Jon Dorenbos Got His Super Bowl LII Ring

Another former Eagle got a ring. This time, it was everybody’s favorite long snapper Jon Dorenbos.

No disrespect to Rick Lovato who did a hell of a job last season, but Dorenbos should have arguably been on this team. He was due about $1 million last year before being traded to the Saints. That’s when team doctors made a lifesaving discovery that he had an aortic aneurysm.

He never played football again, but remained close to the Eagles organization during their playoff run. He and his wife traveled to Minnesota with the Eagles and got a picture with the Lombardi Trophy after the win.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie promised Dorenbos he’d get a ring. He finally got his today. Video after the jump.

I don’t know which he loves more: the box or the ring. He’s amazed by it all and I love it.

Huge props to Lurie and the entire organization for pulling this off. If there was one recent former Eagle that deserved to get a Super Bowl ring, it was definitely him.


4 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Lurie is the least evil owner in the NFL apparently. It’s really easy to root for this organization with them treating their people like this. The Redskins would have probably gift wrapped a cat turd if they found themselves in this situation. Fortunately for their players, they’ll never have to make such a momentous decision.

    1. Every eagles fan should thank their lucky stars that Lurie is the eagles owner
      and recognizes when to delegate and let other people make decisions.
      Is he perfect? no …but he’s a whole lot better than that fwad Bramen and
      Snyder and Jones.

      Unlike those ass wipes Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones who try and run their FN teams
      because they think they know how. As long as these ass clowns run their teams
      they will never win another SB.

      Giants are a whole lot better off than the cowboys and redskins.

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