have to hear that “we were a playoff team” all year from every mediocre player who knows the team kinda stunk.
  • The Eagles will draft in the 20s instead of the top-15.
  • Unlikely to advance past the first round (current playoff picture has Eagles v. Seahawks in the Wild Card round).
  • The Eagles get a home game (for the season ticket holders who don’t want to pay the extra money).
  • Sports talk radio in the lead up to the playoff game will be awful.
  • It won’t change the fact that they stunk this year.
  • They won’t get to play in London next year.
  • Chip won’t have to do Hard Knocks.

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    1. brace’s site isn’t that bad at all. just do not like how he promotes that fraud godfather locks

      1. Ronnie? Remember me? Ronnie? The friend who was at wit’s end and needed you; your partner in radio for over 20 years who you tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage from Florio’s in order to get your hefty daughter a job?

  1. I am a die-hard Eagles fan. I do not want them to win on Sunday.

    I want them to win on Saturday.

  2. So Kyle hasn’t said anything about Nova since he wet his pants from their preseason ranking. Just to recap, they of course have lost to any team worthy of the tourney so far and are on schedule for another first or second round trouncing.

  3. It is absolutely 100% NOT ok to be an Eagles fan and not want them to make the playoffs. Jim you suck, go find your hipster calling somewhere else.

    1. Agreed! Now, I know they’re not beating the likes of Seattle, Green Bay, etc. However, making the playoffs means we get 3 straight weeks of meaningful football. Who wouldn’t want that?? Nah, let’s not make the playoffs and get a head start on the inevitable asinine conversation of trading Chip to the Titans. Ugh, can’t for local radio to throw that shit at the wall!

          1. hasn’t it been reported that he possibly killed himself because he was gay and tony wouldnt accept it?

          2. steve mason calling someone an asshole? dude is the biggest asshole that comments on this website. inappropiate joke but not nearly as offensive as the ridiculous garbage he types on here every day.

            we get it, youre mocking kyle for a comment he made 3 years ago about the flyers goalie.
            and thats how many years you spend on this website daily, its really pathetic.

          3. Slowpoke…

            I have never attacked another person on here, never used racial slurs, never used sexist terms, yet I’m the biggest asshole because I called Chip Kelly a fraud, mock Kyle’s Chip Kelly propaganda?

            And Kyle,deserves to be called out and reminded of his bullshit. Maybe I’ll change my name to “DeMarco Murray Flight Tracker” or “No Way We Don’t Get Mariota” or “We Won the McCoy Trade” or “Eagles Super Bowl 50 Champs”.

            Also, calling out Kyle’s clueless bullshit is on par with joking about a man’s son killing himself for you. You got problems, sir.

      1. Don’t forget trading for Colin Kaepernick to run Chip’s offense lil’ skip. Use second-level thinking and look within. Now relax Sidney and have a cream soda….

  4. Just another bad post by Jim. Little known fact/widely know fact…they’re playing on Saturday.

    Con: Jim posts more about the Sixers/posts at all.

    1. Yea, but this site will not post any stories about the game until Sunday afternoon anyway.

  5. Lurie getting more money. I don’t get it. How is that a pro or a con. That does absolutely nothing for me no matter which way it sways

  6. Do you really want to watch the Redskins in the playoffs in exchange for moving up 3 or 4 draft spots?

    1. The last time Washington made the playoffs, we got to see them destroy the careers of one of the best rookie quarterbacks any of us have seen recently.

      It was their own quarterback. But it was still compelling to watch.

      1. i remember watching that game and saying to my friends “i think this guy might die today, his fucking leg is hanging off and they still have him in the game”

        1. Barbaro had a better chance of completing the Preakness.

          RGIII earned a lifetime pass from me after that game. The field look like it had hosted a monster truck rally during halftime. The offensive line was brutal. And they were facing one of the best defenses in the league.

    1. Agreed, I tuned in listening for Harry Mayes and shut it off the minute I heard Joe D’s voice

  7. Pros and Cons of electing a Republican to the White House


    1. Would set the country back 20 years
    2. Women wouldn’t be in control of their own bodies
    3. Gays would be treated as 2nd class citizens
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    6. The Bible would replace history books in schools
    7. Jim Crow laws would have potential to return
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    9. Kyle would be happy

    1. Cons?

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      9. Kyle will be happy.

      Yay! I can spout crap too that has nothing to do with ANYTHING on here. Are you proud of my creativity? Do I get a participation award?

    1. I mean why wouldn’t a young, highly attractive female TV personality want to date a 60-ish, divorced, arrogant blowhard with anger issues who fancies himself as a “man of the people” while driving a Mercedes to his shore house/country club, and vacations in Tuscany.
      Great match, no ?

  8. Pros:
    1. We no longer are subjected to his terrible posts
    2. Jim would be unemployed
    3. He would be forced back to his Starbucks job where he belongs
    4. It would open the door for a talented contributor to this site
    1. ummmmm………


  10. (current playoff picture has Eagles v. Seahawks in the Wild Card round)

    .Actually, the current playoff picture has the Redskins playing the Seahawks in the first round. That’s because the redskins are in first place, and the Eagles are in second. Hence, if the season ended today, the Eagles would be on the outside looking in. Try to keep up Jim.

    Chip Kelly, football revolutionary:

    Year 1: 1 and done in the playoffs
    Year 2: 9-3 to not making the playoffs
    Year 3: 8-8 at best


      1. He said they went from being 9-3 to not making the playoffs…dolt. Not that they finished 9-3

        1. This dude posts on every article and it is always stupid.

          He claims to hate this site but mercer leaves. What a pathetic life.

          He wakes up every day with the goal of being an online ahole and then checks back in at night to claim he isn’t one. Poor troll.

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