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CBS CEO Les Moonves, who should go fuck himself for whatever role he did or didn’t have in signing off on a two-hour selection show, said today during CBS Investor Day that the company plans on selling off its radio assets.

From Variety:

Moonves said CBS would explore a variety of alternatives for the group include a sale, swap or spinoff of the group, just as CBS spun off its outdoor advertising group in 2014. The goal, he said, is to “unlock value for our shareholders,” but he vowed to the crowd of Wall Streeters that “we will be prudent and judicious as we go, as we are in all such endeavors.”

The Eye owns 117 stations in 26 markets, including clusters in such top markets as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

In recent months Moonves has hinted that CBS was leaning toward selling some or all of its stations. CBS took a $484 million write-down on the value of its radio station group in the fourth quarter, citing “the sustained decline in industry projections for the radio advertising marketplace since 2014.”

[Anyone who calls it “The Eye” unironically should also go fuck themselves.]

As you know, CBS owns WIP, among other Philly stations. What does this mean for them?

Over the course of reporting RADIO WARS I’ve heard from several sources that some of the recent decisions made by WIP gave off the appearance that the station was being prepared for a sale. The Philly Business Journal, which has a story on Moonves’ comment, also notes rumors about CBS radio station sales. Lean and mean is a phrase that you often hear. Conjecture had it that cost-saving initiatives came from big-wig execs in New York and perhaps impacted on-air personality and local executive decisions.

Consider that, over the last two years or so, WIP has transitioned from Glen Macnow, Anthony Gargano, Rob Ellis and Tony Bruno in the Afternoon time slot to the relatively inexpensive Josh Innes and his inexpensive co-hosts, one of whom, Spike Eskin, then shape-shifted into an inexpensive program director replacing the more pricey and somewhat divisive Andy Bloom, who was fired in December. There may be other reasons for any one of those personalities leaving the Afternoon time slot or the station in general – Bruno hung it up on his own – but there’s certainly a trend toward saving money.

Today, those same sources, from various levels of local sports talk radio, confirmed that a potential sale of WIP has been the topic of conversation among those in the industry for the last year or so. A couple stated the obvious and noted that this will leave pretty much everyone without a long-term contract at WIP and other local stations worried. Another felt recent cost-savings efforts were the norm for any large corporation today, and that recent WIP moves may have had little to do with the notion that they could be sold.

Still, costs have been trimmed, and now the the company’s CEO has stated that radio properties would be sold off in some capacity. Does this spell the end of WIP? No, doubtful. Unlike music and general talk stations, WIP deals in a targeted niche in a big market. They may get sold, and things may change, but they won’t cease to exist anytime soon. However, radio stations in general are on the wrong side of history, not wholly unlike newspapers. Like their print counterparts, radio stations can shift to the newer medium (online-podcasts), but years of formatting norms, industry convention, groupthink, and like-mindedness work against progress. It’s not impossible – some legacy publications have done a decent job of transitioning to the web, and some radio stations have done a better job of embracing streaming and podcasting – but the deck is stacked against the old school outlets. This is why I’ve been so steadfast in including streaming numbers in the ratings– it’s too important to just ignore. Indeed, WIP, thanks to its older demo and lackluster streaming options (thanks to CBS!), is hurting badly in this regard.

There’s a lot to be decided – it doesn’t even sound like Moonves knows what the plan is – but change is coming, in some capacity. And I’m guessing I won’t be the only one around here thinking Les Moonves should go fuck himself.


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  1. A year from now the following individuals will no longer be employed by 94wip:
    Hollis Thomas
    Big Daddy Graham
    Josh Innes
    Al Morganti
    Angelo Cataldi (retirement)

    1. I heard Jeff from Camden calling mike miss the other week bitching about Josh’s faux cuz but & hr later he called innis going nuts in him. I felt like a loser hearing both his calls

      1. I feel the same way when I hear that wigger Scott from Barrington calling in.
        And btw, shame on 97.5 the fanatic for carrying the dreadful Sixers games over the Flyers.

          1. Ray, Glen, and HOLLIS were talking about the Eagles possibly drafting Dak Prescott and Hollis chimed in, “It really just matters how the draft plays out and who picks who.”

            WHO PICKS WHO. This is some ESPN level NFL analysis. “Tank” was brought in to be the NFL guy and this is the kind of material he contributes to the team. How the hell does this guy have a job TALKING sports.

            Tank seems like a really really nice guy but he brings the entire show down. He played almost a decade in the NFL – that kind of insight should be invaluable but he resorts to just agreeing with Josh and repeating what someone else just said. At this point you can just read Josh’s mind when Tank rambles about nothing. “Jeeze this is the partner they give me?”

            Seroiusly, the shows ratings are going down every single month. It’s pretty clear what is turning the audience away from the show. Also, the market has no interest in national guests or an LSU insider because Josh went to LSU. This was my favorite show a few months ago but now I have to resort back to Mikey Miss.

      1. You did, when you were doing those lines of nose candy in the mens room.

    2. Let’s hope the above 5 are all gone. Innes was good at night alone, terrible during the day with his awful cohorts. Scott from Barrington is the biggest fucking idiot. Let’s get to some sports talk Brother (whoever is hosting) what a fucking tool

  2. You heard it here first and here’s why:

    They’re are paying their two main hosts ridiculous money whil paying everyone else very little. I don’t know this for a fact at all. But common sense is on my side. Ellis had no leverage coming into the station. He was a two time failed host and has to have a t.v. show as well. Mayes is the co-host killer but probably has a decent contract because of his tenure. Marks probably makes nothing bc he’s basically a producer with a little more permission to speak. But he doesn’t speak during interviews or on the pathetically sounding meat locker show. And anyone else who is on either has other gigs or barely has a show and can’t possibly be making any really money. I.e. decamera, shander, stayzack? There’s a reason they bring in guys like Mosher and Barrett Brooks. Those guys have made a decent living so they likely don’t cost much to have on the air

    So when the big boys contracts are up they’re gonna make more money than they are now, which will severely cripple their ability to draw other talent. And all the hosts that are there will either be replaced for cheaper talent or will be stuck making the same money, which I’m sure will go just great. No one wants a raise or anything

    1. I wonder if Robbie Ellis & Barrett smell jillians breakfast on broad seat

    2. Why? He had nowhere else to go after leaving 94.1. The best he could have landed is a part time gig nationally. Maybe a Saturday shift which he already had. I don’t think he cost much at all. Mike on the other hand is well paid. He is keeping the station afloat. Where has Mosher earned money. He is no longer on CSN. He doesn’t have a newspaper job.

      1. My daddy sucks. he doesn’t even know how to use a hammer.
        I think the mailman is my daddy.
        He always gets a stiffy everytime mommy goes outside to pick up the mail.

    3. Mosher and Brooks? Why are you grouping the two of them together as if they’ve made the same sort of living before joining 97.5? Brooks played in the NFL for 11 years and Mosher was a reporter for CSN.

    1. That’s cause your banging the boss! See, I can’t do that cause I like Tuna in a Can

    2. I’m a big fan of Julie. I wonder if ol’ Les has to take the little blue pills ?

  3. Cbs will never sell off parts especially the sports. It would leave them with dead weight. If you want the billing sports stations you must take the FMs. That’s a fact.

    They may sell the whole thing but it won’t be cumulus as mentioned. They’re a penny stock.

    WIP will remain. They bill for the whole cluster.

    1. No, but you and that fat-assed, marble-mouthed retard you work with should be able to land a gig with a mop at one of those strip joints that you ramble on about every day.

    2. You can always get work doing construction around Mom’s house! Check out my youtube videos

  4. New ownership might be a good thing. The lack of originality of sports talk radio in Philadelphia is obvious. “The Format” is tired and inanely repetitious. Most hosts are overly-zealous, but uninspired. That being said, resorting to the “Donald Trump Approach” to broadcasting is not the solution. Josh Innes is not the cure. Like Trump, Innes attracts the lowest of the low-life fans. Hopefully Cindy Webster will put together a group of local buyers for WIP and take over the operation.

    1. WOW! Rob, your well reasoned argument against Trump has actually persuaded me to vote for someone else. I am sure his poll numbers will tumble as a result of your post.

  5. I emailed that jerkoff juuuuuu Stu Byko several years back when he did Stu’s spies asking if he knew salaries for the hosts. This was when Gargano was a rookie so what’s that 10-12 years? Angelo was just starting to hit 7 figures with his ratings bonus and Gargano was at the low end of the full time hosts and he had him at $250k+ bonuses if he hit them for ratings.

    Kyle confirmed a few weeks ago in his ask me anything thread what has been rumored about Missanelli. With bonuses he makes around $500k. Innes was pulling peanuts around $80k BUT with his ratings wins over Miss last year it bumped him around $150k.

    Bruno has openly bitched that Bloom and WIP owed him a $30k ratings win bonus for the 1st quarter of 2015 before he retired at #1.

    1. Ratings have been stagnant for the past 10-15 years because of all of the new alternatives since that time. Because of that, salaries and bonuses have stagnated too. Sure these guys make a good buck, but they are basically making the same money they were in 2002. If you aren’t growing you’re dying, bottom line.

    2. Only 500K? Peasant. I make that in a down year. How does he come off so arrogant? Real lawyers with real jobs make more than that too.

  6. Its clear that moron SYLE KCOTT has a hardon for 97.5.
    He must have gotten canned from WIP for SHlTTY work or maybe he helped mikey miss
    punch out that producer.
    He runs down WIP every chance he gets regardless of the facts.
    He couldn’t have the title of this stolen article be “CBS may be selling its radio stations”,
    he had to name it “WIP May Be Sold By CBS” implying that CBS wants to sell WIP only.
    Its this type of purposed generalities that shows your biased your dope.

  7. Howard Stern predicted this when he left. He was the golden goose.

    1. Stfu you Stern worshipping wannabe. That ju is a pompous narcissistic jerk who throws a bunch of $hit at the wall to see what sticks. For real informed info keep it here for info from me.

      The Original Jay Wrong

      1. Not a Stern worshipper. Sirius is worthless to. just calling it like I see it. Record profits in the radio industry to losing 500 million. Being a metal head all the stations lost a whole generation of fans especially in this market. All the rock stations were busy playing during that time were busy playing 20 to 30 yr old greatest hits. In 1983 if someone requested Metallica on WMMR they were told we don’t play that even know were the home of rock and roll.

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