Jerardi: Hinkie Should be Fired Because the Sixers are Far From Being One of the Best Teams Ever

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Last night’s Sixers game was U-G-L-Y, and there’s no alibi Brett Brown is buying. The usually chipper and optimistic Brown was feeling the post-snow blues and cut his post-game press conference short. The few words he did say weren’t positive:

“I don’t even know what team I coached tonight. That’s not who we are. Fortunately we got a few wins on the board previous to this game where you can say, ‘Yeah, I agree, we see what you saw.’ I’m not going to be out of control with my comment, that’s what we saw. We were poor.”

“Oh great, here comes a blind hipster Hinkie defense,” you say, but let me open with this: Jerry Colangelo deserves a lion’s share of the credit for the way the team is playing. His arrival can’t be ignored. The Sixers have added Ish Smith and Mike D’Antoni (two men who had re-invigorated the offensive play of this team), and Smith has nearly single-handedly grabbed the team five wins.

According to Dick Jerardi, this (and other old arguments) means Sam Hinkie should be fired. That’s wrong.

Before even getting to Jerardi’s column, let’s remind everyone again that Colangelo has described his Sixers gig as part-time and remote. That’s not a GM. And if you want to fire Hinkie to just bring someone else in who will basically answer phone calls and emails until you can see what Jerry wants to do, that’s not gonna work.

Jerardi, because he’s as stuck in the past as you can be without being Marcus Hayes (or John Smallwood), opens his column with this:

“The Sixers coach liked his Rookie of the Year point guard. The general manager traded him. The coach liked his point guard at the end of last season. The general manager neglected to resign him.”

Without getting into not re-signing Ish last year (reports claim he turned down a Sixers offer, but it’s still a bad look), let’s look at the ROTY argument, again. Ish Smith is great for this team at this stage, but on the whole he’s an average-level NBA point guard. MCW is “former Rookie of the Year.” Let’s compare this season:

  • Offensive Rating
    • MCW: 94
    • Ish: 94
  • Defensive Rating:
    • MCW: 106
    • Ish: 107
  • Assist %
    • MCW: 32.5
    • Ish: 33.7
  • Turnover %
    • MCW: 18.3
    • Ish: 16.7

And now let’s look at MCW’s numbers with the Bucks vs. Ish’s numbers with the Sixers, going back to last year:

  • Offensive Rating
    • MCW: 97
    • Ish: 92
  • Defensive Rating:
    • MCW: 104
    • Ish: 107
  • Assist %
    • MCW: 29.6
    • Ish: 46.6
  • Turnover %
    • MCW: 18.9
    • Ish: 15.7

Not too different in many key categories. Yet one is the former Rookie of the Year MCW* and the other is career journeyman Ish Smith. But let’s let Jerardi continue:

“Sam Hinkie, the general manager should have been fired long ago for basketball malpractice, selling a dream based on ping pong balls and the future drafting of the next LeBron James. Beyond that nonsense that became clear in the moments after Hinkie drafted an injured Joel Embiid and what eventually became the rights to Dario Saric …

Still, this team is far from contending for anything but ping pong balls. Forget the four first-round draft choices. That is just marketing. I watch college basketball. I like Ben Simmons too, but I don’t see any other potential franchise changers. In fact, consider this. Anthony Davis is the most talented college player I have watched this century. He is one of the world’s best players. The New Orleans Pelicans are 16-27.”

Four (potential, likely at least three) first round draft picks is JUST MARKETING? Actually, Dick, those picks equal college players, which you pick in this thing called the draft, and then they’re on your team. Those young players frequently have talent and potential. That’s how you build a team. For example, did you know Kevin Durant was drafted using a draft pick? Steph Curry too. First round picks are important, and that’s why (unless you’re Billy King) teams rarely get rid of them unless they find themselves in a bind. Hinkie, for all his shortcomings, positioned the Sixers to be the team that helped you get out of that bind.

And Dick, thanks for using the Pelicans as an example, because you made a point for me. The Pelicans are falling apart not because Anthony Davis, a legit superstar, isn’t a game-changer, but because the front-office failed to build a team around him. What’s one of the reasons for that? They traded their first round pick in 2013 (an admittedly soft class) for a middle-of-the-road, injury-riddled point guard. They made that trade with Sam Hinkie.

Oh, and who made Anthony Davis and the Pelicans look pretty decent at times this year when that middle-of-the-road PG was hurt?

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

But Jerardi continues:

“Saric remains a mystery who may never show up. At the least, we know he is not Kristaps Porzingis, a franchise changer in New York.

I love hearing that Embiid is making threes in practice, but, if he ever plays and is shooting threes in games, this is an even a biggest mess than I think it is.”

It’s been reported over and over and over again that Saric IS coming over. But keep denying it, beat writers. It flies in the face of your narrative. Also Saric, the 12th pick from a few years ago, might not be as good as the #4 pick last year who probably should have been picked 2nd overall? COLOR ME SHOCKED.

And in today’s NBA, filled with stretch-4 and stretch-5 players who can shoot the three (including Anthony Davis, HEY!) Embiid shooting threes in games does not make the Sixers a mess, it makes them a team in the modern NBA. DeMarcus Cousins practiced his three-ball this offseason and is shooting 34.7% on over 120 attempts. Fifteen players 6’10” or taller have attempted over 100 threes this season. Ten of those fifteen are shooting above the league average. Jesus Christ, Dick, catch up. (Additionally, and I should know, “this is an even a biggest mess” doesn’t make any sense.)

But he saves the best for last:

“Do yourselves a favor. Stay up and watch San Antonio at Golden State Monday night (if you have NBA TV) and then be honest: how close are the Sixers likely to be to either of these teams in this decade regardless of lottery luck, trades or free-agent signings. In fact, given the pace of the rebuilds in New York and Boston, how close are the Sixers likely to be to their two old Eastern rivals.”

You’re right Dick, Sam Hinkie should be fired because his Sixers aren’t as good as the ’15-’16 Warriors (who tanked to get where they are, by the way) and the ’15-’16 Spurs (read the previous parenthetical), who are two of the best teams of all time:

warriors spurs

Through 44 games – in all of NBA historythe Warriors and Spurs have the 4th and 8th best winning percentage. Ever. Fire Hinkie, he hasn’t turned the pure garbage he was handed into all-time great gold in three years.

*“Former Rookie of the Year MCW” is trademarked by salty columnists everywhere.

Dick’s up on it though, because this was tweeted, by his egg account, like 6 hours after the column went up:

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28 Responses

  1. Jerardi is also the same guy that said MCW was a future all-star when they traded him. He also said that Doug McDermott was the best player in last years draft and that the Sixers should have taken him with the second pick. He also said this year before the draft that there were no all star caliber players or difference makers coming out (Towns, Porzingis, and Okafor) So it is obvious that Jerardi (Mr. Fat Face, double chin, pock mark loser) has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and should retire along with that fat fucker, Marcus Hayes.

    1. “He also said that Doug McDermott was the best player in last years draft ”

      God, there’s nothing I love more than a white player who went to college for more than one year. So many fundamentals! So many hours in the gym and watching film!! So much on court awareness!!! A high motor!!!! Ngaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!… I need a towel.

  2. Jim, you try real hard. But alas, you are an absolute bore

    Kyle: will you be emailing the National Weather Service and asking them to credit you for your Friday post that predicted a snow storm was on way? Wow-brace obliterated you and showed how paranoid and threatened you are. I mean, how many more comments with jabs directed at you can you delete? All the while, you let racist, anti-Semitic and vulgar comments stay. That’s some integrity!

    Nothing on an apology to Chris Mortensen for calling him a drunk when he actually has Stage 4 throat cancer? Nothing ?

  3. At no point in time did the Warriors “tank”. They used good scouting to turn late lotto picks into stars.

    1. They pusposely sat half of their team for a good chunk of a season to keep a protected pick that turned into Harrison Barnes.

    2. The Warriors Missed the playoffs 17 out of 18 years from 1994 to 2011 so never use them as an example of a team that “did it the right way” they tanked for 18 fucking seasons.

  4. This is also the same guy that said there was only 1/2 of a player in last year’s draft (Okafor on Offense). These old beats just can’t take it that these darn kids don’t stay the full four years any more and think the talent level overall has gone way downhill.

  5. This is great, Kyle. I have to laugh when the liberal minion kids you built up with liberal nonsense are verbally attacking you now. They apparently don’t think much of you anymore.

  6. This post lost all credibility when Jim wrote that Ish Smith is single handedly responsible for five Sixers wins. Since being resigned, Ish Smith only has five wins with the Sixers, and he was the best player in one of those games, AT BEST.

    1. They won one game without him. And while he might not have the most points in those wins, his distribution, opening the court up, and energy have won the Sixers all of those games at least partially.

  7. Don’t listen to the haters, Jim. This was solid.

    And Ish is the only reason they are at 6 wins. Without him, they are at 2, maybe 3. Very, very stupid to not have resigned him originally.

    1. I agree, you should show your teeth more Jim, this is one of your best although people will hate because it’s about the sixers. Jeradi doesn’t know jack shit about anything. He probably thinks Doug Collins was a great coach, i mean he already believed MCW was a great player when in fact Bucks fans hate his fucking guts. I distinctly remember about a year or two ago when he was on one of those Comcast sports shows and he was talking about how the next couple drafts were really weak with ” no franchise players to be found” and now today he is writing about Porzingis being a franchise player….the guy is a joke

  8. Articles like that are why phrases like ‘opinions are like assholes, everybody has one’ exist…Jerardi’s, not Jims (his wasn’t bad at all). Hinkie has done exactly what he said he was going to do, and the plethora of picks coming up proves that. At this point, you don’t fire Hinkie and bring in somebody else when so much is already invested in what they started doing three years ago. Colangelo coming in was to make sure the train doesn’t fall of the tracks again and hopefully speed up the travel by using his connections to bypass some stops that aren’t necessary. But you don’t fire Hinkie at this point…Just let the tutor do his job.

  9. A year from now, when Joel Embiid is dominating both ends of the floor, and Brandon Ingram is draining 3’s, and pg Wade Baldwin is locking down opposing point guards on the perimeter, old farts like Jerardi will thank Sam Hinkie for gutting the 6ers, and rebuilding them from the ground up.

  10. Dammit, if Smarty Jones would’ve win the Belmont, I’d’ve been able to write that book and wouldn’t have to keep pretending tI be a basketball writer to pay the rent.

  11. I like how Jim is now putting a “here comes the you’re a hipster loser defense” in his post. That shows that not only does he read the comments, but they are starting to get to him. Don’t worry Jim, no matter how much you include that bullshit copout line in your articles, it won’t make your grammar, sentence structure, and writing any less shitty. You got lucky because you found a jerkoff like Kyle who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to employee, but know that you still write at a 3rd grade level. “Connor Barwin Managed to Build a Snowman Bigger Than Him Somehow.” Jesus, what a fucking joke.

  12. can someone explain to me why certain posts have one paragraph then a jump, and certain posts are half a fucking page before the jump and comments?

  13. Dick Jerardi has been clueless forever and wrong just about every time. He is a self proclaimed basketball expert who got his job by sucking up to John Chaney for years.

    It was mentioned earlier Jerardi actually believed Doug McDermott should have been drafted first overall prior to the draft. In Jerardi’s words at the time NBA personnel people don’t know how to pick players and all you have to do is watch McDermott play the game.

    . On top of that another Jerardi classic many years ago was when he went on Comcast to declare that Jameer Nelson should be drafted number 1 or 2 and that would become a better pro than Allen Iverson.

    How does this guy still have a job?? Forgot – Seniority at the papers until they close! It is bad enough to look at that turkey neck on TV, let alone read his garbage in the newspapers!

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