RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno and Mike Missanelli Reach Apparent Peace Treaty at Baldy’s Palatial Abode

The last we heard on the Tony Bruno-Mike Missanelli front, Bruno was calling Missanelli an “unmitigated douchebag” and accusing him of creating fake Twitter accounts to troll him, in a somewhat unhinged and a little bit deranged Facebook Live stream. This came on the heels of Missanelli calling Bruno a “rat” in an on-air rant in which Missanelli was obviously rattled.

This weekend? Harmony.

Bruno and Missanelli were both attendees at Brian Baldinger’s BIG FAT ITALIAN DINNER PARTY (honestly, I don’t know what it was for), and made peace over Missanelli’s pooch. From Bruno’s Periscope, filmed by Miss Robin, who I can assure you is not well-liked by Missanelli:


Of course, Mikey Miss couldn’t let the touching(?) moment pass without taking a dig at hockey. You can see the full video here.

No word if a further detente was struck between Missanelli and Bruno. But it appears the “rat” and “douchebag” were able to co-exist, if for one night. BRING IN THE BAND:

Side note: Why the hell is Baldy’s house decorated like a casino on the verge of insolvency?

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39 Responses

    1. Anything of Jim moving back home with his parents since he can no longer pay rent? Wonder who will care for his cats?

      1. Turkey meatloaf, brown rice and steamed broccoli along with blueberry raisin pancake mix muffins says:

        Kyle, you’re a big-time Philadelphia sports media member, so why no invite from Brian Baldinger?

          1. For real, he looks smoked dafuq out! How dafuq does he have back problems when it only has to support 100lbs

          2. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser

    2. Only an unmitigated douchebag would bring a dog to a party . Good work robin bringing the camera !

  1. Any pussy at baldy’ s party?

    1. Saw a couple pics on twitter, looked like mainly ageing sports radio yakkers

  2. Kyle, your AWESOME. I was waiting for more info about this, huge listener of the 97.5 and the morning show.

  3. Bring back Tony and Harry, only good sports radio show in Philly in the last decade.

    1. Agreed. Tony and Harry were must listen radio. Meanwhile Mr. Missanelli, Esq. officially looks like Grampa Munster with full blown AIDS. I hope Dwayne from Swedesboro gives him a lovely eulogy someday.

  4. Not only do they know nothing about or watch hockey, but the sports radio hosts are complete fucking assholes about it. Some guy called into to Marks and Eskin the other night. The guy asked a legit Flyers question and Marks and Eskin tore the dude to shreds for the next five minutes. I hope the caller never listens to them again. They were total fucking assholes to him. I think Spike got into Marks’s ear during the call because he tried to save face, but it was too lat

    1. You just told the world how exciting your life is, that you listen to Marks and Howard.
      I have to and don’t.

  5. I’m paying almost $6000 a year in property taxes for a piece of shit house in a adjoining township for a house worth about $160,000. He’s paying $13,000 a year for house with massive improvements that’s easily worth $600,000. I hate New Jersey all they do is fuck over the people who can least afford it. He should be paying $20K a year in property taxes and I should be paying around $3K. I can’t get rid of my dump and all it has done is drop in value.

      1. Thanks again for your support you fucking loser

    1. Then dont vote for that murphy bafoon the chick is at least talking about lowering property tax.

  6. If anybody saw the whole video, does Bruno not look comfortable? It seemed to be like had an inferiority complex when talking with the other patrons at the party. I never knew Mayes had that big of a gap between his front teeth.

  7. What a sad life Mikey lives. Those fucking tomato plants are all he talks about outside of garbage hot takes.

    1. Says the guy who watches and comments on videos of said “sad life person.” Look in the mirror.

  8. why are people so jealous of mike miss? guy is in his 60s and looks good. has a cute dog. no woman to tie him down. not fat and gross like most of you. enjoying a summer night with friends drinking and smoking a cigar.

    and here you are…jealous as jealous can be. typical dumb trump suppporter.s

    1. My favorite libtard is back! Still licking your wounds from the Comey testimony? Let me guess:


    2. I will def agree people are jealous of MM. They would give their left nut to be him and their jealousy wreaks but I will disagree that he looks good. He looks old and wrinkly. However, he could get prob get laid anywhere in the area quicker than most so looks really don’t matter.

  9. Aww is someone jealous they didnt get invited to the barbeque? Get over it Kyle. Youll never be one of them. No matter how much you want to or try to ingratiate your self into their world. Its never gonna happen. Let it go.

  10. Lol at Mikey Miss. He rips Myrtetus all the time for being a ‘caveman’, but this dude brings a dog to a large party AND smoke a cigar around plenty of people that certainly don’t want to smell that shit?

    I’m just saying, guy acts like he is perfect in every situation ever. Then you see shit like this.

    1. He’s literally a walking contradiction. All the things he bashes on the his show are basically the same things he partakes in. The unevolved douche loves to act like some enlightened new age thinker yet he’s the same old dirty bitchy guy suffering from low testosterone. How big of a prick do you have to be blowing that cigar smoke on everyone with his shit head dog? He is no different than any white trash Trump voter.

  11. mikey miss looks like a walking cadaver …mix of hair dye and botox and some plastic surgery from when his ‘back’ was hurting.

    douche travels with his dog….no human can stand to be around him for longer than 5 minutes

    tony bruno would bodyslam mikey miss and the fight would last 30 seconds

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