“I was Looking Forward to Going Down” – Doug Pederson on the Canceled White House Visit

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Not sure if you heard, but the Eagles did not visit the White House on Tuesday. President Trump canceled on Monday after it was revealed that only a small portion of the team would take part in a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl 52 triumph.

Instead, the President held a rally to celebrate America, featuring the playing of the National Anthem and God Bless America.

The White House claims it tried to work with the Eagles to “change the event” format after the team reportedly asked to reschedule. Some of the Birds responded individually on social media, but today is the first official media availability since the fiasco began, beginning with Doug Pederson at the NovaCare Complex podium.

Doug didn’t want to waste a bunch of time talking about it. I don’t know if he was “annoyed,” per se, but he tried to move the conversation forward to football topics. Still, the majority of questions obviously had to do with the canceled trip.

Notes from the presser:

  • First statement on the cancellation: “This is going to be a blanket statement and then I’m not going to discuss it further. I was looking forward to going down, obviously. We did something last season that was very special, a milestone here in the city of Philadelphia, for our organization. I was looking forward to going down and being recognized as world champions. It is what it is. We’re here today, got an OTA practice now… looking forward to getting on with it.”
  • When pressed for follow ups: “I’m not discussing it… what you’ve seen and what you’ve heard is enough.”
  • Mood of the team is great, no residual effects
  • Does it bother him that he has to answer these questions? “No, we’re a team, we’re united.”
  • “Our goal is 2018 and that’s motivation enough.”
  • Did not have to address the White House situation with the players in a team meeting.
  • On fans feeling aggrieved “We have the greatest fans in the NFL, our true fans are beside us and we’re beside them, we love everything about the people who love and support us. Can’t say enough about the good things they’ve done for us.”
  • On Carson Wentz doing 7v7 – “part of rehab process is giving him a bit more practice time, one of the controlled environments we can put him in is 7v7, being able to sprinkle him in and watch him in up tempo process, we’ll continue to do that and just keep building as we go.”
  • Wentz started doing 7v7 this week
  • Can’t answer whether or not Wentz is ahead of schedule. “I’m not a doctor.”
  • Didn’t want to answer questions on how many players were planning on visiting the White House.
  • Another follow-up: “…it’s over, it’s behind us, we’re moving on.”
  • Michael Bennett is not at practice, but was back a few weeks ago during phase two of OTAs. Not worried about Bennett at all. Darren Sproles also not at training right now.
  • Can’t speak for other teams. “I was looking forward to it. You win a championship.. you wanna be recognized that way, I think it’s great. But I’m not going to speak for other teams. I was looking forward to it.”

Interesting to me that Pederson repeatedly said that he was “looking forward” to the White House visit. I don’t think that necessarily means anything from a political sense, just could be strictly about having the experience of being honored for winning the big one.

Players will speak later today, but here’s Doug’s presser if you want to get the full context, body language, etc:



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21 Responses

  1. Black Nationalists rise up! Just imagine the media outrage if the team pulled this against the previous president. I’ve come to the conclusion NFL players are some of the biggest dolts I’ve ever seen, DJT helped start a professional football league in the 80’s and ultimately helped more players play and increased wages (Herschel Walker) due to the NFL having competition. I can’t wait until the lockout in 2021.

    1. What stunt did the Eagles pull?
      The Man Baby cancelled on the Eagles.

      And Trump didn’t help start the USFL. He bought a team and then drove the whole league right into the ground. And he has been salty about not owning an NFL team since. It was Walt Duncan who signed Herschel Walker.

      1. tiny fist, 90% of the players chose not to go. They had a platform to voice their concerns, to the leader of the country. they chose not too. Trump cancelled because the payers didnt want to go. wake up dude, youre fucking brainwashed…..

        1. Hard to believe the guy with a racist name is sticking up for Trump.

          So you are upset that the players wanted to “Stick
          to sports”? They wanted to stay in Philly and get ready for the upcoming season. Maybe Trump and his supporters should wonder why nobody respects him. Long and Jenkins already have a pretty good platform to voice their opinions. And they are using them.

          Trump cancelled because he is a petty, shallow, insecure egotistical baby. He didn’t want to be embarrassed about only 3 players and Swoop showing up to meet him. The other 50 had better things to do.

          1. Lie Donny Lie
            On the Road to Infamy
            Lie Donnie Lie
            Score some ratings 1, 2, 3!
            Got ‘em Low
            Got ‘em High
            Just to watch our Donny lie
            Lie Donny Lie.
            On the Road to Infamy
            C-O-N M-A-N!

          2. Registered Democrat here, buddy (not for long though).
            Its hard NOT to believe that the pseudo parody name “offends you”.
            I dont get “upset” by sports, particularly anyone involved with the NFL.
            I am however annoyed that these players had literally the biggest platform to voice their concerns, with an opportunity to get behind closed doors, and have real, meaningful discussions and debates. But no, they chickened out, and instead say #thefightmustgoon (or some dumb shit like that). The players are the problem. Not the President. The players pussied out on a great platform, and point the finger everywhere but themselves. What platform does Long and Jenkins utilize?? IG? Facebook? LinkedInn… Long and Jenkins “platform” is shit compared to the one they just blew off….BTW, the season start in 3 months dude, they have plenty of time to get ready. They should have went, and they should have made a presence. Instead, they pussied out and are now playing victim card again….#fightmustgoon….lol fuck outta here…..
            The coach wanted to go, bonehead.

          3. Your name doesn’t offend me. I actually like it. It let’s me know you are racist, white trash and there is no reason for me to read your posts.

          4. Malcolm Jenkins cries for attention until the man gives his "cause" 8 million dollars and then his protests stop #JesseJacksonJr says:

            The number of people outside of the PHiladelphia Eagles fan base that know Malcom Jenkins… 0. Yes such a lovely platform he has. Why did Jenkins cancel his D.C. school tour he had planned for yesterday? I love watching you liberals melt. You lost, you lost in a landslide, 2020 is going to be an avalanche. Most of you are white nerds that suffer from white guilt because you take in 22 hours of tv and radio daily and are too stupid to see that you’ve been brain washed. But but but Hillary won the popular vote with the help of illegal immigrants and dead people. lol go watch any video of what happens to Antifa when confronted by Americans… you can’t and won’t win again.

        2. I guess ‘Phil Theecolards’ misses the fact that Jenkins has met with police departments and politicians to discuss the issues at hand and has done countless other community service. I guess that would distract from his agenda? Look into things before you spout off.

          1. Its OK to be wrong snow flakes. Malcolm, you’re missing the point.

          2. Jenkins also runs a free football camp in New Jersey each summer. It is a weeklong and 500 kids go.

            He also buys Christmas dinners for 270 families each winter. 135 families in Philly. 135 families in New Orleans.

            But, yea, imagine if he used that platform to talk to an 80-year-old orange man in a bad wig. Then all of the white racist dudes would be complaining about how it was wrong of him to bring up politics at that event.

        3. It’s ‘to’, not ‘too’, holmes. You’ve just been GOGUED! ^^^^^

          1. but no, lets hold up fucking signs to get our point across…that’ll show em. no respect. fuck them. glad i got my superbowl celebration in this year. these guys are absolute fucking clowns. I’m sorry, im not being racist, im not being political, im trying to be a human being, but there is only one side that is making this and everything an issue…..i’m sick of it……

  2. “I was Looking Forward to Going Down”
    -things you’ll never hear DJ Khaled say

  3. I don’t blame the players for not going, and I don’t blame the WH for cancelling the event. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in now, you are either with it or not. 50/50 across the board. If you’re with it, you’re a snowflake and if you’re not, you’re a racist…no middle ground for some people. everyone wants to blame the other side for everything….no accountability necessary. I just think it’s a shame that the Eagles couldn’t set aside their differences for a few hours and have their day in the sun like all of the teams before them.
    btw, the kneeling started during Obama’s presidency, not Trump’s, though you would think from listening to the haters that it all started with Trump.

  4. Wait, I was the guy who first boycotted the customary WH visit.

    Where’s my press?

    Back then I was ridiculed and told I disrespected the country, team, etc. What happened?

  5. Yo Phil, they should have ‘went’ ? Are you a slow adult? You’ve been GOGUED!

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