Oh, you thought the ridiculousness was done?

During a blowout loss to the Sixers, Chuk Okafor posed for a picture with a fan but asked him to cover Hinkie on his shirt (something he then lashed out at bloggers for writing about), while Dennis Marshall tweeted and then deleted Tweets claiming that the Sixers were being racist by playing Nik Stauskas and T.J. McConnell over his son, Kendall. The whole thing was about twenty shades of K.J. McDaniels’ mom.

And even though Dennis deleted the tweets, he wasn’t done. He told a Barstool reader to call him. The call was recorded. Here’s what Marshall had to say:

“I shoot shit straight … I’m not racist, you know, my wife is white … I sent the Sixers a letter of apology for the negativity and the negative things I was saying … I never said the Sixers were racist …

But other than that, my son’s been playing like shit … What I said about Stauskas was wrong. Regardless of my personal feelings, I definitely should not have singled him out, that was wrong … but Stauskas has played like shit the whole season, he can’t guard, he hasn’t hit shots … he continues to get every opportunity to be successful …

How come Kendall’s not getting the opportunity that Stauskas has been getting? … To go from starting to not even getting in the game? How do you develop guys when they’re not playing? … Kendall’s playing like shit, but we ain’t making the playoffs any time soon, so give him a chance to get in the flow.”

Dennis Marshall certainly gives deeper thoughts than Mama McDaniels ever did, and you gotta feel for a guy who just wants to see his son given a chance to succeed, even if he (and Stauskas) are both playing like “shit.”

For what it’s worth, Stauskas has appeared in four games where he’s played fewer than three minutes, and he’s had a couple of DNP-Coach’s Decisions on his own game log. This isn’t ideal for Dennis or Kendall:


But until Ish Smith starts playing like shit, Marshall isn’t gonna be seeing many more minutes in the near future.

Listen to the call at Barstool