Scott O’Neil has been the face of the Sixers front-office since the ownership group hired Sam Hinkie back in 2013. He did a solid job of it, minus some missteps here and there, especially since a team’s CEO isn’t usually their representative. With Bryan Colangelo on board that will probably change.

But we haven’t really heard from Scott much since Sam stepped down. There was this retweet right around the time it happened:

oneil retweet

The next game after that, he was booed while going out to honor Joey Crawford on the court at The Center. Since then? Zilch. But the Rights to Ricky Sanchez/Liberty Ballers “Hinkie Forever” billboard has finally broken his silence.

This, after RTRS’ Mike Levin heard that some top Sixers brass saw the billboard and were none too pleased.

The NBA lottery and draft are on the horizon, Dario is coming, and hopefully Joel Embiid won’t go full Mr. Glass on us. It’s impossible for the team to go forward trying to succeed without fully acknowledging the work Sam Hinkie did. I don’t know if O’Neil is tweeting through gritted teeth, but at least the team’s absurd silence on the matter is fading away.