Sheena Parveen is Leaving Us Today

I was hoping she wouldn’t make the In Memorium reel, but alas, Sheena Parveen’s last day with NBC10 is today in definitive proof that everyone you love will leave you behind.

In her time here, Sheena was linked (however weakly) to Hunter Pence [editor’s note: I’m pretty sure I just made this up and they never smushed] and Scott Hartnell, and she outlasted them both. And hey, she was no Adam Joseph (few are) but she was great at her job. She’ll be missed, especially in the comments, I’m sure.

After her final newscast today – and likely a short holiday break – she’ll resurface at NBC 4 in Washington. But they’ll never love her like we love her.

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62 Responses

        1. I remember when the weather was about the weather….not a set of fake cans. I miss Sally Starr and popeye theater too

          1. I think Sheena’s breasts are the real thing. Cecily is an avid runner(skinny+ tone great body) but her chest seems to expand somehow during ratings sweeps. IMO Tissues , stuffing and they are making some very good bras that make her assets appear bigger than they actually are.

            Oh and speaking of weather girls do you remember the weather broad on FOX 29? Caitlyn Roth? That was the chick that broke Mikey Miss’s heart from what I heard. MM needs to realize the older you get its harder to hold onto those younger babes. Mike M is nearly 2x the age of Caitlyn Roth.

  1. choices this morning
    a. what if jared goff was our qb with the cuz showing g@y manlove for wentz.
    b. 3 people that should never be on the radio: al moronganti, rheewa, hollis thomas.

    1. Hollis Thomas is fucking unlistenable. He’s unintelligible and always sounds like he just ran a flight of stairs. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE, HOLLIS!!!

      1. You know you’ve tuned into a great radio show when you have to focus extra hard to understand what one of the hosts is saying.

        Goodbye, Sheena. You will be missed. What do we get now? That goofball with the bowtie?

        1. Can the program directors of both 94wip, and 97.5 the fanatic ban that loser Chris from Williamstown asap. I’M telling you that clown calls one station, then after hanging up immediately calls the other station like the troll he is.

          1. You’re a much bigger loser if you are listen to either station enough to realize the same person is calling in AND complaining about it. Do yourself a favor and stop listening, you’ll actually enjoy watching the games more.

  2. She put on about 10 pounds compared to when she first started in Philly, not much but very noticeable.

  3. I don’t care if she’s not going to DC and not Pittsburgh, the punch line is still applicable here.

  4. So comments about Sheena’s asshole are A-OK, but a question about a weatherman who putts from the rough isn’t?

      1. 50/1 white Female Non-blonde
        49/1 Black Male
        15 /1 White female. blonde
        2/1 GAy
        1/5 non-white female

    1. Ask Jason Myrtetus, he’s 78% on Hockey, yet still has to peddle his 8 year old kid for commercials to pay the mortgage.

  5. Do some real reporting and find out why she is leaving Philly. No ties to DC and DC is not a step up for career. Plus Hurricane Doosh is on his last contract.

      1. Obviously whatever he is getting paid is going to make up the difference if she is taking less.

  6. The Eagles are committing malpractice with Wentz. Did you hear me? No okay im.gonna repeat it everytime I’m on the air. Malpractice, I just learned the word. Wentz can’t do anything wrong. It’s all everyone else fault. Just ask my paisans Mikey and Anthony.

  7. Philadelphia is the 4th largest market, Washington, DC is the 9th. The DC station would have to step up and pay more money because their advertising rates compared to Philadelphia don’t justify it. Normally if you leave Philadelphia it’s because you are entering the Chicago, NY or LA markets. Most of the anchor people and TV mets stay in Philadelphia unless they are being let go, demoted or being forced to leave because a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife demand it. If you are chasing a bigger check it’s because the other station is number 3 and is trying desperately to move up the ratings chain. Just know if they fail your job is in jeopardy, Number three always has the highest turnover.

  8. Wonder what happened with her and Preston and Steve crew. She hasn’t been on in months and they never made any mention of her leaving. Maybe her and Marissa got into it.

      1. Yeah well someone is listening. Their ratings are 2x Pop Pop in the morning on WIP.

        Preston and Steve have only had real competition once when Kidd Chris was put on mornings. He would have won too if it weren’t for that hilarious songs about Schwoogies

  9. Id rather listen to john debella than gargano or cataldi, neither of which are funny or know their shit or original. Preston and steve it is, might make me lame, but getting your sports talk from a 70 year old new yorker, a dude from Boston, and a whore who wants to talk about her dumb ginger kid, OR, a fat wop who is fake, a chick that lisps like a retard with balls in her mouth, a dallas cowboy with a crooked finger, and people who call in and try to out gay one another by singing songs… Whats that make you?

  10. There are some seriously dysfunctional idiots in this comments section. Anyone who calls breasts “cans” is almost certainly never in contact with breasts, for one thing, And those who feel the need to say things like “I jerked off to her” and “I want to suck her boobs” and “I want to lick her asshole” are clearly people who have never had sex, and may even be impotent. All of you need to seek professional help. Freakin’ idiots.

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