Bud Light Gave Lane Johnson More Beer

Lane Johnson loves beer. That’s obvious.

At the beginning of the season, he offered to buy the entire city beer for a Super Bowl parade if the Eagles won the big game (which they did). Bud Light later came in and said they would pick up the tab.

You know the rest. They won the Super Bowl, we had a parade, and free beer was given out.

Prior to the start of the new league year, Johnson agreed to restructure his contract to help the team’s salary cap situation. He’s still making the same amount of money, except his base salary for the season is now $790,000.

As a gift for his actions, Bud Light sent him more beer for helping his team out.

Where would Lane rank in the Bud Light royal family? He’s probably not the king (though he should be), but he’s definitely a knight.

I can’t wait for the eventual Bud Light Lane Johnson commercial to come out that has him saving the entire village from disaster.


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    1. Sick of 97.5 the fanatic's queball pale head Jason Myrtetus keep trying to shove hockey talk down their listeners' throats says:

      Just saying.

        1. Sick of 97.5 the fanatic's queball pale head Jason Myrtetus keep trying to shove hockey talk down their listeners' throats says:

          Neither is Millville, New Jersey but you jock-sniffing, ass-kissing peons, don’t seem to mind Mike Trout, claiming Philly.

  1. Holy Hell Lane!! If that’s 24 packs of 30…. that’s close to $1100 a beer. They should have gold plated at least one of those for you.


  2. Sucks, I had to free ball in my gym shorts today. Everyone at wawa was laughing at my bulge.

    1. Totally sucks bro. That happened to me last week. Had to run to the store for milk, all I had was a thin pair of sweatpants. So embarrassing, my tiny bulge on display.

  3. 30 cases of diarrhea. Hope your lady friend is ready to clean that toilet bowl everyday for a month straight.

  4. Eytan is totally fugazzi. He’s from NYC but claims to be a life long Eagles fan. C’mon bo!

  5. Creatively, I can’t stand this whole “dilly dilly” campaign. But they keep doing so many awesome things with it–of course all the Eagles stuff, showing up with the cease and desist at the craft brewery that was infringing on dilly dilly, etc–that because of the goodwill I’m into it.

  6. If you all would read your Bibles like you’re supposed to , you would understand why things happen. God blessed us with Trump. Hillary was a wolf in sheeps clothes. Her latest rants about America proves it. Thank God she lost.

  7. If any of you were in Old City last night you may have seen Eytan Shander. Unbelievable, he was with the hottest chick. She was a perfect 10. She was all over Eytan. I can’t imagine how awesome his life is. He’s got money, fame, and a huge dick. So cool.

    1. I live in Society Hill, Shander lives in the condo above mine. I hear him plowing the shit out of chicks at least 4 nights per week. It is crazy loud , the chicks absolutely love riding his huge rod.

  8. woah, more pictures of that girls foot!! nice toes. would like to smell and fap all over those babies!!

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