I Think I Hit a Nerve

I don’t like taking credit for crawling inside someone’s head, laying an egg and then waiting for it to hatch, but I’ll let you do it for me:

So what happened here? The full story is on the podcast today, but here are the basics: At around 2:30 on Friday, a caller brought me up to Mike Missanelli and said I run a “Blogspot” and that Mike should call me out. Mike said he wasn’t going to take the bait, as he took the bait. He proceeded to call me a weasel for not coming on to do his show (I never declined), created a straw man argument about me claiming sports talk radio was easy (which I never did), and dismissed blogs as being unworthy of sports talk radio, which is “legitimate,” according to Mike.

I didn’t hear it, but was informed by you, the reader, on Twitter and followed it up with these two Tweets:

About 20 minutes later, Mike’s boss, Matt Nahigian called me out of the blue, riled up, and asked if they could use our podcast audio to critique us on the air, just like we do to them. I said “go ahead.” He then proceeded to berate me about our podcast, and podcasts in general, not being good, and explained that if people want quality, they’ll listen to Mike. Noted. This during a week when a podcast, one hosted by his rival contemporary, filled Xfinity Live!

We broke off into a conversation about sports talk radio in general and why I (and many others) think it’s repetitive. We talked about ratings meters, the Eagles, why they drive conversation, and so on. He complained that there’s not much to talk about right now (agreed!), but I pointed out that Mike Missanelli gave literally 38 seconds to the Flyers landing the number two pick in the draft, which was both legitimately interesting and a big deal, and something a good sports talk radio host would’ve been able to explain to his audience if he had a clue what the fuck it meant.

Our convo went back and forth along these lines. We had it on the same day Mike said on-the-air that he hates Flyers fans.

So fast forward to today. We discussed it on our highly ranked podcast – which reached number 11 in sports in iTunes! [update: we’re in the top 10] – while 97.5 spent the day doing some self-reflection and Mike opened his show by apologizing to Flyers fans. Maestro reigns.

Here’s the thing with Mike: Out of all the local sports talk radio hosts, I’ve perhaps been most complimentary of him. He’s good at what he does. Most of my ripping relates to the medium in general and has a lot to do with its format and business incentives, which are not any one host’s fault, even if it is their problem. The medium is based on appealing to the lowest common denominator and getting listeners to stick around for 15 minute bursts. That leads to stale content.* Again, not Mike’s fault. But he’s such a small, transparent man that he can’t take even generic criticism without turning into a big baby. I find it hilarious that he can go on the air with a straight face and say that someone doesn’t matter and then talk about them every week. The same guy who he emailed multiple times trying to spin a story in his favor, or to rip a recently fired peer, whom he had clearly already defeated. But he can’t let anything go. Forget about the high road– he can’t even acknowledge other cars exist. To do so would show vulnerability. So, low road it is. That’s what he does when he’s backed into a corner, it’s what’s made him successful on the radio– he won’t concede a point, so he’ll resort to insults and his ability to yell louder than you through a bigger megaphone (is it bigger if someone has more unique visitors than he does listeners?). He does all this without even a hint of irony or awareness of how much of an idiot he sounds like and then can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t leap at the chance to come into his studio so he can jump all over the tiniest mistake and beat it into the ground so he can feel better about himself for a few minutes, which I suppose would be a fair reward for him since a blogger and podcast brain-fucked him and his station. God, that’s gotta hurt.

Oh, and hey, you’re welcome for that little bit of hockey talk you got today.

*Also uninformed content. This morning Brian Baldinger wondered aloud why baseball contracts are getting so big. How someone on a sports talk radio show in a major market doesn’t know that it’s because of an influx of TV money is beyond me.


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  1. Mike is awful, obviously, but somehow Myrtetus is even worse. Holy christ I wish he’d go away.

    1. Yet you and all the other comment board posters listen so closely that you can regurgitate every syllable the people you criticize on the radio say. I find it funny that all the commenters can cite everything the guys on the air. The petty jealousy of the people on this board is laughable.

      1. Reality Check,
        That’s because those without Sirius want to hear sports radio and we only have two options. The problem is neither show is good at that time and it’s been that way now for years. Missanelli is the largest turd in the bowl. Congratulations. Also, why the fu(k do they keep rolling Eskin and Hollis Thomas out on WIP? I hear Eskin sometimes on the morning show and then again in the evening. I thought he died when Andy Reid left town. Hollis Thomas stutters and has a monotone voice. No wonder someone as bad as Missanelli can win in this market. Myrtetus is a cuck and painful to listen to as well.

        1. Tonight sources are telling us at CNN that popped balloons and a blown speaker are responsible for the death of 20 people at Manchester arena. When we learn more about this story we will bring it to you as soon as possible….now back to Trump and Russia

        2. I agree that Mike is a douche above all douches but I can’t stand listening to Eskin. I just turn my radio off when I hear him spewing his nonsense.

      1. It’s not a big deal. But the public has a right to know. Chase just sucked the guys dick a little. He didn’t finish him off, he didn’t take it in the ass either.

    2. Myrtetus is the worst. He’s like the Gilbert Godfrey parrot that hangs on Jaffar’s shoulder in Aladdin.

      1. You must love listening to Myrtetus in your Iroc-Z with the fresh t-tops. So gnarly.

  2. It’s like choosing between death by cancer or AIDS.

      1. Nah man. Nobody other than the 19k with mullets that go to the WF center 41 times a year.

        The Flyers are 4th on the totem pole in Philly. Just above the Union.

  3. Fuck mike miss and his bad back,.
    Special FUCK YOU to that pip squeak Jason mytees for talking shit about me and banning me from calling 97.5

    1. If you’re bipolar, don’t be surprised if hosts and listeners are going to think you’re being an asshole sometimes. You were an asshole to Jolly last night. I appreciate and empathize with the illness, just saying maybe make sure you’re in a good mood before calling into a radio program.

    2. To be fir JFH is huge douchebag and that literally calls every show on both stations every day. He really should have his communication with the outside world cut off.

      Meanwhile Miss Mike is a fraud and Jason suffers from battered wife syndrome.

    3. They banned you because you are clueless. Take the word brother out of your calls, and you say absolutely nothing.J

    1. Worse is the automatic redirect to that ambulance chasing law firm’s website. But what does Kyle care about user experience.

  4. Haven’t listened to MM in over two years and don’t miss it one bit…..he’s horrible, his opinion is the only thing that matters and everyone else is an idiot. I called him out on it, and his response was “listen to music then”….like he and the station can really afford to lose listeners, and now he’s crying the blues…..and myrtetus is just a troll…..all he knows anything about is hockey, a topic that is NEVER discussed on the show he produces….what a joke

    funny thing, I also heard Baldy for a few minutes this morning discussing the big contracts and the only name he could pull out of his eagles green painted butt was Kevin Brown….Kevin Brown? he signed his deal back in the eighties, right? c’mon man…if you’re going to work the shift, then bone up on some other topics other than who the 3rd string right tackle is going to be…..

  5. What’s going on with Gargano? You always bury your head in the sand when his name comes up. I guess he hasn’t released his statement to you yet so you can’t speak on the topic.

  6. If podcast don’t matter, why is Matt N. calling you? Matt N’s claim to fame is hiring Cuz & MCW. He’ll be managing a small station in the Midwest soon.

  7. I never could understand why you tried to pretend to like him. There is nothing likable about this lonely little fella.

    Hey Mike – when you constantly have to tell people how cool you are – you aren’t cool.

    You are like McNabb trying to convince himself he is a leader.

    Same insecure type of dbag.

    Mike – when you are home tonight reading this look around. You are still alone and will always be. You are not a good person. You are petty, childish and mean spirited – hiding behind your fake renaissance man act.

    1. hey skippy….i choose to be alone….its the price of being so smart nobody can stand me…..besides that if you show up at the station I’ll kick your ass….or at least my girl martinez will

  8. Mike clearly doesn’t do any research but is a know it all. I’ll never forget a caller bringing up AJ Bouye and Mike thinking it was a guy in the draft. We have no corners and you have no idea who the top free agent corner was?

    Martinez is just a little butt. The way he freaks out at callers is absurd for such a dirty little loser

    1. Martinez had the nerve once to criticize a caller and then make fun of big daddy graham by saying , “what do u think this is, the overnight show?” BDG tells you he doesn’t know everything about sports so its pretty sad that he has had a career that will have lasted DECADES longer than Marqueefez in a medium he shouldn’t even be in.

  9. I hate b!tchanelli because he’s a sanctimonius, liberal, virtue-signaling pr!ck like you and that c0kk$ucker j1m @da1r

    1. You forgot to mention that Mike is all those things while getting caught up in his own racist and h@m@phobic scandals.

        1. Martinez said they have legitimate callers and original content today. I should have called in and blasted both of them with the Dwayne from Swedesboro gag.

          Mike has seen his day. I probably wouldn’t give him more than a year until his contract runs out. Gargano is done. Guy has done 2 shows in the past two weeks. Still coddling MCW to sleep at home. I don’t have any faith in the future of sports talk radio in this town.

          Yes the sports teams are schlock right now and that hurts them but come up with some new content or hosts other than wing bowl or fantasy fest. Kyle may have outdone himself this time and maybe on to something with the podcast. All in all I’m ready for Radio World Wars.

    2. He is such a smug douche. Only thing worse would be if he was a republican.

      1. perfectly described….he absolutely should legally change his name to ‘smug douche’……..it would be his first actual legal filing

  10. Threaten to announce Missanelli’s college baseball stats and he’ll STFU in a New York minute.

      1. He was a backup 2nd baseman. Didn’t have the arm to make the throw from shortstop.

  11. I think we can all agree that Rob MUST be hung like a field mouse and that shameful picture of Kyle in gym shorts speaks for itself, but who is tinier?

    Serious answers only, please!

    I’m asking for a friend.

  12. Do you think Trump watches young black men with bbc satisfy Melania? Heard it on a sports blog seems lit.

  13. Kyle, why do you get your rocks off picking fights with local media types? I turned off today’s podcast when you started droning on about your call with Nahigian. You need to find something to fulfill your life because you’re seeking validation in all the wrong places. If your wife and kid aren’t enough to improve your sense of self-worth, you need help.

    1. Just another one of Kyle’s everyone look at me and tell me how great I am posts.

    2. It’s a classic case of punching above your weight class. Kyle is about as small time as it gets in the sports biz. By getting a response he thinks it somehow validates him as being on the same level as the big boys.

      1. The lowest you can get in sports radio is being stuck on the same city for 25 years when you all but beg for a national job.

        Low is hosting Philly Fued or 11:30 sports on Chanel 6 with a guy you used to make fun of. Mike used to laugh at Skeversky – now he stays up late with him for 10 viewers.

        Alone and in the same job for 25 years. That’s low.

  14. My head is spinning after listening to 30 seconds of Atonymous. He argues with himself half the time and anyone else who is within 50 feet of him.

    Missanelli I hate when he talks about modern day indie girl bands. Youre 45 years past that genre. You can listen to it but we dont want to hear about it on our sports radio station. If you want to talk music talk rock or rap thats your audience. No one cares about watchahatche or bikini kill and the rest of that crap.

    Missanelli also has alot of incorrect stuff that he passes off as fact. For instance I live Deron Aaron Fox hes got NBA speed(TRUE) and he’s long(DEFINITELY INCORRECT ) 7’0″ wingspan. No he has a 6’3″ which is why he isnt in consideration for the #1 Pick.

    Or he says stuff like Pink Floyd doesnt do it for me. They dont have the staying power, didnt put out enough top stuff. Floys discography trails only Led Zeppelin in the rock world.

    1. First of all, it’s De’Aaron Fox. Not Deron Aaron or whatever the hell you just spewed. Second, his wingspan is 6’6″…it’s very easy to look up. Third, the #1 reason he won’t be picked #1 is his jump shot.

      If you’re going to kill somebody for “incorrect stuff” make sure you spell the man’s name right first and foremost…and get his “stuff” like his wingspan correct.

    2. Shander can be decent but he has such a short fuse. When someone makes valid point to go against his agenda he goes all from 0 to 60 in a second to shout them down. Eastern Euro trash that he is.

  15. Mike miss is the only game in town. The 4 teams are so depressing and mm at least brings other shit to the table to keep an audience

  16. hello….earth to kyle….people hate know-it-all assholes that act like they are f-ing god’s gift to everyones ears…..he is an unlikeable muthaf-er and everyone….i mean everyone i know does not listen to him / hates him…..tell nig-hagian to f himself.

  17. Kyle, boy did you hit a nerve! You must be so proud of yourself.. congratufuckinglations!

  18. Lmao at this awful comment section and post.

    Missanelli and Myrtetus are hilarious. Their entire show is schtick. Mike trolls every caller he gets and the majority of them are too dumb to realize it. Literally 90% of what they say is sarcastic. And most of the Neanderthals listening are stupid to get that.

    1. The only issue I have is he needs to learn how to fess up to a mistake or that hes wrong when he’s called out on it.

      1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser.

    2. MM isn’t trolling anybody. He is a total d-bag for real. Was he trolling when he choked Angelo or punched his prod? Is general knowledge Wednesday, flyer fan hate, NBA white boy report, down with the brothas, etc. trolling?

  19. I always lmao when you know the idiot calling on a Wednesday has zero shot of getting the general knowledge question correct

  20. P#SSY FIGHT!!! Remember when mike was picking on john Gonzalez all the time and gonzo chslleneged him to a boxing match and mike declined? Thsts why gonzo is with colleen Wolfe, cause his balls are huge

  21. On his dunk last night I paused the screen and saw Manu’s schlong flopping out the side of his shorts. I’m gonna miss that HOF anteater peeking his head out from time to time😢

  22. Thank God that we have President Trump right now. Those filthy islamists will finally pay for their actions. Unlike Obama who was too scared to take the fight head on.

    1. Can’t wait to see how Trump responds. Every single mosk in the USA needs to be investigated and surveillance needs to be increased 10 fold.

      1. Those towel heads Trump was talking to in Saudi Arabia didn’t look like they agreed with him on stopping Islamic violence.

    2. Big Don will call them names – beyond that, he won’t be doing anymore than Obama did.

      But you can keep believing he is going to wipe out a religion. You should join the military. I fought for my country – I didn’t type for my country. Go see what it’s all about and report back about taking on “Islamists ” head on.

      Here is a hint – It will be a successful as the “War” on drugs.

      Oh – Mike Miss is an awful person.

  23. I’m down with the brothas…the ones that belong to my country club.

  24. The people who hate Mike are Flyers fans and Bruno fans. He picked a fight with them many times over the years. But I cant stand the egos on these guys. I used to like Mike and Myrtetus but they have just gotten lazy ever since Bruno and Innes got dumped. They know they have no competition so they mail it in every day. Its the same show. Mike takes one side, Jason takes the other, callers (the same ones every day) call in, agree with Mike, and rip Jason.

  25. I wouldn’t label Mike as small and transparent. I think he’s just stubborn. But , to his credit, he’s a smart guy and usually comes around and figures things out. My prediction is he’ll come around as long as you keep providing solid content

  26. I would love to know the average IQ of the callers on Mike’s show. Lowest common denominator is an understatement of the morons who call in. The best part is they all worship Mike like he is some genius and he feeds off that . That part actually surprises me b/c he is actually intelligent and having those peole as your worshippers really doesn’t say much.

  27. Bring back the cobra!! Aka kiddchris!! Kiddchris.com, listen to the podcast all these shows suck!!!

    1. go back to Ohio. Kidd Chris sucks. I get more laughs listening to KYW

  28. Newsflash: Saudi Arabia & Israel pulled off 911. When Saudis get their hands on all that Billions of weapons Trump sold them ? They attack Iran. Putin jumps in. EMP weapons destroy Sports radio.
    ” Radio Blah Blah….Radio whats new ? Kyle still loves you “

  29. If only Kyle put as much effort in to covering the Sixers as he did covering his beefs with Talk Radio.

  30. The expression is “struck” a nerve. Hit a nerve sounds like something you did when you fell skiing.

  31. EG., of .M.M.s Doucheness, Pro union except when he tries out for replacement Phils (NBC video I believe), and collectively bargained “voluntary ota s”

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